Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bigg Boss 10 re-enters TRP ratings at No.20

Though we never see the face of the Boss and only hear his voice, what has happened this week could be termed as a kind of 'face-saving' for Bigg Boss. After a hiatus, Bigg Boss 10 re-entered the TRP rating charts at No.20 on BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council, India) ratings for what it terms as Week 52.

Yes! Just imagine... the Salman Khan-hosted show is still being beaten in viewership ratings by 19 other TV programmes. *facepalm* Thought it might have been quite a relief for the show which is said to be going through one of its worst-watched seasons.

Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar who has handled the media for a full 20 contestants of Bigg Boss during the first nine seasons, feels that these are just temporary ups and downs. "Aaj nahin toh kal, the show will bounce back to the top," he says with optimism.

Dale interacted with a few celebrity contestants of Bigg Boss 10 before they entered the show, but did not take up any current participant for PR activity. "I was just not kicked about them this year," says the public relations specialist.

"I can take on nasty people for PR. I can take on the best of drama queens and desperados. I can even take on weirdos and problem-childs. But I can't tolerate foulmouths who are in the habit of expletives. I don't think that's our culture, so those types are below my dignity," he explains.

This is also the reason the publicist gives, why he is not watching BB10 after handling the publicity for some of the most controversial names like Rakhi Sawant, Sambhavna Seth, Vindu Dara Singh, Rahul Mahajan, Ashmit Patel, Sherlyn Chopra, Sonali Raut, Amar Upadhyay, Pooja Misrra, Aarya Babbar, Aman Verma and Mandana Karimi through the earlier seasons.

Aamir Khan’s 'rockstar' cousin releases R.D.BurMania

Amid thunderous applause, reigning megastar Aamir Khan’s first cousin Tariq Khan, who was tagged the 'dancing rockstar' of the '70s, released the current edition of the popular book R.D.BurMania, authored by senior award-winning journalist Chaitanya Padukone from Mumbai.

The release took place in Pune at a grand musical event convened by PanchamMagic Group; a popular R.D. fans association, to mark the 23rd death anniversary of the celebrated Bollywood composer R.D.Burman; an all-time great the Indian music industry has ever produced.

"It’s my honour to soft-launch this classic book of R.D. memoirs, as I also owe my stardom during the '70s mainly to the genius composer, besides my uncle Nasir Hussain saab," remarked Tariq, who has had a string of iconic R.D.B. retro-chartbusters picturised on him, including 'Tum Kya Jaano Mohabbat Kya Hai' sung by R.D. himself,  'Chand Mera Dil Chandni Ho Tum' and 'Kya Hua Tera Wada' from Hum Kisise Kum Naheen, plus 'Aap Ke Kamre Mein Koi Rehta Hain' and 'Lekar Hum Deewana Dil' from Yaadon Ki Baaraat.

"Tariq Khan has been publicity-shy all these years. Although this was his formal public appearance after a hiatus of 15 years, he made a startling entry on stage, 'dancing' to one of his songs and sporting his trademark sunglasses of the '70s movies. The public was charmed hearing his classic iconic numbers," informed Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

The actor was joined by eminent composer Anand (of Anand-Milind fame) who scored chartbusting music for Aamir Khan's debut blockbuster film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

SRK, Ranbir, Alia & Shilpa Shetty enhance their homes with the Gold Phantom speaker

Trescent Lifestyles is the ultimate destination for those who appreciate cutting edge technology in Home Theatres, Audio-Video and Home Automation Systems in India. The luxury retailer has tied up with the world’s most critically acclaimed start-up Devialet as premium resellers in Mumbai. Founders of Trescent Lifestyle, Monica Sambharya Parikh and Harshul Parikh along with Florian Des Garets, Sales Manager Asia - Devialet, recently got together with actors Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt & Shilpa Shetty Kundra - the proud owners of the new and iconic ‘Gold Phantom’ speaker.

Trescent Lifestyles Design Studio is synonymous to sophisticated home technology and partners with the best luxury brands from across the globe to ensure that their clientele have access to the latest and most revolutionary audio solutions for their dream abode. They specialize in designing, installing and programming these systems and aim to create smart residences with home automation solutions that enhance the experience of luxury devices.

Trescent has associated with Devialet, a French company and international leader of premium amplifiers for the launch of their new speakers called “PHANTOM”. Phantom is unique as it emits sound using a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers.  The wireless speakers provide an outstanding sound experience with power, clarity, preciseness and perfect acoustics.

Shares Harshul Parikh, CEO & MD, Trescent Lifestyles, “At Trescent, we pride ourselves on offering a completely personalized technology experience. Trescent aims to truly enhance the experience of luxury devices with an unwavering attention to detail and perfection. It is a pleasure associating with Devialet to unveil the advanced and revolutionary “Gold Phantom” speaker, and learn that these iconic personalities enjoy their passion for music through the finest sound experience that these speakers exude.”

Colourful Notions: The Roadtrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal highly appreciated by Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak

Author Mohit Goyal recently launched his fiction "Colourful Notions: The Roadtrippers 1.0". The book is printed and published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors and it is available with Amazon and Snapdeal, along with Crossword, WH Smith and other offline stores. The book comes with a price tag of Rs. 175 attached to it. The book was highly appreciated by the famous Indian author and Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak.

The book is the first of a three-part series that has been named The Roadtrippers. It will be first travel-fiction series of India. Traditionally, such books were considered ‘travelogues’ but in this script an element of fiction is actively present. Part 1 of the book was released on December 2016 as Colourful Notions: The RoadTrippers 1.0. Subsequent part will be released in late-2017.

Three twenty-somethings dare to give up their high paying jobs and go on to drive of 10 thousand kilometers across India, just for fun. While the two guys take turns to drive, the girl gives her voice-over as they record their entire journey on a handycam. Ab, Sasha and Unnati are ordinary youngsters, rendered special by the feat they accomplish. As they recount their adventures, the author craves to live their journey all the more. They look at each other with a glint in their eyes, as if refurbishing those memories, as they narrate their spooky time at Bhangarh Fort, strange escapades at Wagah Border and Sundarbans, car breakdowns, wild animals, near-death experiences and highway robbers! It's nothing less than crazy. The author doubted if he ever had the gumption to create such experiences. So he did the next best thing - author penned a book about it. Colorful Notions is a journey of three young hearts on the Indian terrain and into the inner recesses of their souls, giving a new perspective to relationships, love and life.

Displaying Author Mohit Goyal.jpegMohit Goyal was born on 29th September 1983. Being born to a household of people who had a lot of resources, his many desires ingrained hunger in him to achieve something different in life. Fortunately, the love he found (pretty early, must be 15 or 16) was for books and a penchant for writing. Basically as a teenager, he concluded that writing was a non-existent career option, not one where you can churn money. He kept writing nevertheless, albeit in form of some short stories here and there or an odd article. After finishing Bachelors in Business, he ventured out on his own than doing a job (born to an entrepreneur father) and he thinks that he has done pretty well in it. But somehow he didn't love it whole-heartedly. To dig deeper into life, he went to London and enrolled for a Masters in Logistics from Cranfield University. He intended to take a break, and see what life had to offer. Within a few years, Mohit got a chance to run his international logistics business in several Asian countries and collaborated with some of the best minds of trade. But love was still not there. It is said that you can't fake it.

Somewhere in between; Mohit fell for the missus, got married and became a father too. Perhaps it deserves a book in itself (fatherhood! And how men face its undocumented brunt!) In 2015, he finally took the plunge of typing out his first book. He’d say typing it out, because the stories were always there (in his mind). It required a crafty effort to bring them out in a way that it entertained and inspired readers.

In the middle of it, he realized that the genre is eternal. Travel is a synonym of life, and as reflective of its ups and downs as anything could be! Even before he could finish it, he had a part II and a part III brewing in his mind, just like earlier. So he decided to pursue it committedly for life. This time he knows he will. Because this time, it is out of real love.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vashu Bhagnani's Pooja films presents the first look of Mona Darling

Vashu Bhagnani's Pooja films presented the first look of the film Mona_Darling (India's first Social Media Thriller) staring Anshuman Jha, Divya Menon (of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy fame), Suzzana Mukherjee and Sanjay Suri. The film is presented by Vashu Bhagnani's Pooja films and is produced by First Ray films.

Mona_Darling is a horror-thriller set in the contemporary, post-cyber world, Mona_Darling in a 'non' traditional whodunit that questions the blurring lines diving real from virtual, good from evil and ultimately life from death.

A contemporary who-dunnit, with a splash of supernatural, set in a college campus somewhere in India (a la Indian Institute Of Technology) where a few mysterious deaths occur and the only common link between the victims is that, seconds before their deaths, they all accepted a 'Facebook friend request' from a certain profile page of Mona_Darling. The person behind the said page, Mona happens to be missing. Her friend, and a fellow student, Sarah recruits the help of a classmate, Wiki – a borderline sociopathic genius. This odd-couple of amateur sleuths carry on their investigation as the story leads them into unexpected corners and terrifying revelations.

It's a pacy thriller, confined to limited locations on one single campus, populated by fresh, sexy, young characters. More importantly it captures the present zeitgeist of young India and its obsession with social networking. Written and directed by Shashi Sudigala, Mona_Darling releases on 17th February, 2016

Jackky Bhagnani and Aditya Thackeray to promote KASRAT

Jackky Bhagnani has joined hands with the BMC ​and launch​ed​ KASRAT - a unique exercise program to promote fitness among children in BMC schools.

KASRAT, a thirty-minute freehand fitness routine is meant to enhance the current physical training curriculum being followed by municipal schools and is aimed at children in the age group of 13 -16 years (class 8th to class 10th) to help their overall growth and development.

The unique program has been designed keeping in mind the lack of access to proper exercise facilities,poor nutrition and the lack of knowledge about health among under privileged children, according to Jackky Bhagnani. The social initiative by the actor comes at a time when children are found spending more time on electronic gadgets like their mobile phones rather than outdoor sporting activity.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Delhi to witness The Odissi Dance Saga – Tantu - on 2nd February, 2017

A Solo Odissi Production by Dancer & Writer Madhur Gupta is all set to thrill the city on Thursday 2nd February 2016 at Indian International Centre, New Delhi. The programme will kick off at 6:30 pm sharp and will continue till two hours. One can witness the delightful traditional dance choreographies from 1961-2016 on the auspicious evening. There is a free entry to all art loving audience. Padma Bhushan Raja and Radha Reddy will be the chief guest of the great evening.

Tantu is a unique dance show presenting the premier of choreographies by Gurus Sharon Lowen, Madhavi Mudgal and the performer of the evening, Madhur Gupta, framed by classics by the major architect of Odissi, Padmavibhusan Kelucharan Mohapatra. ~Tantu, literally translating to meaning a ‘Thread’, is truly about connecting tradition in a single string!

Dancer & Writer Madhur Gupta, with great enthusiasm and eagerness is looking forward to the D-Day, he said, “Tantu is coming together of 3 generations of artistic sensibilities. It is a unique concept presenting the premier of choreographies by Guru Sharon Lowen, Guru Madhavi Mudgal & myself, framed by classics by the major architect of Odissi, Padmavibhusan Kelucharan Mohapatra. Tantu, also has the distinction that two of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s prime disciples (Madhavi Mudgal & Sharon Lowen) have created new work especially for their disciple (Madhur).”

“Approaches towards Odissi might differ with generations, but the traditional parameters are deeply rooted in us. Thus, this production shall explore the challenges of not only showcasing the traditional in a contemporary vision but also carrying forward the baton of Odissi by the new generation.” Madhur added.

Manikya Veena (Mangalacharan), Choreography (1965) - Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra
The dancer enters the stage and offers a traditional invocation to Mother Earth for her support followed by a song in praise of the Goddess of Learning and Music, Saraswati in her form as Matanga. Holding a bejeweled Veena, four armed, the moon in her hair, lotus eyed, bearing weapons, with the graceful gait of the elephant. This song is followed by the threefold salutation to God, the Teacher and the distinguished audience.

Rajanigandha (Pallavi) Choreography (2016) - Madhur Gupta
Pallavi is a lyrical elaboration of rhythmic, melodic and movement themes.  It is considered the most graceful and lyrical form of "pure" or abstract dance in the Odissi repertoire.  Like the tender shoots of a tree sprouting and branching, the movement theme is elaborated with rhythmic and melodic variations. Rajanigandha literally means one that is 'fragrant at night'. Akin to the sweet smelling flower which blossoms at night and spreads its intoxicating smell slowly, this Pallavi set in a night time raga Odiya Kedar opens up with gradual movements, developing and steadily overpowering the senses with intricate patterns created in music and space.

Jhagadi Matra Hela He Shyam (Oriya Abhinaya) Choreography (2016) - Guru Sharon Lowen
This choreography belonging to the genre which is created from a typical and unusual form of words, which is partly prosaic and partly poetic is known as Champu. In the Odia Champu composition, a song is written for every letter of the alphabet, and every stanza in the song starts with the same letter of the alphabet. This particular piece starts its every line with the letter ‘Jha’, hence also is known as ‘Jha Champu’. In this Lalitha, Radha’s sahki, catches Krishna taking a glimpse of Radha and getting devastated with the thoughts of not being able to be with his beloved.

Kumara Sambhavam (Sanskrit Abhinaya) Choreography (1992) - Guru Sharon Lowen
The wedding night and morning of Lord Shiva, God of Dissolution and his consort, Parvati, is described  in the 2000 year old epic by the great Sanskrit poet/dramatist Kalidas. Shiva reclines as Parvati glances at him with curiosity and mischief.  He slowly opens his eyes as she is dazzled as though by lightning. Covering Shiva's eyes with her hands in shyness, Parvati sees his third eye open and is bewildered by the futility of effort to hide her shyness. Next morning, in Parvati's concern that her friends will arrive and tease her about the telltale signs of love, she checks herself in her mirror. Shiva is reflected and she cannot answer his questions in shyness.

Yahi Madhava (Ashtapadi) Choreography (1961) - Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra
In this Ashtapadi, Radha is waiting for her beloved, Lord Krishna. Having waited all night, she reproaches him when he arrives at dawn after a night's dalliance, pleading forgiveness. Your drowsy red eyes from being awake all night betray the intensity of passion you cherish for that other woman. Go Madhava! Go Keshava! Do not deceive me with your artful words. Go after her, O lotus-eyed one, she who soothes your grief. Your crimson lips are now dark like your body from kissing her made-up eyes. Like a proclamation of passion's triumph in gold letters on emerald is your dark body scratched in love's battle. Your heart must be as defiled as your body.

Shantam (Mokshya) Choreography (2016) – Guru Madhavi Mudgal
This dance leads the performer as well as the beholder towards Moksha, spiritual and intellectual release from the cycle of rebirth and union with the supreme. The traditional culmination of an Odissi performance, this vibrant dance concludes with a shanti mantra Prthivii Shaantir-Aapah Shaantir-Ossadhayah Shaantih |Vanaspatayah Shaantir-Vishve-Devaah Shaantir-Brahma Shaantih Sarvam Shaantih Shaantireva Shaantih Saa Maa Shaantir-Edhi |Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||