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Family reunion, conversations and bonding makes it the best festival

In India, there's a festival every full moon-lit night, but no time of the year are the halwais as busy as during this festival that falls on Amavasya. On Diwali even the most self-conscious have their strict diet regimens flying out of the window, as they bite into an array of delicacies. In fact even the health and calorie conscious B-town brigade has already started indulging even as they tell Films & TV World, how they are gonna celebrate and what's on their wish list.

Rishi Bhutani
Diwali was more about holiday when we were in school. Now still it's the same when you are shooting for long hours and you get break it's very relaxing and we get time to spend with our family and friends. It's fun. Celebrations are as usual like every year which starts with a Laxmi pooja. Yeah but this year after pooja we are going to our friends place for fun. On my wish list is to buy Maa Laxmi Murti with Ganesha. Movies? Shivaay or Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? None at the moment as I am shooting back to back - so diwali is a good time for me to relax.

Hira Mehta
Actor / Journalist
Ye Deepwali ka tyohaar hai. Khoob saare diye jalaakar, pure ghar ko sajaa kar, achi achi mithaiyaan baantkar, sab rishthey daaro ko bulakar, sundar sundar rangoli banakar, khuub diye hum sab jalayenge, Maa Laxmi ji ko bulayenge, kheel batashain mithaiyan phool malayen chadayenge aur sab khushi khushi deepawali manayenge. I’m not very fond of crackers but sometimes due to the seasons I enjoy them safely. As I am a movie buff, this Diwali I will be watching both Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil with family and friends.

Anand Arnold
Body Builder/Actor
It is the time of the year to celebrate the "Triumph of Good over Evil" and the zeal and fervor of the festival is very evident seeing the streets and nukkads. The time of the year to let go off all egos, bitterness and pessimism and embark on a new journey amidst the gleam of Diyas and the echo of the chants. It is the time to begin new ventures, spread light, burst crackers, counts your blessings and share your happiness. Isn’t this real essence of Diwali...the festival of lights? And a special piece of advice to the workaholics who are blindly engaged in competing to be a part of the rat race and are getting entangled in the materialistic web with each passing day. Spend time with your family, friends and children. Make them feel special...Indulge in fun and frolic. And you will surely feel a new sense of vigour and vivacity in whatever work you are engaged in for the entire year. As for seeking pleasure in material things, well, they don’t fascinate me anymore. I have won the Mr. World body building championship and I am looking forward to win Mr. Universe.

Sumit Bansala
A daily ritual, my Diwali will start with puja at home, a thanksgiving prayer to the lord for all that I have received till now, and then gorge on sweets and namkeens with family and friends. Would also go out and meet relatives and friends, and it’s a trend to catch on some good movies that is released this Diwali weekend. For me it would be Shivaay as I am a devout Shiva bhakt. And no way it would be “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” as it goes without saying it would be super bore. Though I am very much a part of this industry, yet I will be home but, I’m sure going to enjoy to the hilt. Wishing you all a safe and Happy Diwali.

Nishant Singh
Besides food, it has to be decorating our home with beautiful lights and diyas. It's the only time of the year when every moment looks like a celebration. This year I will spend it with my parents. We will finish the pooja and the go out for dinner and we'll watch the whole town lit up with beautiful lights. On my wish list is to be able to have all the sweets that I can possible gobble up. As for the releases, Ae dil hai mushkil, tickets booked :)

Krishan Hooda
Besides lights, deeyas and mithais, the best part about Diwali is I love the nip in the air - it's so warm and welcoming. The colorful and cheerful celebrations in every household are something I really enjoy. I'll be celebrating with my family like every year. Shivaay or Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - I'll watch Shivay because I would love to see a story telling of an actor. 

Deepak Wadhwa
Besides food and mithais, I would say the vibe makes it special. Family reunion, conversations makes it the best festival for me. The way the whole city lights up to the festive mood is very charming. As usual, I am in Delhi with my family and being with your own makes anyday special. On my wish list is to have my own home in Mumbai. I am def going to watch Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Armaan Khan
Model / Actor
This is the first Diwali that I am celebrating outside home and Hyderabad without friends and family and missing them all. Yet, I will be celebrating it here in Delhi with my relatives, friends and my extended family who are based here. I just wanna wish all of you lots of love and togetherness as I’m yearning for my close ones. Have a pollution free Diwali. This is the only earth we have and let’s do our bit to save it. It’s not about the choice of Shivaay or Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - As an actor I am going to watch both the films as you learn a lot through the acting of these established actors and to me it’s like having a workshop. 

Krishan Khatra
There is something magical about Diwali always. This is the time when you are surrounded by your loved ones which makes this festival even more special. Being the first Diwali after my marriage, it will be a Celebration very close to my heart. The festivities this year will involve puja ceremony, lighting of crackers, exchanging of gifts followed by a lavish meal. I have decided to watch both of the movies. Wishing everyone a lot of Happiness, prosperity and a sparkling Diwali.

Abhilash Chaudhary
Besides food and mithais, the best about Diwali are crackers and lighting everywhere. It’s fantastic to light up the whole house with different lights candles and deeyas. As usual the tradition of distributing sweats to relatives and loved ones makes your Diwali fantastic. This year I am going home and will celebrating it with my family and extended family, friends and relatives. But yes, this year for laxmi pujan will light deeyas and candles by only Indian manufacturers and “No Chinese” stuff for me. On my wish list is to buy-crackers, crackers and more crackers. Shivaay or Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – definitely Shivaay. Also the music is good of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil but definitely Shivaay first.

Zuber Kamaal Khan
First time I'm celebrating this auspicious day in Mumbai and shooting, so celebrations are obviously with my shoot family of Kasam and my film guys. Mostly from last 3 years I was out of Mumbai for work and this is the first time I’m in Mumbai during the season. As is the tradition, this Diwali I have bought my iPhone 7. I’m so very happy. I will try to remove some time and celebrate this auspicious festival with my friends amidst the diyas and crackers and follow it sweets. Shivaay definitely as its Ajay sir’s directorial film and I love the look of the film.

Sunny Sachdeva
Diwali as usual I will celebrate with my family and friends at my place only - No crackers, no pollution, only candles and diyas. Will go to Gurudwara and pray for me and my family's best future and pray for our jawans on the border. May god support them all and give them courage and happiness. Help aspiring actors and models who really wish to work in Bollywood. As for my acting, I got few movie offers, but I’m looking for something that is more challenging and gives me a scope for perform. Yes, I am hungry for better characters and challenging roles. Hope for the best.

Mehul Advani
This Diwali like all the previous ones, is traditionally being celebrated with my family and friends. While mom seems to be busy with the preparation for Laxmi pooja, I enjoy watching her making sweets, decorating the house etc. This Diwali I am trying to help my mom in decorating the house with candles and lamps and it’s giving me a very special feeling. After doing the pooja I am planning to burn lots of crackers with my friends. I would end up this Diwali night with delicious food by my mom and pray for the happiness of all the dear ones in my life. Its going to be both - Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil over the next two days.

Anurag Tomar (Prince)
Well, first of all am very happy this year as my first film Keh Do Na Love Hai is almost complete and here I am doing another film after Diwali.  What else could be on my wish list? As usual, will be celebrating Diwali with family and friends as well as doing a bit of philanthropic work like distributing sweets and stuff to the ones who cannot afford. Will try and watch both the films. A message that I want to give all of you is “Have a safe Diwali and Kids should burn limited crackers so that there is less pollution”. Stay safe, stay blessed.

Nikhil Arora
The "festival of lights, this is the most well-known of the Indian festivals and celebrated throughout India, as well as in Indian communities throughout the diaspora. It is a common practice to light small oil diyas and place them around in verandahs and all across our homes, but this year we have candles substituted for diyas as well as neon lights put up all across making it look beautiful. The celebration of the festival invariably signifies the renewal of life. My wish list? Audi obviously. But that’s not happening this year. Maybe it will have to wait for a few more Diwalis. And movie? Dil ko mushkil me kyon daalna? Will go for Ae Dil hai Mushkil.

Sandesh Gour
Beside food, Diwali is also known for lighting the lamp, welcoming of Shree Ram and doing pooja of Goddess Maa Laxmi and take blessings from elders. As usual, I'm celebrating Diwali in my hometown Nagpur with my parents and siblings. I can't even think of celebrating this festival without my family. This is the first time in my life, I gifted a saree to my mom on this occasion. She felt so proud of me because I purchased from my own hard working money. I will buy new clothes as usual but this time I'm looking forward to gift something special to my dad as well. As for the movies, I will be gonna watch Shivaay, because after Akshay Kumar, I’m a big fan of Ajay Devgan as well... I'm boycotting ADHM.

Ritesh Bhuwania
Fashion Designer & Stylist
The significance of Deepavali is the removal of darkness and ignorance from the mind and filing it with goodness. On this auspicious festival of lights, with the shine of diyas and the echo of chants, may the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminate everyone’s life and homes. I pray that millions of lamps illuminate one’s life with endless joy, prosperity, health and wealth forever. Wishing you all a Very Happy Diwali. And movie? Har Har “Shivaay”..

Mohan Das - Writer / Director

Happy Diwali & A Prosperous New Year

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Turkish stars celebrate Diwali in India

Popular Turkish shows - Feriha, Fatmagul and Little Lord - currently being aired on Zindagi have wowed Indian audiences with its fresh faces and beautiful storyline.  The internationally renowned actors of the show are being admired for their acting prowess, charming personalities and their relatable character portrayals. ‘Feriha’, ‘Ali’ and ‘Erdogan’ albeit their on-screen names, have all become famous in Indian households in their respective shows. And now to make this festive season more exciting they i.e. Hazal Kaya (Feriha), Kaan Tasaner (Erdoğan Yaşaran) and Sarp Levendoglu (Ali) were in the city as part of the high level Turkish delegation. They were elated with the overwhelming response from Indian fans & media. The actors were excited to be in the city during the festive season and loved the festive mood. The charming actors sportingly wished all their fans in India a Very Happy Diwali & Happy New Year!

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL), Chief Business Officer, Mr. Sunil Buch said, “Our Turkish shows are a testament of Zindagi’s commitment to bring compelling and differentiated content from across the world. Our first Turkish show Feriha was a runaway success followed by Fatmagul and now the recently launched Little Lord is being appreciated. These shows have resonated well with the audience and have been seen as a breath of fresh air.” 

Audiences have flooded the channel with an overwhelming response of appreciation mentioning that they are hooked to the Turkish shows due to the relatable and talented acting, good looking actors, realistic and scenic locales along with the good storytelling that have struck a chord with viewers in India. These shows have not only got the viewers hooked on to their screens but has also helped Zindagi garner impressive ratings in the premium category.

Few lucky Zindagi viewers were given the opportunity to meet their favourite actors in Mumbai. Acknowledging her fans in India and being appreciative of how well Feriha was received in India, the gorgeous Hazal was excited to meet some of her fans in India. Hazal Kaya plays the title role in Feriha and wished her fans, “I love my Indian fans, Happy Diwali and Happy New Year!”
The charming Kaan Tasane seen as Erdoğan Yaşaran in Fatmagul and the good looking actor, Sarp Levendoglu seen as Mehmet’s father, Ali in Little Lord also wished their fans “Happy Diwali & Happy New Year.”

After the phenomenal success of Feriha, Zindagi presented two more specially handpicked shows from Turkey, Fatmagul and Little Lord.  Fatmagul airing at 9:00 PM is the story of an innocent girl whose fairy-tale life is turned into a nightmare when she gets raped and is forced to marry the accused. Little Lord currently airing at 7:30 PM is a light-hearted Turkish drama, about the endearing tale of a parent-child relationship seen through the lens of a six year old, Mehmet.

Sterling Media awarded the prestigious Creative Media Award at the Asian Media Awards 2016

Sterling Media, an international business and communications consultancy head-quartered in London, was presented the prestigious Creative Media Award at the Asian Media Awards 2016 for the #WhatIReallyReallyWant campaign, which they launched with partners Project Everyone. The award is the second consecutive accolade awarded to Sterling Media by Asian Media Awards; the company’s CEO & MD, Natasha Mudhar was presented the Media Personality of the Year Award in 2015.

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Sterling Media orchestrated the entire global communications campaign for the short film #WhatIReallyReallyWant which received a staggering 150 million views and more than 1.6 million YouTube views in the first few days of launch. The film was also shared by global names including Victoria Beckham, Richard Branson and Emma Watson.

Project Everyone is an organisation founded by British filmmaker and campaigner Richard Curtis team, which was launched to popularise the Sustainable Development Goals that were agreed by 193 world leaders at the United Nations in 2015. If we meet these goals, we could eradicate global poverty, reduce inequalities and tackle climate change by 2030. Sterling’s CEO and Managing Director, Natasha Mudhar, is the India Director of Project Everyone and her objective is to popularise the Sustainable Development Goals to more than 1.27bn people in India, positioning India as the benchmark country to achieving these goals. In addition to this Sterling Media manage a number of other programmes and activities for Project Everyone covering political advocacy, creative consultancy, talent and global communications such as for the What I Really Really Want campaign.

However the Sustainable Development Goals will only be achieved if they address the needs of the most marginalised first, particularly those of girls and women. Issues like quality education, an end to violence, an end to child marriage and equal pay for equal work need to be at the top of every governments’ agenda in order to give the Goals the best possible start.

On the 20th anniversary of the release of the Spice Girls’ Wannabe video, an updated version of “#WhatIReallyReallyWant” was launched in July 2016 marking twenty years of Girl Power. The film reflected the voices of girls and women all over the world telling world leaders what Goals they ‘really really want’ to be achieved to help improve their lives. The film was directed by MJ Delaney of Moxie Pictures and featured artists from around the world including Gigi Lamayne and Moneoa from South Africa, Seyi Shay from Nigeria, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez from Sri Lanka, M.O from the UK, Taylor Hatala from Canada and Larsen Thompson from the USA.

The viral video launched online and in cinemas all over the world with a call to action for people everywhere to share a picture of #WhatIReallyReallyWant for girls and women.

Speaking about the award, Natasha Mudhar, CEO & MD of Sterling Media said,“On behalf of everyone at Sterling Media we are so thankful to the event organisers, and the esteemed judges for awarding us this wonderful accolade for the short film we launched with our partners Project Everyone - #WhatIReallyReally Want.

Sterling launched over 20 years ago with a mission to bring a brand – whether that’s a country, person, thought-leader, corporate, government, celebrity or charity – closer to their purpose. We dedicate this award to every person in the communication sector, whether they’re journalists or reporters producing stories that present facts to the public, or whether they’re in advertising, marketing or PR professions with a mission to educate, inspire and change behaviours through their campaigns, as we all have been blessed with an opportunity to move that needle for positive change through the work we do. We all have the power in our hands to create positive impact.”

Since it’s launch in 1995, Sterling Media has been at the forefront of delivering effective communication strategies to address business and communication challenges, to help bring a brand’s purpose closer to stakeholders in more meaningful ways. In addition to the launch of #WhatIReallyReallyWant, Sterling has been engaged in a number of other high profile projects. These include the launch of a $9 trillion bauxite project in New Guinea; directing the global communication strategy for the US Government’s GODAN (Global Open Data on Agriculture & Nutrition) Summit 2016 –  the largest-ever event dedicated to open data in agriculture and nutrition to end hunger; the launch of the Worlds Largest Lesson India initiative which aims to teach every child in India a lesson about the Sustainable Development Goals; and managing the India and Africa strategies for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation to tackle child malnutrition.

Rap Star Badshah to judge Star Plus Reality Show ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’

Rapper, composer, singer Badshah, whose music is topping all charts and is a favorite amongst the Bollywood fraternity today revealed a cool promo of him inviting singers for Star Plus new reality show called Dil Hai Hindustani. While it’s a first time judging for Badshah, the two other co judges, Karan Johar and Shekhar Ravjiani have great expertise in it.

Says Badshah “I am extremely enthused and looking forward to meeting some great talent from the world over. As this is my first time judging I am waiting to get together with Karan Sir and Shekhar to discover and hone some talented voices.”

The music extravaganza will be one of the grandest shows on TV. Budding singers from age group 5-50 will be given a chance to sign up for it. Although gates will be open for international public, only Hindi songs will be allowed to be performed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blending with the Navratri and Durga Pujo, Dusshera culminates into a grand finale..

Every year with the advent of autumn, the air is filled with a peculiar joy. It vibrates the arrival of Goddess Durga with the onset of Mahalaya and its time to go in a frenzy mode with Dandiya Raas and Garbas of Navratri everywhere around. The Hindu festival of nine nights dedicated to the glorification of Shakti, the feminine form of the Divine, its celebration time not only for Gujaratis but is an ensemble of all religions these days. It’s a time to wear colorful costumes and perform a special type of vigorous dance known as garba and or dandiyas.

Come the sixth day of the Navratri and its Durga puja time for all the hardcore Bongs (read Bengalis) who have waited eagerly for the arrival of Maa Durga with her full family regalia. The joy is not only contagious but can be seen everywhere. Even the darkest corners of the city get lightened up before culminating on the 10th day with the festivities of Vijaya Dashami or Dusshera as it signifies the conquest of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana.

And while the Navratri, Pujo fever and Dussehra gripped the Nation, one question we couldn’t help but ask “What does Dussehra mean to you?” Let’s ask some of our celebs what it means to them and how do they celebrate it. While it is obviously about “Victory of Good over Evil” it is also about killing the demon (Ravana) inside said one. Here’s a sneak peak as we at Films & TV World wish all of you out there a Happy Dussehra...

Hira Mehta
Durgotsav at the Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai is worth a mention. The beautiful murti has been drawing crowds for years now... Organized by the famous playback singer Abhijeet and supported by a team of amazing people, since past 21 years, this festival is being held and thousands visit it. Not to forget the free bhog each afternoon. Already Sugandha Mishra, Dr Sanket Bhonsle, KK have performed in the last 2 days and the Icing on the cake was Govinda who not only danced to a medley of his songs but even sang some. I am lucky to live around the corner and have been visiting this pandal from the very first year to seek blessings.

Nishant Singh
Dussehra, apart from being a cultural festival which preaches the victory of good over evil, is also a great way for every section of the society to come together and be part of something. It's a sense of belonging and happiness for the society as a whole. The smile it brings on the faces of children when they are the effigy of Ravana being burst into flames is priceless. The whole family gets an occasion to shop and decorate their life. The best part is getting that much needed break from the monotony of everyday life.

Sumit Bansala
Dussehra is celebrated to rejoice the victory of DHARM on ADHARM, SATYA on JHOOT, NYAY on ANYAY and ACCHAI on BURAI. A time for celebration, a time for victory of good over bad and a time when world see the example of power of good, let us continue the same “true” spirit. Wishing all a very Happy Dussehra.

Rishi Bhutani
The significance of Dussehra festival is the triumph of good over evil. It also depicts the immortal love and respect of Lord Rama and Goodess Sita. For me it's a synonym of family time. Every year I spend this festival with full zeal and enthusiasm by revisiting tradition and relishing the moments with family and friends. By God's grace, I am shooting during this festive time for my 3 upcoming projects but like every year I am going to donate some sweets and clothes to share my happiness with others. On this auspicious day of Dussehra my prayers and wishes for all.. Happy Dussehra folks, Love and Light to all.

Mumtaz Khan
Fashion Designer
Dussehra is the festival of celebrating victory over devil. This is the festival to be celebrated by everyone. We must fight whole year with evil habits, evil power and all adversities and celebrate its victory on Dussehra. If we try to kill all evil things from our life, our future and this world would be a place to live happy and peacefully.

Shameem Khan
Everyday sun rise to give us a message that darkness will always be beaten by light. Let us follow the same natural rule and enjoy the festival of good defeats evil. Having said this, on this auspicious occasion, I wish the color, bliss and beauty of this festival be with you throughout the year! Happy Dussehra…!!

Armaan Khan
Model & upcoming star
As you try to carve your niche in the glamour and film industry, mostly many cannot make it possible to celebrate it with their families and friends, especially if you happen to have shifted from another city. Since last few months, I haven't been able to meet my family and friends to celebrate the festivals with them. Though this does bring in a bit of dissent, but festivals like Dussehra do motivate you that you can conquer anything if you are fully focused and concentrated. This brings in a ray of hope, but yes, I do miss my family & friends during such festivities. Love you all & Happy Dussehra.

Karan Singh Chhabra
Film & TV Actor & Anchor
One evil that needs to be history - drug abuse and alcoholism. Dussehra for me is victory of good over evil.. and one evil that I wish we good rid of is drug abuse and alcoholism. There’s a tavern every few kilometers and there are not just youngsters, rather people from all age groups, are hooked. Imagine the number of lives and families being ruined because of addiction or the drunken driving accidents. This is one evil that we need to overcome first and foremost. Once we are in our senses, only then can we take on other ills plaguing the society. In childhood we used to go to see Raavan burning and then eat the famous sweets, jalebi’s etc. near Punjab University, Chandigarh... These days I would catch up with my friends on this day and celebrate the festival here in Mumbai.

Rishank Tiwari
I have known Dussehra for its ethical reasons - the win over evil and light conquers the darkness. Usually we all celebrate this festival with our families as we all family members get together to celebrate this pooja and positivity. But practically nowadays when maximum people are far away from their home and fail to reach their families, social media has taken over to wish each other to celebrate and too see each other’s happenings. Happy Dusshera.!

Zuber Kamaal Khan
Ex-Mr. India, Film & TV Actor
This festival is very special for me as it brings the lights for me till Diwali as I take new things on Dussehra. This time I took my new iphone 7 on this auspicious occasion and if I get time I will go to watch Raavan dahan too with my family and friends. Dussehra is the winning of good over bad. Wish u all a Very Happy Dusshehra. Wishing Lots of love and Prosperity to all.

Dr. Debashish Naha
Being a "Probashi Baangali" I have spent most of life celebrating Durga utsav outside Bengal only- firstly in Nagpur and now in Mumbai. This is time too went around the town visiting many pandals all over the town. The decorations, the beautiful devi murtis and the food stalls were just awesome. As we Bengalis love to eat it’s great to enjoy the typical Bengali delicacies like dimer devil, bhetkir cutlet, manghshor chop, rolls etc. One more thing that amazes me here in Mumbai is the enthusiasm that the people in general have, whether it’s during Ganapati, Durga utsav or any festival for that matter. We can see huge number of people at all the places enjoying themselves, oblivious of the time or the crowded conditions. Hats off to the organizers too for managing the huge crowds so efficiently. So overall a great experience, though honestly I miss the personal involvement that I had in Nagpur especially in the cultural functions and of course the adda with old friends.

Sandesh Gour
First and foremost, I would like to wish everyone Happy Dusshera & Vijayadashmi. The festive spirit begins nine days in advance, as people revel in the spiritual divinity of Navratri, invoking the blessings of Goddess Durga. On the tenth day, Navratri culminates as Dusshera, marking the victory of good over evil and positivity over negativity.
Every year I celebrate this festival with much excitement and fervour at my hometown in Nagpur with my entire family. We exchange Gold leaves and take blessings from our elders. As lord Ram returned to Ayodhya from Lanka on Dussehra and people welcomed him with Diyas (lamps), I too wish to spread the same light around – especially to the people at old age home and to the poor childrens who see no hope in their future. If possible do spend your quality time with them and make them feel wanted. Making such people happy by not only giving them surprise gifts but also your time is how I like to spend my time on this auspicious day of one of India's biggest festival.                       

Shakespeare King
Model & Actor
Durga maa has always symbolised power and hope for us. Being born and brought up in Orissa, Durga Puja always has been memorable as it brings holidays and a free festive spirit for us. After I shifted to Mumbai, I started missing my family more and this festival is a good connect which brings back all the beautiful memories. My parents also get holiday from work hence it's a good family gathering time too. 
Luckily I got a chance to play lord Rama in a play and thus I got closer to mythology. I understand Ram and Ravan better now each having its own unique character - Good versus evil and the triumph of good. Durga Puja is also a good lesson to be detached from this materialistic world. Every year Durga maa comes and cleanses the world with its Visarjan (Vijaya Dashami) giving us hope joy & a better place to live in.

Nakul Tiwadi
I have very fond memory of festival of Dussehra as we use to have our own Ram Leela in my hometown, and on the last day we use to make Raavan by collecting funds from whole society. It has special importance as it used to bring each of us together no matter where we all came from.

Amal Sehrawat
Model & Actor
On the occasion of Dussehra effigy of Ravana is burnt in India to celebrate the victory of good over evil. On this occasion I want to give a simple message to all: “This Dussehra burn the Ravana inside you!”

Anuj Pareek
Vijya Dashami is the day of good defeating evil. But what is good or evil? When we say creation is the balance of equal forces, evil becomes a necessary part of creation. The existence of Ram is only relevant till Raavan is there. As part of the creation, it is up to us which force to join. The Ram-Raavan conquest is an eternal war. If you choose positivity, evolution, service and the righteous way of life, Dussehra is a day that marks your overcoming so many facets of evil, including maya or illusion, which dominate us. Happy Vijyadashmi.

MV Adityadev
Film maker
Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra is the triumph of truth over evil power and is celebrated with a lot of fervour. While the traditions associated with the celebration of Dussehra are deep-rooted in Hindu mythology, let us start a great life by conquering our external evils. In Kerala, we have a celebration pattern that is different all over. We celebrate it as Saraswathi pooja and the day for vidhyarambham when children usually write for the first time on this day. For me, happiness is that no one will ask me to study as the books are kept for pooja. However, I also keep my tools of film making work (my camera and scripts) are also kept for pooja along with my study books. As its also a promising day to begin with any great work, I wish all that may this day clear all obstacles in the path of your career and life and start a period of prosperity. May this Dussehra illuminate for you the desires of Happy times and dreams for a year loaded with smiles! Happy Dussehra!!

Krishan Khatra
It's a time for celebration, a time for victory of good over bad, A time when world see the example of power of good. Let us continue the same “true” spirit. Let us not only burn effigies of Ravana. but lets start a great life by conquering all our eternal enemies. Happy Dusshera.!

We at Films & TV World wish them all the best in their endeavour and wish all our readers a very Happy Dussehra...

Amitabh Bachchan and Graphic India partner with Disney channel India for “Astra Force”

In the month of August last year, Graphic India and Disney Channel India announced the production of the superhero animated series -“Astra Force.” with legendary icon, Amitabh Bachchan. Slated to go on-air on Disney Channel soon,Graphic India and Disney Channel India will reveal the first look of the series on the occasion of Mr. Bachchan’s birthday – 11thOctober as a special surprise for the millions of fans around the world.

A funny and fast-paced, action-adventure series, filled with laughs and thrills, “Astra Force” tells the story of a mythical hero from a distant world, who was stranded on Earth millions of years ago after an epic space battle.

When 8-year old brother and sister twins accidentally awaken the mythical superhero from his long hibernation, they must teach him about our modern world and join Astra to save the universe from a new wave of giant monsters and intergalactic threats.

“At Disney, we believe in showcasing great stories with compelling characters that are loved by our audiences. It is imperative to get the local texture right for any story to resonate and emotionally connect with the viewers. With Mr. Bachchan associating with Graphics India and Disney Channel India on ‘Astra Force,’ we will be bringing an interesting facet to storytelling in the local animation space,” saidSiddharth Roy Kapur, Managing Director, Disney India.

“Amitabh Bachchan is a real life superhero to millions, including myself, so it’s no surprise that he is the perfect person to become immortalized in this new animated avatar,” added Sharad Devarajan, Graphic’s Co-Founder & CEO. “The opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Bachchan on ‘Astra Force’ is made that much stronger by partnering with Disney, a company whose creativity and storytelling I have admired all my life.”

Disney Channel India has been entertaining kids and families through a range of locally relevant stories spread across high-quality animation series and “Astra Force” will be the perfect complement to the line-up of existing shows.

Devarajan is the Producer on “Astra Force” along with Jeevan J. Kang, SVP Creative at Graphic India, who is overseeing visual development, character design and art for the project. Graphic’s previous animated superhero, Chakra The Invincible, was created with Stan Lee (co-creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Avengers) and received over 30 million views globally on Rovio’s ToonsTV platform available through the Angry Birds app.

9th edition of Krackerjack Karnival - A roaring success with kids and their families

Was it a bird, a plane…, no it was a Yash, grinning ear-to-ear as he zoomed towards the sky on the trampoline ride! It was an image that well describes the spirit of the ninth edition of the Krackerjack Karnival, where happy spirits jumped and bounced from one area of exciting activity to the other, with plenty to keep them captivated in between!

Held during 8th-9th October, India’s biggest kids and family festival, Krackerjack Karnival, came to an end with more than 15,000+ visitors converging at the Manpho Convention Centre in Bengaluru. As expected, the second edition of Krackerjack in Bengaluru, and the 9th overall, far exceeded the stupendous success it had registered during its inaugural run.

The pioneer of edutainment events in India, Krackerjack Karnival did not falter in its promise to deliver afun, exciting and informative event that had variety of offerings for young ones and the young at heart. From more than 75 exhibitors providing the latest of products and services that encompass the entire needs and wants of families to the various stellar performances carried out on the ‘Krackerjack stage’ area, the event remained a breathtaking affair all through.

The presence of world renowned brands such as Disney, Nickelodeon and Superbook gave the event an unparalleled credibility. The meet-and-greet sessions with their favorite cartoon characters such as Chhota Bheem and Sonic Toon were an instant hit, as were the fun learning sessions and educative games that had entire families participating in gusto.

Visiting the carnival second time in a row, Ms. Kanika Arora, a homemaker and mother of two twin girls shared her experience, “Me and my kids had a great time attending the 7th edition of the Krackerjack Karnival in Bengaluru and could not afford to give the 9th edition a miss. I am glad it is organized with festivities around the corner, apart from immense fun that my girls are having here, I got to shop fabulous stuff from some of the most incredible brands from across India. I can’t think of a better way to spend fun and quality time with my kids in such an enthralling environment.”

Commenting on the event, Chandrika Behl, Project Director, Exhibitions India group and the founder of the Krackerjack Karnival festival, said, “I am grateful for the immense affection the people of Bengaluru have showered upon us on our second visit to the city. The event grew bigger in its scope in this edition, and we are pleased to have lived up to the expectations of the kids and their parents. With the confidence we have gained from this event and the other editions held across different destinations in the country, we hope to bolster Krackerjack Karnival’s stance as the perfect synonym for unlimited fun, learning and family bonding!”

An assimilation of educative zones, interactive workshops, dance sessions and a plethora of activities, Krackerjack Karnival has emerged as the biggest pan-India kids and family event with affiliations to some of the biggest brand names in various activities devoted to the family entertainment segment.

The Krackerjack Karnival is India’s first and foremost Mega Expo cum Festival, catering purely to children and their needs. This two-day, fun-filled children’s festival is packed with fantastic exhibits, interactive activities, entertainment, and the latest products & services for children. With this event, we’ve set out to create fun, educational and involving activities for kids, providing them an exciting and enriching experience that’s interactive and sparks their creativity.

Investment banker Sujaya Moghepadhye organizes Nanhee to support kids fighting cancer

Sujaya Moghepadhye, Cofounder, Jaya Foundation (Head Equity Capital Market - Execution at Edelweiss Financial Services Limited and co-founder Jaya Foundation) organised fund raising musical event ‘Nanhee’, in Mumbai on 7 October 2016. to support children suffering from the deadly disease. Jaya Foundation is an institution that provides aid, care and assistance and creates awareness on cancer. Funds raised will be used to facilitate treatment of kids who are suffering from cancer but due to lack of adequate funds are deprived of proper treatment.

The event witnessed live performances by Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts (SNDA) and also had artiste Saurabh Nimbkar playing songs on his guitar. SNDA’s production “DHRUT” is an internationally acclaimed performance, which has recently been presented in New York in August 2016. Saurabh Nimbkar plays the guitar in Mumbai Locals to collect funds for supporting patients in KEM & other NGOs, after having lost his mother to cancer.

Added Sujaya Moghepadhye of Jaya Foundation, “Jaya Foundation is a non-profit making foundation created to support cancer victims and their families! Nanhee means younger one and they are our lives. Seeing young ones in the terrible pain of cancer is difficult for anybody. We come together as a group of people, do an event and raise funds for supporting young cancer victims. Many people came forward and connected to the cause. Singer dancer choreographer Saurabh Nimbkar saw his mother suffering from cancer and he does different kinds of street & stage shows to collect funds for cancer affected.

An investment banker by profession, Sujaya Moghepadhye adopted Gandhian principles of service to nation due to a personal tragedy. “My mom fought the cancer battle till her last breath and she passed away six months after being diagnosed with it. We have seen the pain, agony, helplessness and after effects of chemotherapy. It’s an emotional battle too – pretending in front of the patient that everything is fine and then crying in corners. While going to the hospital with my mother, I saw lot of kids suffering. The disease is painful and resources are scant. I learnt that children have higher chances of survival if cancer is detected early. However, many children from underprivileged sections of society don’t have adequate resources for pre- and post-treatment. So along with friends, I decided to do something and started a movement. Even amongst friends, I realized that everyone has certain tragedies in their family and wanted to join hands. I shared about ‘Nanhee’ with my cook and she contributed half of her month’s salary towards the cause.”

“We acknowledge companies such as Intex Technologies for associating with Jaya Foundation and with the cause of supporting so many Nanhee’s. It is heartening to note that the company’s CSR philosophy is to influence its legacy of technology innovation to positively influence societies and human life, and offer new opportunities to more people,” Sujaya added.

The Pink Fashion Show: Grand finale by JD alumnus and Ace Fashion Designer-Rocky S.

Braun India Fashion Week London (IFWL) which is scheduled to take place from October 15 to 16 October,2016 at Excel London, will showcase some of the India’s finest Designer collections periphery events in London to bring awareness and funds to the cause with breast cancer awareness walks, pink fashion shows, PINK menu offerings and more. Grand finale to be represented by JD Institute of Fashion Technology's alumnus Rocky S.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology will dedicate the entire month of October as the Breast Cancer Awareness month. The aim is to bring together Jediiians and the fashion fraternity to fight against the cause and spread awareness among all.

For the first time, the institute plans to invite all the buyers and invitees in London to celebrate the colour pink. Prominent celebrities will walk the ramp in pink garments to show their support for the cause.

The New Gen collection is by Ashok Mannay, an alumnus of JD Institute of Fashion Technology with a collection called “Regalia”-  it envisions portraying the tapestry of Indian Culture, with its own distinct flavor of embellishment and artistry, comprising of women’s and men’s collection.

"Fashion is a fantastic platform to reach to youth, and also this is a huge celebration of hope as the biggest reason for Breast Cancer to infiltrate in our society is the lack of knowledge. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, with our students have joined together for a mission to spread Breast Cancer Awareness,” RC Dalal, Executive director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

India Fashion Week London (IFWL) allow its fans to dress up and give back to the cause with the 2016 Pinktober merchandise line, including a women’s and men’s T-shirt and a collector’s edition Pinktober pin.

Director of IFWL, Manny Singh, said,” India Fashion Week London is always considered as a forefront platform for Indian Design. We are pleased to have JD Institute of Fashion Technology our premium partner to spread awareness for a greater cause. I on behalf of all the designers and celebrities who support the cause assure that the message shall spread way beyond to see the awareness grow in London also.”