Saturday, March 20, 2021

Aanand Sharma set to make Bollywood debut in 'Kar Gayee Chull'


An independent young man for whom the word ‘freedom’ is sacred, Aanand Sharma is a lover of life and acting is an inborn trait with him. As he is all set to make his foray into Bollywood with Kar Gayee Chull a youthful zany movie with a social message at its core, this bundle of talent wishes to see himself as an accomplished actor rather than being called a star. “Yes, I want people to remember me for my work and portrayal of characters that I’ll get to play in my journey,” says Aanand Sharma who secured his Diploma in Film Acting from the widely acclaimed Barry John Acting Studio, where he says “the course is comprehensive, intensive and challenging.”

Aanand Sharma who will be playing a Bihari lad in the film mentioned that the subject of Kar Gayee Chull is different from the usual youngster films that one sees. It will handle a sensitive issue faced by youngsters these days with a pinch of comedy and thrill. Without divulging much detail Aanand went on to say, “It’s a youthful zany film that has a dynamic storyline which most youngsters will associate with. The movie has a very simple plot of five friends, their die-to-death friendship as the film details the ups and downs of their lives as each pursues go through their dreams and fears in the not-always-kind town of Delhi. It will also throw light on a racket that knowingly or unknowingly youngsters get involved in just for the sake of pure thrill. Though it is a youth oriented thriller, yet it carries a social message, which will influence the young generation in a positive way, I hope.”

When asked Money, fame, glamour - what brought him to acting, Aanand says, “Unlike others, I will never say that acting to me happened just by chance. Acting is what I always wanted to do; you can say it’s my passion. I was fond of acting right from the time I started understanding the art and craft. And with time and age it kept growing.” While, normally after graduation, all start hunting for a good job to further their prospects, Aanand pursued the art of acting relentlessly and credits whatever he is today to his wonderful parents, especially to his dad who is supportive of his choice of career and urge him to pursue his dreams.

“My Dad has been my biggest pillar of support throughout. As a kid I always wanted to become an actor and he always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. Even with his friends, colleagues and relatives urged him not to get his son into this industry as it’s not good for outsiders without a godfather, but he still believed in me and kept supporting. Whatever I am today is because of my dad's sacrifices.”

Aanand who has been around on the telly and short film circuit is debuting with this film. When questioned about choosing this film to mark his debut, Aanand says, “I always wanted to debut with a film that projected me with a lot of confidence and my character has that confidence right from the word go in this script.” Aanand who has also trained in voice modulation & Image building by the reputed Acting coach Mr. Saurabh Sachdeva has played the lead in Saavdhan India and Crime Patrol as well as worked in zings ‘Pyar Tune Kya Kiya’. While his fave actor from Hollywood is Tom cruise, in Bollywood his heart is all set on Shahid kapoor & Manoj Bajpayee whom he calls a powerhouse of talent.

Aanand says that he follows just his instincts as he feels it brings out the best quality in him as an actor. “INSTINCT - That’s my personal best quality - and as an actor, the best quality is I'm able to lose all inhibitions in front of the camera. I imagine and experience all kind of feelings and go through emotions that I never knew existed in me. That way, I'm able to get in touch with my sensitive side which is a revelation to me at times,” he says. At present Aanand is all set to go with the flow. “I want to hear a story and if it gives me goose-bumps I will say yes to it. However, the role and the script are of prima facie and of utmost importance. Rest everything is secondary. And of course playing the lead has its own perks.” Saying this Aanand Sharma signed off after providing us an insight into his world and dreams.

We look forward to seeing him on the big screen soon as well on the telly. To infer then, on a personal note: Aanand is a sincere, humble and valiant maverick who is sure to reach his destination soon. I on behalf of Films & TV World wish him all the best in his career.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

‘Suicide or Murder’ fame Actress Shwetta Parashar to play a prostitute now

Actress Shwetta Parashar who got immense popularity after the makers of the movie ‘Suicide or Murder’ introduced her as the lead character ‘The Troublemaker’ on social media, is all set with the release of her new Telugu movie ‘Alanti Sitralu’. It’s a story of a prostitute ‘Pallavi’. The teaser of the movie has been released and it is coming on the floor on the 2nd week of April.

“My character Pallavi is a 40 years old prostitute. She has simple desires. Will society allow a prostitute to fall in love? Will she be able to live her dreams?” asks Shwetta Parashar.

“Being from North India (New Delhi) I didn’t know Telugu language at all nor I knew how different the cultures were until I started prepping for the film. Being from theatre, I always prefer the more organic way of expressing and that’s what my director wanted. The moment I started learning lines, I was heartbroken because I knew I couldn’t pronounce it the way it was supposed to be. It was very difficult for me to remember the lines since I didn’t understand the language back then when I started shooting for this film but the team was so supportive and encouraging that now I can understand the language way better than before.” Shwetta Parashar

Monday, March 15, 2021

Roshni Sahota and Pulkit Makol look out for ‘Ek Achi Naukri’

We have been constantly updating you with all that has been happening in Bollywood – be it movies, television or the digital world. Time and again we have been supporting film festivals and have been bringing news related to the same.  This time we are again bringing you an exciting update from the world of OTT. And no, it’s not about a web series. It’s about short films that have been garnering more applause these days in the world of OTT. 

Of late, short films from India have been making a lot of noise on international platforms including the Oscar circuits. Moreover, with many renowned OTT platforms creating slots to fit in short films, we are finding more indie film makers making shorts for these platforms and also to simultaneous pitch in at the film festivals for recognition and awards. The best part about the short film projects is that it gives one the liberty to put across stories that one may not dare to showcase as a feature. One such film maker that we have come across is Anuj Bharadwaj of Ambak motion Pictures. 

While the world was busy planning to ring in the New Year in a different way due to the covid restrictions and the imposed curfew, Anuj Bharadwaj used his time to shoot his short film ‘Ek Achi Naukri’ with a talented cast on the eve of New Year. With a wonderful starcast the short film is produced under the banner of Ambak motion Pictures and directed by Anuj Bhardwaj. While the camera was handled by ace DOP Rakesh Singh, the casting has been done by Naren Bansal.

“What is Achhi Naukri? This is a question that is always debateable. Is it something that you like or is that goes with a status or is it about what your parents and the society want you to do? "Ek Achhi Naukri" will make you ponder on this elusive question,” says Anuj Bhardwaj whose short film ‘The Number’ garnered quite a few awards.

'Patiala Babes’ and ‘Shakti’ fame Roshni Sahota is cast in this short film opposite Delhi based Pulkit Makol, who is known for his stint in SonyLIV’s ‘Your Honor’. They can be seen alongwith ‘Sharmain Sofewali’ Srestha Banerjee, whose short film ‘Saving Chintu’ with Adil Hussain and Dipannita Sharma is in the race to grab an Oscar this year. Roshni was recently seen in the film 'Sooraj pe Mangal bhaari' opposite Punjab da Munda and the leading heart throb Diljit Dosanjh in a very important role.

Anuj is very happy with the casting and says that his actors have given more than he expected for. Speaking about his actors he says, “I still remember, we were shooting on the outskirts of Delhi and we wrapped shoot around 1:30 in the night. But being thorough professionals, neither Roshni, nor Pulkit or Srestha cribbed or complained as we shot beyond stipulated time in the freezing December winter.”

Creative director Mohan Das (Eon Films) says, “When Anuj narrated me the story, I was very clear that I wanted Roshni to play ‘Nidhi Sharma’ the female lead along with Srestha Banerjee. While we were wondering who would be the ideal choice to play ‘Prashant Mathur’, Naren suggested us to go for Pulkit Makol. And we are really happy to have cast him. He was the perfect one as he has the childishness in his acting as well as the maturity needed to handle intense emotional scenes. I’m sure; he is going to reign the Bollywood industry soon. He is one fab actor to watch out for.”

The project is slated to make its round at film festivals before being launched on any of the leading OTT platforms. Keep in tune to be abreast of the further developments!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Why director Aarambh Singh has taken only Priya Banerjee from Bekaaboo Season One??

Actor's Director Aarambh Singh was seen impressing the audience with his magical direction in his recent series Jamai2.0 and won many hearts and given the stupendous success of the second season of  Jamai 2.0 along with the star cast. 

Aaarambh who always likes to try different genres and give best to his audiences with his hard work has come up with psycho-thriller Bakaaboo-2.  Bekaaboo 2 will be the 2nd venture of collaboration for Priya Banerjee and Aarambhh Singh who was the director of Jamai 2.0 and now Bekaaboo 2.

ALTBalaji decided to make season 2 of Bekaaboo after the immense success of season one. But the director Aarambh had carry forwarded only Priya Banerjee from the previous season to this. Priya who became the talk of the town for her performance in Bekaboo will be seen playing one of the main keys for the show.

Sharing his experience and bonding with Priya ,Aarambh says, “When Bekaaboo season 2 came to me to direct of course I had to watch the first season to understand the story and characters. And that’s when I saw Priya Playing the character of Kashti.. She totally stood out in the series .. and simultaneously I was prepping for Jamai 2.0 so I suggested that we should try her out for Aahana character in Jamai. She did a fab job and we got a good understanding as a Director Actor duo. Bekaaboo season two while we changed most of faces it was out of question to change Priya because everyone loved her. From the first season she was the highlight of the show. And she has killed it one more time. Back to back working with her has been one hell of an experience and while Jamai 2.0 has already done big numbers and is a superhit, I am dead sure that Bekaaboo will do well.. She is pretty lucky for me..

Bekaaboo Season 2 is a phycho-thriller directed by Aarambhh M Singh. It will be released on ALTBalaji OTT on March 15th 2021. It stars actors like Taher Shabbir, Priya Banerjee, Subha Rajput, Poulomi Das, Taha Shah, Smaran Sahu and Tushar Khanna in key roles.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Rahul B Seth launches his Music Video “Main Hoon Naari Shakti” sung by Vaishali Samant


Films & TV World: Naari Shakti on Womens Day! What was the thought behind this idea?
Rahul B Seth: Main Hoon Naari Shakti as the title suggests, is all about highlighting the inner strength of a Woman. I myself hail from a family of very strong and steely willed women Also, the  theme for this year's International Woman's day, or rather - Woman's week is "Choose To Challenge" So  I thought of depicting and showcasing women from various walks of life, representing myriad fields and vocations keeping in mind, the fact that they have all faced challenges in their journeys to  reach where they are, thanks to the 'Naari Shakti' within, and now is the time for them to challenge the world around them, rising up  against age-old stereotypes and gender bias. 

FTV: From a Celeb, a Mayor to a common person, how did you bring everyone together?
Rahul: First of all, getting 53 women to feature in a song video was quite a mammoth task for me. So, in a way, I guess, even I chose to challenge my own self for this endeavour. I remember having met the Honorable Mayor of Mumbai, Smt. Kishori Pednekar ji in the early stages of this project. I shared my vision and idea with her, along with the scratch demo of the song. She loved the song when she heard it, and asked me to go ahead with it, and agreed to feature in the video. So i got together with dear friend Sanjay Wandrekar, an excellent musician and song arranger, and we worked upon the entire song production. Then I met well known Producer/ Director/ Actor Kaanchan Adhikkari, who instantly loved the  song, and agreed to help me get some key women on board, like actor Varsha Usgaonkar, Singer Vaishali Samant, the lady cops, Dr. Rishma Dhillon Pai. Similarly, other friends & woman achievers like Archana Sharma, Nita Bajpai, actor Hrishitaa Bhatt, and more joined hands with me and the journey began. Apart from them, having MLA Dr.Bharati Lavhekar and BMC President Sudha Shambhunath Singh was truly wonderful to have on board alongiwth International Body Building Champion Karuna Waghmare, whose very personality is so awe inspiring. Then through my friends Tashi and Poonam  from Sikkim, I got Boxing Gold Medalist Roshni Subba. Other awesome personalities like Anuradha Pal, India's 1st female Tabla  Virtuoso, Award winning Indian Classical dance exponents Shubhada Varadkar ( Odissi ), Suchitra Rane (Kuchipudi) , Claudia Teodora ( Mohini Attam), Nita Bajpai ( Bharat Natyam) also came on board just having heard the song once. Big FM - Mumbai's Senior manager-Talant & Celeb relations Usha Malasi also was a big support.  I think it was pre-dominantly the song's lyrics, composition & music that everyone got endeared to, and they instinctively decided to be a part of this song video. I personally went and shot the footage of almost 75% of all the women featured in it.  

FTV: Is it going to be streamed online for a better reach?
Rahul: Yes, this highly inspiring song & video has already started streaming across various social media platforms, and is being shared tremendously by all viewers. It has had airplay across radio stations & TV Channels as well. In fact, the viewers can watch this video on You Tube.

FTV: Do women really need a happy Women’s Day to be appreciated?

Rahul: We must remember that International Women's Day was 1st honoured and observed in the year 1911 in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Germany. In that era, all over the world, women were subjugated and exploited by archaic patriarchal laws and tenets. So, it was the 1st time that the efforts of all women coming together to fight for their rights was recognised internationally. Ever since, up till now, as we can all see, women have excelled in all fields by leaps and bounds and have really shown their "Naari Shakti" to the world. So, not only on women's day, I think a woman should be appreciated every single day all that she is. 

FTV: Your thoughts on Women's day.

Rahul: Well, as I have said right in the beginning of my song video - International Women's Day should be just a reminder for us that - Every Day is a Woman's Day… Jai Hind!

So here’s presenting the wonderful song Main Hoon Naari Shakti by Rahul B Seth!

Do let us know your views.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

70’s were a Golden period for Hindi film industry, with influx of new ideas, new experiments and a new genre of action and unconventional films: Rahall Rawail at 51st IFFI

The 1970s saw influx of new ideas, new experiments and a new genre of action films in Hindi cinema. Those were also the golden years for unconventional films and emergence of new techniques, said acclaimed film-maker Rahul Rawail, in an online ‘In-Conversation’ session on “Filmmaking in 50s, 60s and 70s”, at the 51st International Film Festival of India (IFFI) today, as he took the virtual delegates through a marvelous journey of the evolution of Hindi film industry over the years.

Recalling his cinematic journey, the film-maker said: “I started working in this industry from the late 60s and began my career as an assistant to the legendary Raj Kapoor. Stalwarts like K. Asif and Mehmood made films with magnificient sets in the 60s, after which Baburam Ishara’s ‘Chetna’ in the 70s “brought about a revolution” with shootings done on location over 25-30 days, “something which was unusual in those days”.  

He said that Vijay Anand’s film, Dev-Anand starrer ‘Johnny Mera Naam’ also gave rise to a new form of action-oriented, big plot films in that period. The golden 70s when business was growing fast in the Hindi film-industry saw an ‘unconventional hero’ played by Amitabh Bachchan in Zanjeer. It gave birth to the image of ‘angry young man’, a newly established brand back then. Nasir Hussain’s ‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’ (1973) which saw the coming of Salim-Javed had a great script, says Rawail. Raj Kapoor’s ‘Bobby’ which introduced Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia also started a new trend. “These films were bringing in a change and adding to the whole palate of film-making”, opines Rawail. Remembering Rishi Kapoor, Rawail says, he was an underrated actor. Another star, Jeetendra also came in with a new appeal and new style in the world of Hindi cinema. Rawail also remembers that ‘Deewar’ – a brilliantly toned film took Yash Chopra to great heights in that period. Yash Chopra went further with more memorable films like Trishul.

Rawail remembers, “In those days there existed a healthy competition among the film stars. Every actor was rising above each other, but there was no rivalry”. He recalls how the three stalwarts – Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar came across each other in a restaurant and started talking like intimate friends about the old days and each other’s films.

He narrates another interesting story of how the great Sachin Dev Burman politely said that doing music for ‘Laila Majnu’ is not for him and recommended Madan Mohan for it. The music directors, great singers and lyricists would sit together with directors and get to know the story and also the actor who would lip-sync, all for adding perfection to the film.

Rawail recalled another great film, L V Prasad’s ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ where “a hero who did not speak Hindi and spoke only Tamil and an actress who spoke only Hindi and not Tamil” did a love story. “People were inventing and doing different kinds of works”, he says. Audience were also experiencing new kinds of movies. It carried on into the 80s when more new people came in, although the old-guards were still there. The 80s saw the coming of stalwarts like Subhash Ghai and Shatrughna Sinha, among others. When Rawail made Arjun in that period, it again started a new trend of having no story, but only character. He recalls that Javed Akhtar wrote the script for ‘Arjun’ at a stretch in 8 hours. Rawail also made Amjad Khan, who was popular for playing villains, do a comic role. Though many people were sceptical about this decision, Rawail remembered his guru Raj Kapoor’s advice that ‘a great script would always work’ and went on with it.

At the end, Rawail said, 70s and 80s were the period when this industry grew a lot, but it is still growing.