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Adi Sankaracharya's Sanskrit Shlokas on London Theatre Stage for the 1st time ever sung by two leading classical singers from Kerala

Theatre of Devas and New End Theatre showcase the WORLD PREMIÈRE of two major plays by leading poet and playwright Gopi Warrier (an Alumnus of London Business School, Ècole des Haute Études Commerciàles and New York University Graduate School of Business) at the magnificent Steiner Theatre in London from April 1, 2014 to April 24, 2014.

Directed by Alex Crampton, the cast contains leading British actors and actresses including the beautiful Sarah Hall, classical actor Tim Heath, Sanjive Hayre (who has acted as Jawaharlal Nehru), Lloyd Morris, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Tim Hilborne and Paul Piggott amongst others. On selected days there will be discussions with writers, intellectuals, corporate leaders and spiritual teachers on the issues raised in the play.

The premiere was marked by a brief talk by Sir Andrew Likierman, the Dean of London Business School and a Director of the Bank of England and Barclays Bank during the interval. On the premiere night, Miss Charlotte Endacotte, a leading British actress who played the lead role in several British plays including  Shakespeare’s  "As You Like it"  and Michael Frayn's "Noises Off " introduced Sir Andrew Liekerman to the audience and also the cast and the director at the end of the show.

The two powerful plays, which deal with important contemporary themes, have been conceptualised by the legendary Gopi Warrier, whose exploration of Eastern and Western philosophies is an inspiration to many. Warrier evokes his unique presentation abilities to make people see through the shallowness of materialistic society and reach into our inner souls so tainted by the materialism of this world.

"Polyester Lordship" masterfully portrays the absence of corporate social responsibility to workers and consumers in the often corrupt world of international business. It debates International Business Corruption vs. Social Responsibility in the quest for peerage. “Ego of the Yogis” is a more regretful yet romantic evocation of the search for true love and of the contamination of yoga and spirituality in the Western world and in India, the original home of yoga. It is a timeless saga of an upper-class English woman’s quest for true love and spirituality in an utterly contaminated world.

For the first time, the great Sage Adi Shankara's famous Sanskrit Poem "Kanakadhara Stavam" which he recites in the house of a poor woman who gives him alms is sung on the Theatre stage in London's theatre stage in the play “Ego of the Yogis”. In the example of Adi Shankara is cited to show the detachment of great Indian Sages in comparison to the egotistical and materialistic pursuit of Yoga in the west. The writer very much wanted a singer from India to recite these and chose two leading classical singers from Kerala to sing this and some excerpts from the song of Vasavadatta as she waits impatiently for the monk.

Another important showpiece in the play “Ego of the Yogis” is that of how the latest Japanese research mathematically proves the illusory nature of the world as the Hindus always believed. The hologram of the illusory universe was designed for Warrier by Jon Bunker, the leading special effects director for Hollywood films who has worked on ‘Star Wars’ and with Tom Cruise and George Clooney. This is based on Hindu Yantras of the cosmos that are practically in every temple and on which the deities are placed. Creating the Kshetra - the force field of the temple. These Yantras are representative of the ‘maya’ - the illusory nature of the universe which Hindu philosophy has always espoused and has NOW BEEN MATHEMATICALLY and scientifically proven by the researchers at the Ibaraki University in Japan.

PLAY 1: “Ego of the Yogis”- Search for Spirituality in this Utterly Contaminated World
The play centres on an upper class English woman’s quest for true love and her search for a spiritual teacher. Disillusioned by her marriage she meets an Indian teacher briefly who tells her that all life is an illusion and only through yoga and meditation can one attain liberation from the cycles of birth and death. To find the teacher again she encounters a number of fake gurus and becomes more and more disenchanted with the contemporary world of spiritual seekers until her secret obsession is resolved unexpectedly.

PLAY 2: “Polyester Lordship” - International Business Corruption vs. Social Responsibility in the Quest for a Peerage
This play about the corrupt nature of many acquisitions and mergers, involving international businesses in most countries but particularly in Asia, takes the audience through the murky negotiations for the acquisition of an Indian textile factory. Aggressive executives from London deal with the shady underworld - but also honourable characters, both British and Indian, who demonstrate principled corporate responsibility to workers and the local community. An evolving relationship between two of the directors brings an element of love and compassion into the tense and very dangerous developments in the factory and the city of Mumbai as the deal progresses.
About Gopi Warrier: Gopi Warrier has lived in London for 34 years. He studied English Literature in India and then came to London Business School and completed an MBA in International Business from here and from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris and the New York University Graduate School of  Business. He comes from a well known and distinguished family of writers, physicians, diplomats and administrators including Chief Ministers to the erstwhile kings of Kerala. His grand father M. R. Krishna Warrier was a leading poet of Kerala and his father G. P. Warrier the Chairman of the Indian National Railways and Principal Secretary to the Government of India. Warrier has published three volumes of poetry including Varaha The Secret of Evolution and the Lament of JC and the art film produced and co-directed by him based on his poetry was nominated for the best spiritual film award at the Greatlakes film festival in the U.S and also chosen to be exhibited at Canadian, French and Hongkong film festivals. He has staged five plays in London including God Sports, The Tenth Incarnation, Genesis of Karma-Three Faces of Evil, Siddhivinayak Saves Mumbai from Terror Attack. Warrier also started McAlpine, Thorpe and Warrier, the management consultancy firm in London and also founded the Ayurvedic Company of the Great Britain as well as the Delhi London Poetry foundation to encourage young poets to write. Gopi Warrier has also authored several books on Ayurveda, India’s ancient medical system including: - The Complete Illustrated Guide to Ayurveda (with Deepika Gunwant); - Ayurveda, The Right Way to Live; and -  The Secrets of Ayurveda (with Dr. Harsh Varma and Karen Sullivan).

Reviewers on Gopi Warrier’s plays
"Beautiful, extraordinary, perfectly timed" – The Economic Times *****

“The play written by Gopi Warrier tackles the huge divide between Western values, ideas about medicine, spirituality and the lack of it in the West, racism, poetry, love and philosophy. Gopi Warrier manages to weave all this into wonderful poetry which makes you want to catch and linger on every word” - Linda Bilgorri on ‘Godsports’ at New End Theatre.

“Gopi Warrier’s genius is the synthesis of Eastern and Western Mythologies” - The Hindustan Times.

“Gopi Warrier lives in London and has lived in and travelled around the world. He has a facile pen for satire, eye for the shape of language and a sensitive ear for cadence” - Keki Daruwalla, leading Indian poet writing in the Hindustan Times

“Tenth Incarnation is a tale of love on an earthly level and the exploration of happiness, redemption and truth on an ethereal level. This is cerebral theatre at its best. Highly recommended.” - Dale Maitland Cartwright.

FOODFOOD Channel launches new campaign with a fresh new lineup

India's food lifestyle channel, FOODFOOD, a single channel entity, reaches across 35 mn households in India. In addition to key MSOs across the country, the channel is available on all major DTH platforms - Videocon d2h, Airtel Digital TV and Tata Sky and digital platforms pan India. The brand today is one of the most popular and talked about channels, in its genre, across the country.

The channel is all set to  break its new campaign, on April 14th ,with a lineup of shows--an ode to home makers, concentrating on driving excitement and reinforcing the new positioning and statement that the  channel is clearly differentiating itself from the plethora of ‘me too’ channels.

The campaign breaks with an array of fresh programming-- India Unlimited, Pure Sin, K for Kids, Cook Smart, Oriental food among others. It is complementing the channel’s stand of being a food lifestyle channel, with innovative content, creating a “wow” factor through the new line up. India Unlimited is food from various parts of India, in one platter; Pure Sin, a celebration of making desserts, which has been a part of our culture & traditions from time immemorial. From healthy deserts to desserts for occasions to all time favorite, this food genre is something exclusive for the viewers; K for Kids, is filled with adventure, fun and sparks from enthusiastic kiddy chefs on the show, churning out winning recipes; Cook Smart another master stroke from the Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor; and introducing sumptuous mouth watering oriental dishes, the all time favorite with Indians.

Explaining the reason behind the campaign burst SK Barua of FOODFOOD channel said, “With the new campaign we are redefining the philosophy, positioning and the tagline that speaks volumes about the specially targeted content, across food genre. Our efforts are to reiterate our authority on food   and reach out to our target audiences. This is the first campaign and going forward we want to continue to give best of food to our viewers.”

The campaign will address the youth and the matured viewers, and not to forget our die hard loyal viewers. Though Young in its looks, it can entice a whole generation with its mantra to learn easy-to-make food and enjoy food.

The 45 days campaign burst in Mumbai & Delhi, from April 14, will be across various media—outdoor, radio, digital, print, MSOs, social media…. With the new campaign the channel promises to attract, allure and engage the viewers – through social media, on-ground activities, on radio and television.

FOODFOOD is a joint venture between Asia’s leading cross-media group, Astro Overseas Limited (Astro), MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor and Mogae Consultants

Saturday, April 12, 2014

No takers, as yet for Salman Khan’s new show, thanks to Aamir Khan!

First, it was Colors denial to telecast Salman’s new television show ‘Paanch ka Punch’, and now it’s another popular entertainment channel who has completely refused to give any slot to Salman for his show on social cause. zoOm brings you exclusive update from its sources about channels not entertaining Salman’s show.

The broadcasters are of the opinion that they would not like to clash another show on similar content where Aamir’s ‘Satyameva Jayate’ already exists. And this is just not the only reason; people close to channel also reveal that Aamir may not like it if the slot is shared with Salman Khan.

That’s not all! zoOm found out much more.. Colors is willing to broadcast Salman’s show, but only on one condition! And that is if Salman agrees to host Bigg Boss. But Salman has decided to stick to his decision of keeping a distance from the show, especially after the flak he received from audience in the previous season.

Guess it’s time for Aamir Khan to prove his friendship. It would be interesting to see if Aamir extends the same kind of support for Salman just the way Salman whole-heartedly promoted Aamir’s film! For more updates, tune in to Planet Bollywood News, every day at 7 pm on zoOm – India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel.  

Multi talented Singer/Actor Tinaa Ghaai launches her latest single “Dhol Ka Pol”

Multi talented singer Tinaa Ghaai launched her latest single track “Dhol ka Pol” amidst much excitement on 10th April 2014 in Film City, Mumbai. The song describes the current state of India touching upon various controversial topics including politics, gang rape and inflation releasing on Monday, 15th April 2014. “Dhol ka Pol” is Tinaa Ghaai’s take on the current scenario of India. Apart from its catchy beats and relevant lyrics, this energy packed song is also meant to awaken the masses by bringing to light various political, social and economic issues. Given that the election season is underway, “Dhol ka Pol” would definitely appeal to the people of India!

A versatile actor beyond compare with a singing voice to die for epitomizes Tinaa Ghaai. Born in Punjab, India she has been brought up in Kolkata, Canada and other parts of the world. Tinaa has acted and sung in languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Telugu, Tulu, Kannada, Harayanvi, Bengali & English earlier. Tinaa has even featured in various Print & T.V Commercials. Apart from this Tinaa has the distinction of having performed live in around 400 shows across the world.

As an actor Tinaa will be seen in forthcoming movies like Twinkle The Shining Stars, Ek Baar Phir Kaho, Ishq Bawander, Love In Tension. Tinaa essays the role of a cop in ‘Twinkle The Shining Stars’ where she’s a ‘One Woman Army’ against sexual abuse and child exploitation. Tinaa Ghaai is also an active philanthropist associating herself with various social causes and charity events.

With the launch of “Dhol ka Pol” she wishes to reach out to the citizens of India by making them aware about the number of controversies and issues that are happening in day-to-day life of the common man and the government’s responsibilities towards its people. She believes that music is one of the most powerful mediums to reach out to the people and spread a strong message for the betterment of the country!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kaanchi on a Mission ~ Experience an adventurous plethora where Kaanchi fights the wicked!

Shotformats, after the successful launch of the upcoming Bollywood film, Kaanchi’s Digital Cassette, now has launched the official digital game on the google play store, Apple itunes and Biscoot App Store based on the theme of the movie which will hit the theatres soon.

The game totally clones the movie with Kaanchi – a village girl, fighting the evils with all her strength, wit, conviction and honesty. The game is all about HD graphics, motion censor with finger gestures and an endless run on your mobile screen enabling dodging, high jumps, swirl and various escapes. The game could be a virtual social platform with friends competing against each other comparing ranking globally in game-center/Google Plus or on an online leader-board.

Set against the backdrop of breath-taking rural locales, Kaanchi describes the journey of the fight against the power. With lot of political unrest in the country and millions of people becoming victims of it, filmmaker Subhash Ghai touched on a very agonizing topic and transpired his thoughts through this film.

On the gaming aspect of a movie Subhash Ghai comments "From my directorial debut, Kalicharan which was in 1976 till Kaanchi - The Unbreakable in 2014, I have witnessed a huge transition in film industry; from old techniques to new advanced technology. It feels magnificent to be a part of it. I have always loved to adapt and learn about new technologies that make film viewing experience a bliss.” He added, “From latest cameras to digital screening to Digital Cassettes and now this whole new trend of movie games; I am confident that people from all generation will love playing this game for the urge and zeal to win in it."

Adding to this, Niyati Shah - MD & CEO of Shotformats exclaims “Games have been an integral part of our life since the beginning. The journey and advancement from computer games being im-mobile to the avant-garde technology where-in we are privileged to have it all in our mobile phones & tabs, on the go enables us all to experience gaming at our convenience. At Shotfomats, our game developers thrive to create games with all the added features and graphics to keep the thrill on and interest levels high for any and every innovation. I am glad that we have the opportunity to create the game on Kaanchi- The Unbreakable”

To experience the thrills and get a first hand experience of the game and its various facets, click on the following link to experience the longest running streak ever! Start running and keep them on the run!

Just Cavalli takes Mumbai’s Elite on an Aromatic Journey with its Exclusive Launch Party!

Just Cavalli took Mumbai's elite on an exotic sensory journey with its launch of Just Cavalli Perfume in Mumbai's Palladium Hotel on 10th April. The ambrosial launch was quite the talk of the town, where only few of Mumbai's nonpareils got to witness an evening so grandiose and aromatic that everyone carried a part of it on them as the night ended. Keeping true to Cavalli’s style, the decor was posh, sexy and wild just like the who’s who attending the launch all the while keeping in touch with the sensual and elegant side. After all, who better than Just Cavalli to master the art of creating a fine balance between sexy and animalistic yet ultra chic and classy in everything they do.

One can describe Just Cavalli's fragrance like a call of the wild echoing through the cityscape, young and vibrant, sensual and fun. It was the faithful reflection of the whole Just Cavalli universe. Alluring, instinctively familiar on a primitive level, its potent effects could be sensed everywhere. With two prominent scents, Just Cavalli for him and her, it was like an aphrodisiac for the glitterati who couldn’t get enough of this magnificent fragrance. Just Cavalli’s fragrance was in perfect sync with the style and preference of the crème de la crème of Mumbai. The ladies embraced their sensual and fun free-spirited side, being the trendsetters they are, feminine with a powerful attitude, for which wearing Just Cavalli is a rite of passage and only natural. For the men, this fragrance was an expression of unabashed masculinity, a lesson in style and seduction, keeping in touch with their wild & uber confident side.

Just Cavalli’s For Him fragrance had a sizzling note of wild pimento, a powerful symbol of virility and seduction closely followed by a sophisticated and sensual heart note of Vetiver wood that gives an earthly and slightly smoky quality to the fragrance with the base note of smooth leather adds its rich mix of depth.

Just Cavalli’s for her fragrance had a dazzling top note of Neroli, an essential oil produced from blossoms of the bitter orange tree. The fragrance is followed by a magnetic heart note of the precious Tahitian Tiare flower. This enticing floral mix is grounded by a creamy palissander wood accord that adds power and nobility.

Speaking on the launch of Just Cavalli, Regional Managing Director Venkatesh said, “India is a strategic market and fragrances are a natural fit for Indian’s. We firmly believe in COTY that the demand for fragrances is going to continue to grow. We already have 2 power brands Calvin Klein & Davidoff which are doing very well. It is now time to unleash into this market our third powerhouse with the launch of Just Cavalli fragrance for him and her, an absolute iconic male and female fragrance. We believe that this fragrance is going to be very exclusive and is going to be loved by the customers, taking the world by storm.”

Speaking on the launch Nigel Smith, General Manager – India Operations for TARZ Distribution says,"We at TARZ India have a brilliant strategic partnership with COTY prestige wherein we are exclusively distributing premium high end fragrances for the highly receptive Indian market by launching fragrances that suit &  build the relevant connection with our Indian customers. COTY Prestige has already established their presence in India with their extremely well recieved brands like Chloe and Marc Jacobs along with Calvin Klein and Davidoff which have been clear market leaders in the category over the years.

We look forwards to unleash in this market our yet another powerhouse with the launch of Just Cavalli fragrance for him and her, an absolute iconic male and female fragrance."

The launch was a personification of fun, sassiness & elegance all wrapped beautifully under one roof, celebrating Just Cavalli’s provocative fragrance which was truly exotic, sensual & fresh floating around like a mist, drifting one's thoughts towards all things pleasurable and bringing out the inner chic and confidence. A perfume like Just Cavalli is not for the boring and bland and the exclusive guest list with some of biggest Fashion & Bollywood names and a classy launch brought the idea home!

The event saw celebrities like Harman Baweja, Shekhar Ravjiani, Shriya Saran, Mugdha Godse, Neetu Chandra, Arjan Bajwa, Terrence Lewis, Candice Pinto, Dipti Gujral, Rocky S, Rahul Aggarwal, Ashmit Patel, Ameet Gaurr, Basab Paul, Vikas Gulati, Ken Ghosh, Narendra Ahmed, Rashmi Nigam, Shamita Singha, Zulfi & Sheena Sayed, Asif Azim, Krishika Lulla, Jatin Kambani, Maheka Mirpuri, Gautam & Krisha Ghanasingh, Sanya Shaikh, Remu & Naaz Zaveri, Aarti & kailash Surendranath, Nisha Jamval, Kishen Mulchandani, Sanjay Puri with his wife and many more.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

‘FUGLY’ trailer to hit cinema’s with ‘Bhootnath Returns’ tomorrow!

The much talked about trailer of Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi’s upcoming youth entertainer ‘Fugly’ will be showcased on the Big Screen in cinemas from Thursday, 10th April 2014 as an exciting treat for all the viewers with Comedy Horror, ‘Bhootnath Returns’, staring Amitabh Bachchan.

The trailer of Fugly, which was officially launched by the founders of Grazing Goat Pictures, Bollywood Supreme Akshay Kumar and head maven Ashvini Yardi at an event in Mumbai on the 7th of April, has been garnering a roaring applause from various Bollywood Celebrities and veteran media. A number of Bollywood Celebrities took to social media platforms to describe their admiration for the tremendously designed trailer.

Bollywood Star Riteish Deshmukh tweeted, “Super fun promo of Fugly – Loveeddd JIMMY – congrats @akshaykumar @AshviniYardi n @Kabirsadanand.” Producer-director-actor-host Karan Johar tweeted, “Hey...Watch the fun and entertaining promo of Fugly”. Also actress-entrepreneur Tanishaa Mukerji tweeted, “Hey all pls check out the fab trailer of Fugly made by my fab friends @kabirsadanand & @AshviniYardi”

Speaking about Bollywood associations, veteran actress, Juhi Chawla welcomed her Neice, Kiara Advani who plays one of the leads in the film, into the Bollywood fraternity tweeting, “My Neice Kiara in F*UGLY... : )  : ) ... Watch the Trailer NOW...”

Similarly, Sonam Kapoor supported her cousin Mohit Marwah, who also plays one of the leads in the film, in full force: “Guys my brother @moh_m movie trailer is out! It’s the most hatke trailer I’ve seen in a while!”

‘Fugly’, directed by Kabir Sadanand, is shot extensively in Delhi and the breathtaking locations of Leh. It is a story of four friends: Dev, Devi, Gaurav and Aditya and how this carefree bunch, at the threshold of their lives, get caught in a ‘Fugly’ incident, which sucks them slowly into the big bad world of corruption, politics and the real society in the capital. The entertainingly original Fugly is wacky, kitsch and puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life - the game is FUGLY!

FUGLY releases on 13th June 2014

Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge to address the issue of Civic Responsibilities.

bindass’ latest show, Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge, addresses the issue which is very commonly neglected by the citizens today – Civic Responsibilities. Every individual thinks that it isn’t a big deal for them to litter, but they fail to understand that many such individuals exist. This week, through clever satire, the show will put some light on this matter and prove how this habit can backfire. The satire will be followed by a social experiment to see the reaction of the citizens.

The first part of the episode begins with a satirical story about an evil goon named Paan Stain Thookmar, whose only aim in life is to litter the city. Along with his men, Paan Stain would collect trash from everyone’s houses and scatter them all in public places. One fine day, his men come back empty handed and on being asked, they inform their boss about Miss Civic Sen, who is a very responsible citizen. They learn that the new teacher in town has been educating people about cleanliness and inspiring them to follow civic responsibilities. This angers Paan Stain Thookmar and he plans a trap with his men. In order to bring down the teacher, they decide to lay a trap but ultimately, it amusingly backfires and Paan Stain gets the biggest lesson of his life.

The episode concludes with a social experiment where a taxi driver pollutes the city with his obnoxious behavior and recklessly harms the environment. The crux of the experiment is to see if the unsuspecting passengers respond to the taxi driver during the course of test.

To find out the reaction of the youth present, tune into Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge this Friday, 11th April 2014 at 6.30pm

Halla Bol reveals a shocking case of molestation of a young girl by an unethical doctor

Halla Bol, the show that narrates stories of heroic women who stood against injustice done to them, will take up the grave issue of Molestation. This week’s episode revolves around Radhika, a young woman who shifted to Pune for higher studies and became a victim to molestation.

Radhika stayed with her elder brother in Pune, who worked as a junior doctor under Dr. Khurana in a hospital. One day, her brother, Nishant took her to Dr. Khurana as she was suffering from severe stomach pain. While doing her check-up, the doctor touched Radhika in a very uncomfortable manner, but she let the incident pass since her brother worked under him. Soon, Radhika experienced the same pain again and Khurana suggested that she should be under observation for an entire night. Due to the previous incident, Radhika was reluctant to spend the night at the hospital but, being a concerned brother, Nishant convinced her to get admitted. And, as soon as he left, just what she feared for, happened.

Radhika was frightened and unsure about her next step, therefore she consulted her friend. They finally informed her brother about the incident and the three of them planned a trap to reveal the doctor’s true colours. Were they successful in uncovering Dr. Khurana’s reality? Did Radhika manage to teach him a lesson? Was she molested by him or she managed to run away?

To find out, tune-in to Halla Bol, this Friday, 11thApril, 2014 at 7 pm on bindass

Sanjeev Kapoor cooks up a storm on You Tube : Becomes the largest Indian Celebrity YouTube channel

Sanjeev Kapoor the celebrity chef created a new landmark by crossing 300,000 subscribers and 100 million views on You Tube making him the India’s largest individual channel. Sanjeev Kapoor has been always up the curve on technology and yet again has proved that in spite of coming from a niche space like food he can rule the digital medium. Sanjeev Kapoor has partnered with ZengaTV and One Digital Entertainment to manage his digital properties.

One Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., the largest MCN (multi-channel network) for YouTube in India is managing content strategy, audience development and planning for Sanjeev Kapoor’s YouTube Channel.

sanjeev Kapoor appOn this occasion of success and his birthday on the 10th April, Zenga Media Pvt. Ltd which owns his YouTube rights, has decided to release Official YouTube Video Mobile App of Sanjeev Kapoor. This app offers opportunity to his fans to stay in touch with him through live interactions apart from new recipe videos, images of Sanjeev Kapoor, fans will be able to use this app to stay socially connected with Sanjeev through Facebook, Twitter and Fun2shoot.

Commenting on the App, Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor said, “I have received an overwhelming response from my fans on my You Tube India channel. This provides an entire new way for me to communicate with my fans and give them a new and unique content experience! I had a great deal of fun working with the Zenga team in customizing and extending the YouTube channel and social media in to an app and really appreciate this collaboration and giving my fans another way to follow my cooking and stay connected to me. This inspiring app gives everyone the chance to learn and practice a whole range of skills as well as providing hours of cooking that can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

Commenting on the partnership and launch of new app, Mr. Abhishek Joshi, CEO-Zenga Media Pvt. Ltd, said "We have different strategy and attitude on different platforms customizing it to what works best on the given platform to celebrities. We attribute the growth of numbers to the content created for the platform. We kept innovating on the properties and changed strategy from time to time to keep the users engaged and interested.”

He further adds Sanjeev Kapoor app gives users a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his lifestyle. Zenga’s comprehensive mobile platform and unique app development solutions, provides a new channel for fans to directly engage with Sanjeev Kapoor, while building brand loyalty and increasing his digital audience. Zenga has exclusively partnered with OneDigtal for all the Youtube distribution through their MCN network, as they are the experts in this space.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Gurpreet Singh, COO of OneDigital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. said “We have been in the original content creation space for more than a year now and managing over 70+ artists and Sanjeev Kapoor is one of our favorite. We create innovative content and concepts for today’s digital audience. It’s great to work with Sanjeev Kapoor as he understands the power of Digital Platforms and is open to experiment with it.”

He further adds Digital medium has grown to be the epicenter of marketing and communication across all brands and celebrities. Since our launch a year back, One Digital has been connecting fans to their favorite icons/ celebrities in an effective and exciting manner. We are humbled on our association with Sanjeev Kapoor and we look forward to a committed and an exciting endeavor with him. Our expertise in Digital Space will ensure that we continue exploring path breaking initiatives and add value to our clients.

The application is available for all IOS, Windows and Android mobile and Tab users. Fans can download this free of cost from iTunes App Store for iPhone/ iPad and Google Play for Android users and Windows store for Windows users.

Zenga is a free live & VOD, digital video service that presents a range of Indian and international television channels like News, kids content, Music videos, Movies in Hindi, English, telugu, bengali, oriya, punjabi, kannada etc which can be accessed through PC, Tablets, mobile phone, etc.

Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor is first and the biggest name in the Indian food domain with his presence through various ventures including his 24 hour TV channel FoodFood in a joint venture with Astro and Mogae Digital. His website is the foremost reference point on food and cooking. Through his company SK Restaurants he runs over 50 restaurants worldwide under brands Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor, SuraVie, Options by Sanjeev Kapoor, The Yellow Chilli, and Khazana. His venture Wonderchef, not only empowers women through power of cooking but also is foremost brand in premium kitchenware.  He has authored over 150 cooking books with over 10 million copies sold. His social media outreach is one of the largest in the world when it comes to professionals in the field of food and cooking.

One Digital is the largest MCN for the YouTube in India and also distributes over iTunes and other digital platforms like Zenga. One Digital is in the business of syndicating, creating original content, programming and strategizing content positioning in the digital space for the new age user content consumption. One Digital works with brands to create content integrated with brands for better user engagement. One Digital's video channel network includes top artists Yo Yo Honey Singh, Sunny Leone, Sanjeev Kapoor, Jazzy Bee, Anubhav Sinha.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Akshay Kumar & Ashvini Yardi Unveil Lead Stars & Trailer for their Second Hindi Film Venture ‘Fugly’

Bollywood supremo Akshay Kumar and partner Ashvini Yardi exclusively launched the trailer for their forthcoming film FUGLY yesterday, which is the latest big-screen initiative from their production company Grazing Goat Pictures. The event took place at the state-of-the-art Reliance Digital Express store in Prabhadevi, amidst a throng of eminent Indian media.

The day’s activity began with media arrivals, who were in for a treat as they playfully enjoyed with specially staged props from the film, including the quirky toilet pot and the ‘Fugly mirrors’. The media were also encouraged to take an fugly ‘selfie’ (fuglies) with the props as well as be a part of the poster, in a unique souvenir opportunity.

Proceedings then turned to the grand arrival of superstar actor-producer Akshay Kumar who displayed his sizable charm and personality, as he met with journalists to exclusively promote Fugly’s cutting-edge trailer. Bollywood’s premier action man was introduced on stage, before going into the audience for a fun, interactive segment, whereby he asked the media what ‘Fugly’ meant to them. Not just that he also he had some other fun interaction with the media with his witty sense of humour.

The media were then treated to the entry of the film’s talented director with a quirky humour, Kabir Sadanand, versatile actor Jimmy Sheirgill and Grazing Goat Pictures’ mastermind Ashvini Yardi onto the stage. Another highlight of the evening was when Ashvini, Akshay, Kabir and Jimmy each introduced the film’s four Bollywood debutant stars in a unique style - Mohit Marwah, Boxer Vijender Singh, Kiara Advani and Arfi Lamba.

Akshay Kumar then gave a quick insight into the plot of the film to the media and showcased the film’s stylish poster with a magic trick, much to the delight of the audience. The trailer has already received a roaring applause from various Bollywood Celebrities and veteran media. Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan, tweeted his comments on the trailer saying “Loved the trailer of @FuglyTheFilm well done @Kabirsadanand and @AshviniYardi and all the best."

Proceedings concluded with an interactive session between the stars and the media, followed by a photo opportunity with the stars. Speaking about the event, Akshay Kumar said: ‘I am so thrilled to have been here today. It is a great moment for Ashvini and I and all those involved in the Fugly project.’

Ashvini Yardi said: ‘Fugly is a film that is very close to all of our hearts. It is a vibrant, youth centric entertainer it is funny and witty and packs a major punch. Akshay and I are delighted to introduce such a talented cast in this film, and feel that they have done a fantastic job in the film. We are all very proud of Fugly, and we hope audiences will love it as much as we do.’

Director Kabir Sadanand said: 'Fugly is a script which has been very close to me and my team of writers. It’s an awesome feeling and we are glad that Akshay Kumar came on board as he brings the edge and with Ashvini came the focus  to target good  content. FUGLY represents today's independent youth who are ready to take a stand and challenge the status quo. We have had a phenomenal time making this film and the response we have received on the trailer and poster has been overwhelming. This is just the beginning of our journey called FUGLY!

There is already tremendous buzz in the industry around Mohit, Kiara, Arfi and Vijender's film debut, which has only heightened after the media and fans saw a glimpse of their stellar performance in the trailer. Speaking about their debuts, they jointly said: "We are delighted to have had the opportunity to be part of FUGLY and are thrilled with the response we have had on the trailer and poster - it's really encouraging. Kabir Sir is an excellent director and no one else could have done better justice to the script. We had a superb time working with each other and learnt so much from Jimmy Sir. Akshay Sir and Ashvini Ma'am have been extremely inspiring for all of us and we have learned a lot from them. We are fortunate to be launched by them.'

The entertainingly original Fugly is wacky, kitsch and puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life - the game is FUGLY!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nita Ambani, Raveena Tandon & Juhi Chawla amongst A-Listers at Nawaz Modi Singhania’s solo Art Exhibition preview

The City’s A-Listers were in attendance at the preview of Nawaz Modi Singhania’s new solo art exhibition titled “Portrait Study of Well Known Personalities” held in south Mumbai on the weekend. The solo art exhibition will be open to the public from April 6 to May 4, 2014 between 11 am and 8 pm at the Raymond Flagship Store, Warden Road.

Gautam Singhania and Nawaz Modi Singhania played host to everyone from Mumbai’s most powerful women (Nita Ambani) to actors (Raveena Tandon, Juhi Chawla, Gulshan Grover, Perizad Zorabian) to politicians (Shaina NC) to corporate chieftains (Nikhil Meswani, Niraj Bajaj, Ashok Wadhwa, Yohan Poonawala, Tanya Godrej Dubash, Vijay Kalantari) to builders (Boman irani Rustomjee, Abhishek Lodha) to advertising giants (Alyque Padamsee, Sam & Lara Balsara, Bharat Dabholkar, Kailash Surendranath, Prahlad Kakkar) to designers (Poonam Soni) to Government functionaries (Dr. PS Pascricha, Satish Maneshinde) to art curators (Nisha Jamvwal) to film industry personalities (Zarine Mehta, Anil Thadani) to sports marketers (Vivek Singh) to pure fashionistas (Aarti Surendranath, Reena Wadhwa, Madhoo Shah, Marc Robinson, Laila Lamba, Aakanksha Aggarwal, Shweta Shetty, Zeba Kohli) amongst others.

The artiste whose work sparkles with grace, spirituality and movement, was overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response to the preview of her forthcoming solo art exhibition on portraits of iconic globally renowned personalities from various walks of life at the Raymond Flagship Store, Warden Road, South Mumbai.  The portraits on canvas (charcoal, oils and acrylic) are a tribute to iconic celebrities ranging from Hollywood stars (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise) to singers (Beyonce, Michael Jackson) to sportspeople (David Beckham, Maradona, Roger Federer) to royalty (Princess Diana) to scientists (Albert Einstein) to corporate executives (Steve Jobs) to celebrity anchors (Oprah Winfrey) amongst others.

“Through the years, they’ve made us laugh and cry, they have inspired and motivated us, imbedded thoughts, imbibed emotions and character in us, enthralled and mesmerized us, both consciously and subconsciously. This collection is a Portrait Study of those whom we love to love…or even love to hate..,” says Nawaz. 

Nawaz is renowned in the Indian art circuit for her visually impactful and creative renditions to her interests in various art forms, fitness, health and dance. Seamlessly uniting her interests, Nawaz has emerged as one of India’s most creative fitness experts. On her creative journey, she has successfully held four solo exhibitions in Mumbai (three) and New Delhi (one). Her canvases are a reflection of her vibrant and multi-faceted persona. Her body of work includes art collections such as the Charcoal Series, Body Art, The Awakening, Born Free and Miscellaneous.

Akshay Kumar & Ashvini Yardi’s launched the trailor of their Hindi project, Fugly - A Whacky Youth Entertainer

After the immense success of their first venture ‘OMG! Oh My God’, Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi’s, Grazing Goat Pictures, is all set to have you on the edge of your seat with their next release - Fugly, a Youth Entertainer, set in by lanes of Delhi, and releasing on 13th June 2014. ‘Fugly’, directed by Kabir Sadanand, is shot extensively in Delhi and the breathtaking locations of Leh. It is a story of four friends: Dev, Devi, Gaurav and Aditya and how this carefree bunch, at the threshold of their lives, get caught in a ‘Fugly’ incident, which sucks them slowly into the big bad world of corruption, politics and the real society in the capital. The entertainingly original Fugly is wacky, kitsch and puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life - the game is FUGLY!

Fugly is also the launch pad for Mohit Marwah, Olympic medalist Boxer Vijender Singh, Kiara Advani and Arfi Lamba, the freshest faces to join the film fraternity. They will be making their debut in style along with the supremely talented Jimmy Sheirgill, who will be seen in one of his most powerful performances ever.

Speaking about the film, Director Kabir Sadanand says, “India is a young country, where the youth are increasingly becoming independent and taking charge of their own lives. Tapping into this bristling energy, we bring to you ‘Fugly’. It is a story of 4 friends - Dev, Gaurav, Aditya & Devi. The cast is young & fresh. They are at the cusp of their lives… The college has just about finished, but career path is yet to be set. These are the last few days of true freedom that we have all gone through, and still cherish.”

He adds, “These friends are conscientious; they will have fun but would never cross the boundaries… They all have dreams and expectations from life, but as they say... man proposes, god disposes! Their fun filled and care free life comes to an abrupt halt, when they are faced with an extremely corrupt and seemingly fearless Police Officer. This puts a series of events in motion which will test their friendship and characters… their life becomes ‘Fugly’.”

Set in the bylanes of Delhi, this fast paced Youth Entertainer has a miss a beat narrative that would drive you to the edge of your seat in true blue Dilli ke rang! As they say in DELHI “Purra Da Purra Pomp and Show Kakke”. Pulsating music, that is young, experimental and yet completely commercial… Guaranteed to knock you off the seats. It’s whacky! It’s Kitsch and it puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life… the game is FUGLY!

Spearheading investment into quality, subject-driven, film-making, Grazing Goat Pictures is taking Indian cinema to new heights with a range of innovative and fresh projects. Renowned for thought-provoking, unique and emotive film making across boundaries and genres, Grazing Goat Pictures delves deep to bring the audience films that are cutting edge and high-concept, resonating with multiple audiences domestically and across shores. Grazing Goat Pictures Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Bollywood A-lister Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi, former Programming Head of Colors. Grazing Goat Pictures was started on 1st December, 2011.The idea behind setting up Grazing Goat Pictures is to focus only on making quality, creative, content – oriented films - both full length and short. The company focuses on producing Hindi films while also dabbling with regional films.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I am a masala mix actor, says Kashmiri actor Firdous Khan

An independent man for whom the word freedom is sacred, Firdous Khan is a lover of life and acting is an inborn trait with him. Basically from Kashmir’s Anatnag dsitrict, he completed his graduation from Kashmir University and for last several years staying in Jammu. Speaking about his interest in acting, Firdous says, “I was fond of acting right from the time I started understanding the art and craft. And with time and age it kept growing.” While, normally after graduation, all start hunting for a good job to further their prospects, Firdous pursued the art of acting relentlessly as his heart was in acting. He credits whatever he is today to his wonderful parents who are supportive of his choice of career and urge him to pursue his dreams.

After completing his acting course, Firdous joined Natrang Theater group in Jammu namely where renowned director Balvant Thakur took him in his fold to hone his acting skills. It was here at Natrang that he got a chance to prove his mettle majorly as a lead in the field of acting. Some of his plays include ‘Choona Hai Aasman’, ‘Girgitt’, ‘Jaloos’, Shakespeare’s ‘Romio and Juliet’, ‘Mantazar’ and many more. But like many others who aspire for a launch in a big budget feature film, Firdous is starting his career with a short film and not a feature or a serial. When probed he retaliates saying, “I like to differ here… I am basically an actor and I don’t want to differentiate between a short film, a feature film or a serial. I always feel that if there are creative opportunities in different mediums - whether it is cinema, television, stage - one should attempt them. And short films are a part of cinema very much. In fact, short films are a strong medium to express one's feelings. It not only addresses the problems of the common people and the society, but also provides a platform to speak your heart out which is at many times not possible in main stream cinema.”

Firdous adds, "When this opportunity came, I just took a wild jump. Everyone guided me against it saying you wont get roles in main stream cinema. But I heard the story line and wanted to be a part of it. And I am happy as shooting with the team was a moment of great excitement and good memories. It was here that I also had the pleasure of meeting singer Umer Khan - the winner of Mile Sur Season 2. From him, I learnt what humility is all about. Even after being a celebrity, I found him so grounded and carry him with ease. His humility has touched me a lot. The others include Sandesh Gour, Azaad Shah, Said Ishtiaq, Fatima, Jahan Zeb and Adil Pala who are also from the valley."

Speaking about his experience of doing this film, Firdous says that the USP of the film is its narration. “The film has shaped brilliantly and shows a different picture of the valley. What I liked most about the story is that it does not touch the oft used themes in a short film - the problems of Kashmiri Pandits or on terrorism. It’s a plain simple love story with a social message at its core. Also we have shot at places that are sparingly used even in movies. The cast and crew were extremely good to work. Except for Sandesh Gour who came from Mumbai, the rest of the cast were from the valley including a Kashmiri female actor in the lead roles. My scenes were either with Sandesh or with Azaad Shah sir and never for once did they make me feel like a new comer,” he candidly confessed.

Apart from his love for acting, he adds he is an adventurist who is well-equipped with swift reactions, curiosity and tremendous adaptability to merge with his surroundings. A very likeable character, probably due to his passionate and enthusiastic nature, his finer qualities include dynamism, a sense of initiative, sociability, an easy-going manner and a sharp and agile mind. “This is what must have helped him grow as an actor and he comes across as a complete director’s actor. Though Muafinaama is his first brush with acting on screen, he comes across as more versatile and did full justice to the role given,” says Mohan Das who has given him his first break with Muafinaama - a short film that deals with the message to end discrimination against girl child.

Speaking about his director Mohan Das, Firdous is quick to add: “I have tremendously benefitted working with a high-profile director like him. He infuses a lot of confidence in his actors with his experience, shaping and guiding and extracting the best." Muafinaama is inspired from the numerous child abandonment cases in Kashmir last year. “It tries to portray the repentance of a man amidst various social and political uncertainties. The movie is about a guy Ranvir who falls in love with Muskaan and struggles to get her. I am playing Muskaan’s big bad brother who doesn’t like Ranvir’s growing fondness for her. However, the film also holds a parallel story line about the increasing menace of child abandonment in Kashmir especially of girl child and looks at dilemmas and repentance of the protagonist after he fails to save the abandoned child,” added Firdous.

A soft hearted humanist, Firdous likes to make himself useful to his family and society. He is actually a sensitive soul whose intuitive abilities are finely tuned; which combined with his other qualities make him a pleasant sort of chap. By the same token, he also enjoys participating in group and social activities with others that share his ideology and principles. Though his social life holds importance, but acting is of central importance and he can go to any heights to give an edge to his character. Speaking about his acting style, Firdous smiles and says, “I don’t have a Firdous trait - I am rather a keen observant. But at the same time, I am a masala mix actor. I take some things from reality and merge it with acting styles seen in films from here and there and everywhere. And try to shape my character accordingly. But the best comes when I am able to give what my director wants.”

Ask Firdous who he dreams of working with and why? The answer comes promptly “Salman Bhai. Not only because I am a huge Salman Khan fan, but because everything about him is damn fascinating! His charisma is unparalleled - Not because he is a good actor but more so because he is a good human being. I would love to work with him someday and learn a few things in acting from him.” Firdous’s free time is spent reading, travelling and experimenting with acting. Basically a very simple and down to earth person, he firmly believes in playing the odds. The way he sees it, all life´s experiences are interesting - whoever the people may be, whatever the places or circumstances. However he would be wise to remember that life is not a game!

Speaking about his upcoming projects, he says; “I have been in talks with some production houses and very soon might be doing a project where you will get to see me in a full fledged role on the big screen. Even Mohan sir is happy with me and has promised to take me in his “Kuch Alagsa” that binds five short stories into one feature film. Also there are few other projects but it’s too earlier to say anything.” When asked if he thinks audiences will like short stories clubbed into a feature and he just pours his heart out. “Frankly speaking, the concept of incorporating different short stories on various subjects is an interesting idea. It does provoke varied reactions in the minds of the audience. I personally feel it’s like reading a short story book and turning pages after pages and experiencing diverse emotions. Hence shall definitely be looking forward to work in it,” confesses Firdous.

Though a huge Salman Khan fan, Firdous wants to be known as a good actor and concludes, “As an actor, I don’t want to get stereo-typed. I want to do a variety of roles - a real challenging role - something that has not been done earlier by other actors. I have not thought about it but I hope there are some directors who can think about it. If they feel this is something I should be doing, I just want to take the plunge ahead and do it.

Even we at Films & TV World wish him all the best.

Jackky Bhagnani emerges as the New promising face of Bollystan

Jackky Bhagnani the tenacious, self-made actor comes into the limelight after his remarkable performance in the recent political drama, Youngistan. After much ado, Jackky’s due recognition and appraisal has come from industry stalwarts who have commended Jackky on his notable adaptation of a political leader in a tale of power, cynicism and India’s favourite topic – politics.

Jackky has demonstrated a girth of true potential and much of his acclamation has wowed not just the audiences but also leading Bollywood artists who have tweeted about his emotive depiction.

Jackky in such a short span of time has carved a niche for himself in the Indian film industry and has a number of interesting projects in the pipeline.

With such dynamic talent and an endearing attitude, Jackky is on his way to pave great lengths for himself as well as the films he would be a part of. He is certainly the one to watch for amongst the recent talent to emerge out of the industry.

Chrysal Retail Pvt Ltd launches KRUX stationery products

Chrysal Retail Pvt Ltd officially launched KRUX, stationary range of products after entrenched in diverse business pursuits that includes Realty, Hospitality, Media and fashion. Launch took place in the presence of Celebrity Actress Kangana Ranaut and Mr. Brij Mohan Arya, Director & CFO, Chrysal Group.

On the occasion Mr. Brij Mohan Arya said, “It gives me great pleasure to stand before you here today in welcoming you to our official launch of KRUX. We want to provide unique quality stationery products to our customers. I would like to thank Ms Kangana Ranaut for gracing our event and agreeing to launch our brand today.” This is an exciting next step in our pursuit of being the best supplier in the Industry.

Speaking at the launch Ms. Kangana Ranaut said, “I am honoured and happy to launch Krux Stationery range of products here today. I have always liked using various stationery products and I would like to wish Chrysal Retail all the very best for their new brand Krux.”

KRUX has stationery product range for both office and school use. The school range consists of products like Crayons, Twist Crayons, Oil Pastels, Tempera Colour, Poster Colour, Colour Pencils, HB Pencils, Sharpener, scale, eraser, Rounder & Geometry Box. Office range has White board markers, Twin Markers, Mechanical Pencil, Correction Pen and Special Tape.

Products will be available in all retail stationary stores in Western India.

Conversations with Waheeda Rehman : A Sofitel Evening with the Stars

Sofitel Mumbai BKC hosted last evening bollywood industry veteran and Padmabhushan recipient Ms. Waheeda Rehman in association with Literature Live, at a glittering ceremony, with conversational anecdotes and a panel discussion, at their spectacular Jyran Dining and Tandoor venue. The evening immortalised Waheeda Rehman’s acting career, through the book titled “Conversations with Waheeda Rehman” authored by Nasreen Munni Kabir.

Said Mr. Biswajit Chakraborty, General Manager, Sofitel Mumbai BKC, “We are honoured to host a national awardee and industry stalwart the legendary Ms. Waheeda Rehman to share her anecdotes with our guests and Mumbai’s society and literature lovers. Ms. Waheeda Rehman’s natural talent and unforgettable aura has touched our lives in many ways. Sofitel Mumbai BKC is known for supporting and encouraging every form of art - performing, visual and literary, with style and flair. This is one such Sofitel evening in a series of similar ones that we have had and that are to come.”

Corporate heads, bollywood celebrities and socialites such as Camellia Panjabi, Deveika Bhojwani, Kalpana Lajmi, Lalita Lajmi, Lord Meghnad Desai, Malavika Sangghvi, Raageshwari Loomba and Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra joined the hotel’s General Manager Mr. Biswajit Chakraborty and Mr. Anil Dharkar, Founder and Festival Director of Literature Live along with the protagonist herself and writer to launch “Conversations with Waheeda”.

A slice of cinema history told through a compelling narrative and true to life observations, the book shares an insightful view of this much-adored actress. From her stellar performance in Pyaasa, her impact-full characters such as Rosie Marco in guide or as Shanti in Kaagaz ke Phool and Trishul, Waheeda speaks with great honesty, humour and insight in this literary delight published by Penguin Books India and supported by Omkar Realtors and Developers.