Thursday, March 28, 2024

Motorola’s New TVC brings alive ‘Intelligence Meets Art’

~ Starring Brand Ambassador Kriti Sanon and Introducing Babil Khan as moto AI Ally for the Launch of motorola edge50 Pro ~

Motorola, India’s Best 5G Smartphone brand, today launched a television commercial starring brand ambassador Kriti Sanon along with Babil Khan in an exciting avatar for the upcoming launch of their premium phone – the motorola edge50 pro. This collaboration between Motorola's innovative technology including Artificial Intelligence, its leadership in design, and the star power of Kriti Sanon and Babil Khan’s personification of moto AI promises an exhilarating journey into the future of smartphone innovation.

Soon to be launched, motorola edge50 pro leads with an intriguing proposition 'Intelligence meets art' which stands for promising an unparalleled user experience through disruptive design and various world’s 1st AI powered features. The edge series represents the premium smartphones, crafted to ensure an immersive experience for all. Backed by strong innovative DNA, the edge series is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, impeccable design, and software experiences, that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the consumers.

This exciting television commercial (TVC) brings alive the magic when ‘Intelligence meets art’, featuring actress Kriti Sanon as art personified - her own-true self on a film set and actor Babil Khan as the personification of moto AI. The commercial opens on a film set, where Kriti is seen wrapping up a shoot and is presented with the stylish motorola edge50 pro. As she switches on this artistic device, she brings alive a charming and eccentric personification of moto AI that Babil plays, who soon becomes her AI companion for a magical journey ahead. Kriti is seen immersed in a whirlwind of adventure and the game-changing features of the motorola edge50 pro amidst bustling cityscapes and carnivals, the duo then captures each moment with AI-enhanced precision exploring the cutting-edge capabilities of the motorola edge50 pro. From AI Generative Theming to AI Adaptive Stabilization and AI Photo Enhancement Engine, the commercial highlights the device's intelligent, segment 1st capabilities that elevate every moment captured.

Commenting on the commercial, Mr. Shivam Ranjan, Head of Marketing, APAC, Motorola, stated, “The motorola edge50 pro stands for the perfect fusion of intelligence (AI) and art. In order to bring this concept to live in our TVC, Kriti Sanon was undoubtedly the perfect fit to personify 'Art' that motorola edge50 pro brings to life with its design, premium finish and the world's first true colour display and camera. However, the motorola edge50 pro also brings an AI revolution with segment first AI features. This is where we found the perfect fit in Babil Khan who beautifully personified the moto AI, enabling us to explain the advanced AI features with ease. Babil's new age appeal coupled with the passion for Motorola and exuberance to create the moto AI Ally ensured we brought alive the concept of creating magic with AI and Art.’

As we continue to grow exponentially, we are excited to deliver seamless user experiences to our customers and tap into new audiences to make an impact in their lives with our meaningful innovations and excellently crafted designs.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Kriti Sanon, Bollywood Actress and Motorola's brand ambassador said, “As an artist, the fusion of art with intelligence deeply resonates with me, and it has been incredibly fulfilling to delve into this theme for Motorola. I take pride in being associated with this iconic smartphone brand renowned for its meaningful innovation, disruptive designs and cutting-edge technology. Motorola encapsulates everything modern consumer’s desire: innovation, style, performance, and functionality. I am confident that the commercial will surely captivate the audience.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Babil Khan, Bollywood Actor said, “I am thrilled to be a part of a brand that has truly redefined innovation and design in smartphones and continues to resonate with all generations. With AI emerging as game changing technology, it was exhilarating to personify the moto AI Ally – representing the future of smartphone technology. I look forward to contributing to Motorola's continued success.”

“When Motorola asked us to pair intelligence with art, we decided to create a unique pairing that could bring alive this concept. Kriti and Babil take us on a trip to an AI-wonderland and allow us to discover this super-immersive phone and all that we can do with it – which is nothing short of magic!” said, Janmenjoy Mohanty- Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Creative.

Motorola is set to host the global first launch of the motorola edge50 pro, the latest addition to its premium edge franchise on 3rd April 2024 in New Delhi.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Love's Darkest Secrets: Discover 'Graduate' in Theaters on 22 March

~ Produced By VA Films, this love story releases on 22nd March in a theatre near you! ~

VA Films announces their first cinematic venture, Graduate. This compelling, romantic thriller is set to captivate audiences with its bold exploration of love, manipulation and the consequences of life choices. Directed by visionary filmmaker Rafat Abbas Ali and featuring a talented ensemble cast of Tanya Desai, and Ankita Bhattacharya amongst others. “Graduate” is slated to release this Friday, 22nd March across theatres.

At the heart of “Graduate” is the story of Amit, an orphaned young man living a modest life with his widowed aunt. His world is turned upside down when he meets Maya, a close friend of his aunt, who initially seems to offer the support and guidance he has been craving for. However, it soon becomes clear that Maya's intentions are different. She draws Amit into her world of deceit and lies. Amidst this turmoil, Amit finds solace in Niharika, a kind-hearted soul who offers him genuine affection. Caught in a web of complex emotions and conflicting loyalties, Amit's journey is one of extreme highs and lows and harsh realities of life.  

As the story progresses, it delves deep into human relationships, challenging viewers to reflect on the nature of love and sometimes it’s dark realities. “Graduate” stands out as a testament to VA Films commitment to producing content that resonates with audiences across the country.

Speaking about her role, Tanya Desai shares, “Shooting for 'Graduate' was an incredible experience. My character has shades of grey, which made it all the more interesting and challenging to portray. Working under VA Films production was a delight, as the project catered not only to entertaining the masses but also delving into the complexities of human emotions and relationships. It was truly rewarding to bring Maya to life and explore the fine line between manipulation and vulnerability.”

As the release date approaches, cinema lovers nationwide are eagerly waiting for Graduate, which promises to be one of the most compelling films of the year.

Friday, March 1, 2024

Yash Raj Films launches YRF Casting App, acting aspirants worldwide can apply!

~ The YRF Casting App can be downloaded on Apple as well as Google Play Store ~

India’s premier media & entertainment company, Yash Raj Films, has launched its YRF Casting App that could be used by acting aspirants from across the world to get information about casting calls & also submit their auditions through this App.

The YRF Casting App which is live now, will enable aspirants to register their profile details in the App itself, and will be able to soon get information about all the upcoming auditions related to theatrical movies & streaming projects that Yash Raj Films will greenlight. The App will create an online destination for aspirants to submit their auditions for these projects directly to YRF in the near future.

This decision, the company believes, will greatly tackle the issues caused by fake YRF casting accounts that mislead people about auditions and are a threat to YRF’s impeccable market reputation.

Shanoo Sharma, who is in-charge of selecting and grooming people to be launched as leads in YRF projects, as well as finalising actors for other primary or secondary roles, will personally monitor all auditions coming via this app.

Shanoo says, “The YRF Casting App is a progressive step towards making aspiring actors reach out directly to YRF for projects that the company is making. We are certain that there are countless, brilliant actors throughout the world waiting to be discovered. This could be their chance of a lifetime! For the first time, an aspiring actor can reach out to a production house directly. This is a safe space. They don’t have to rely on anyone else for their shot at achieving their dreams!”

She adds, “This step shatters all barriers and as a Casting Director for YRF, I’m most excited to get in touch with many incredible talents living not only in India, but also worldwide! I hope people who dream to be an actor follow this path and make the most of this incredible opportunity that empowers them to follow their heart!”

The YRF Casting App can be downloaded on Apple as well as Google Play Store. To search for the App, just search for ‘YRF Casting’, and voila! You are ready to go…