Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Xiaomi India unveils Note Kiya Jaye campaign for Redmi Note 7 Pro

Xiaomi, India’s number one smartphone brand and smart TV brand released the Note Kiya Jaye campaign for its recently launched Redmi Note 7 Pro. The campaign showcases Ranveer Singh using the new Redmi Note 7 Pro in very comical and quirky social scenarios, while aptly highlighting its powerful 48MP camera, offering memorable stories to a diverse set of audience.

The campaign features Xiaomi’s new smartphone brand endorser, Ranveer Singh playing characters with a strong comical tone while using the Redmi Note 7 Pro. Note Kiya Jaye effortlessly plays out humorous scenarios while showcasing the 48MP camera feature and its immense attention to detail. The campaign story highlights the brand’s customer-centric approach wherein the Redmi Note 7 Pro’s 48MP camera combined with Sony IMX586 sensor provides true to life images with unparalleled levels of detail. The campaign also subtly showcases how the new product represents Xiaomi’s founding philosophy - innovation for everyone. The Redmi Note 7 is designed to bring innovative technology to consumers across all segments in India, offering spectacular features as compared to other devices in this price range.

Marking the launch of the new campaign, Anuj Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Xiaomi India, shared: “Xiaomi’s Redmi Note series has a notable legacy of their own and play a significant role in driving the brand’s leading performance in India. Therefore, there couldn’t have been a better way to present our all-new Redmi Note 7 Pro by combining our brand marketing efforts with one of the major superstars of this generation, Ranveer Singh. Redmi Note 7 Pro brings our core philosophy - Innovation for everyone, to life with its incredible features such as the stellar 48MP camera, and the Note Kiya Jaye campaign successfully depicts that with a tinge of humor and positivity. We hope our Mi Fans enjoy the campaign and make the most of our innovative technology because we believe our Mi Fans deserve the best.”

Karan Shroff, Head of Brand Marketing, Xiaomi India, on mining the campaign insights and leading the campaign, shared: “We wanted to offer our audience stories that portrayed Redmi Note 7 Pro’s capabilities, and would also truly relate to their day-to-day lives through funny, positive instances. We sought inspiration from popular local insights such as Duur se Dekha vs. Paas Jaa Ke Dekha reference, which was also used during our recent Redmi Note 7 Pro launch presentation in February. And this is what you will experience with the Note Kiya Jaye campaign too. The campaign offers our Mi Fans and consumers highly relatable stories that blend the key strengths of the product, which is the 48MP powerful camera, along with a strong element of satire, bringing them the best of both worlds.”

The campaign tactfully uses cheeky humor in both videos, spinning a very light-hearted, amusing approach to highlight Redmi Note 7 Pro and its 48MP camera feature. The campaign is focused on the camera’s ability to zoom into details even at a distance. It marries the classic good old reference of “Duur se Dekha toh… aur paas jaake dekha..”, which implies how things may appear to be a certain way from far, and upon closer look, it turns out to be a different situation, thereby building a familiar insight for consumers.

In the classroom scene, the Father while casually inspecting the students in an otherwise regular classroom environment, uses the double tap double zoom feature on Redmi Note 7 Pro’s 48MP camera to zoom into the student’s desk. The clarity of the camera is so remarkable that the Father discovers a comic book with the student and can also view the comic texts accurately, followed by a series of humorous reactions. This instance highlights the tiny yet crucial details which the camera flawlessly captures including crisp visuals of the superheroes and their specific conversation texts which can be clearly viewed.

The second film depicts a hostel scene highly relatable to the young audience, wherein a young college student seems to be falling in love with a woman he spots from a distance while taunting his friends. In the meantime, Ranveer who plays a fellow roommate and college student uses his Redmi Note 7 Pro’s 48MP camera capability to get a zoom in and gain a more accurate image of the woman, only to have the amusing discovery that they wrongly mistook a man for a woman. 


Monday, May 27, 2019

YouTubers Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani and Gaurav Chaudhury wins Big at the inaugural World Blogger Awards 2019 hosted at Cannes

It’s a proud moment for India as 3 of India’s most beloved bloggers made a smashing debut at the inaugural World Bloggers Awards (WBA) 2019. Making a grand impact to the event’s first ever red carpet roll out in Cannes, Indian bloggers and Youtubers Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines won the ‘Global Entertainer of the year 2019’ Award for his excellent contribution to digital entertainment; Ashish Chanchlani won the ‘Best Comedy Influencer’ Award and finally Gaurav Chaudhury won the ‘Best Technical Influencer’ Award. The 'World Bloggers Awards' is the world’s first ever international awarding ceremony for the best bloggers across 42 nominations, uniting and celebrating influencers and opinion leaders from around the world in various fields. The star-studded affair premiered in Cannes at the iconic Hotel Martinez and welcomed over 200 of the world’s most followed, reputed and creative finalists across multiple categories of digital content arts forms from cooking, to philanthropy, this year. The event will look at expanding globally with a mission to recognize and award these digital champions evolving as social change makers as new age brand evangelists, role models and storytellers.

As a highlight to the event, all 3 Indian bloggers, featuring among the top 14 super winners, bagged the prestigious awards in their first ever nomination across their respective categories of recognition. Garnering a global fanfare, the World Blogger award, in its inaugural year was being followed by over 102 million people worldwide. Outside of India, the event witnessed applications from over 3000 international blogger sensations around the world including United States, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, China and UAE amongst other countries. The WBA 2019 is the first of its kind international, multi-category and multi-platform (Instagram, YouTube and Facebook) awards that is as deemed as the “Oscars of the Bloggers”.

Truly elated on winning the highest honor as Global Entertainer of the year 2019, Bhuvan Bam said, ‘’I feel extremely happy and proud to win ‘Global Entertainer of the Year’ on such a huge forum. This award rewards all of my hard-work and perseverance and I dedicate it to my BB Ki Vines army for always believing in me and never giving up. Onwards and upwards now.”

Excited and emotional on winning his award, Ashish Chanchlani said, ‘’I want to thank my family, my mom, dad and sister Muskan, my team and all my friends, because of whom this is possible. And most importantly my followers and my fans, I thank them. I feel extremely proud to represent India here. Vande Mataram !‘’

Adding his infamous sense of humour and energy to action, Ashish Chanchlani after his acceptance speech, even managed to get hosts, the Lithuanian TV icon Greta Sapkaite and the famous food blogger and TV reality star FoodGod to say live on stage “Bijli ka bill, tera baap bharega?” – one of Ashish’s most iconic one liners.

Gaurav Chaudhury aka Technical Guruji, who couldn’t make it to Cannes, sent a very touching video message on receiving ‘The Best technical Influencer’ Award, that mentioned “I thank all my subscribers and followers who always stood along, and with their valuable feedback and incredible support, made this journey a smooth sail for me.”

“We have taken into consideration three kinds of criteria. Quantitative of course (number of followers, trends), but more important were qualitative aspects (pics, production, copywriting, creativity), and above all commitment, both from the fans AND the influencers themselves. The relationship between bloggers and their audiences, the genuineness, and the involvement are the keys to success” says Jacques-Olivier Broner, head of jury at the World Blogger Awards 2019.

Additionally, commenting on India’s perfect trio sweep at the awards ceremony, Jacques-Oliver added “I must admit that Indian influencers are impressive, and the proximity they have with their fans is exemplary. WBA could develop specific events for India very soon, where there is so much digital talent”.

“We were impressed by the number of applicants and their turn out. We are delighted by worldwide interest we received. Everybody is already looking forward to World Blogger Awards 2020” said Maria Grazhina Chaplin, founder, World Blogger Awards. Further sharing her thoughts on the Indian bloggers’ impact at the awards and what this mean for India, ‘‘And India could play an important part in this journey’’.

The event witnessed some of the most glamourous names from the industry such as the international sensation Nusret Gökçe, infamously nicknamed Salt Bae, Gianluca Vacchi, Jonathan Cheban better known as @FoodGod, Russian television star Victoria Bonya, and fashion supermodel Victoria Silvstedt among others. The World Blogger Awards congratulates the 2019 winners.

World Bloggers Awards is the world’s first ever awarding ceremony for the best bloggers across 40 nominations. WBA unites and celebrates influencers and opinion leaders from around the world in various fields, taking their social input to the higher level. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sony Music, Societe General, Adidas Partner for Inspiring true story on Rugby ‘Jungle Cry’.

Global sportswear brand, adidas, has partnered with the much-awaited sports biopic Jungle Cry that recently completed filming in India and Wales. ‘Jungle Cry’ will unveil its official trailer and poster at special events during the 72nd Festival de Cannes. Based on the lives of 12 underprivileged children from the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences in Orissa, ‘Jungle Cry’ follows their triumphant journey to the International Junior Rugby Tournament held in England in 2007.

adidas, a company that started off with a core vision to support athletes, has always been true to its positioning that is highlighted by the Adidas slogan, “Impossible is Nothing.” The film also takes us through the journey of an underdog team comprising of 12 orphan kids who played sport bare feet, went on to win the Junior Rugby Tournament thus establishing that impossible is nothing.

Leading actor Abhay Deol comments, “Adidas has always been one of my favorite brands. Having the boys and us don Adidas gear was indeed a treat! I fondly remember the boys being very excited to lace up. This is the very spirit of the original underdog teenage tribal heroes from Odisha who won the Rugby World Cup against South Africa... I can also say that the same belief holds true for the kids facing the cameras in Jungle Cry.

Emily Shah, playing the part of Physio, in the film comments, “It has really been a great association. The brand also seamlessly marries into the narrative of the film. The true champion isn’t always the winner but the team with the most guts and right strategy. Our story doesn’t define us, our journey does. Being involved in a male dominated sport does take guts and it is a part of my character’s story. The respect and dedication she has to the boys is part of her journey. I strongly believe in Impossible is Nothing.”

Societe Generale and rugby: a great story that started 30 years ago which continues today. Rugby embodies the values of Societe Generale’s DNA, such as team spirit or commitment has partnered with Jungle Cry. Scheduled to be screened at the Tokyo, Japan Rugby World Cup 2019, Jungle Cry is produced under Bollywood Hollywood Production and producer Prashant Shah and directed by Sagar Ballary. The original Soundtrack and Music will be distributed worldwide by global music giant Sony Music.