Saturday, December 25, 2010

Farah hits new low with film making... TMK is a lousily copied "After the Fox"

Farah Khan's third installment of masala potboilers, Tees Maar Khan is a total washout! This is nowhere close to Main Hoon Na or for that matter entertaining Om Shanti Om. TMK is entertaining, yes! But only in bits and pieces - while the rest of the film is a dull and absolutely senseless fare. Absurd, weird and utter nonsense! More so, looks like a C grade Bollywood Masala Film and worse - actors like Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and the rest are too loud in the film that our Ear Buds would need relaxation!

Tabriz Khan aka Tees Maar Khan is an internationally wanted con artist infamous for his "half-ROBin Hood" act. He has his three side kicks who are seen hitting Men! A C-grade film actress as his lady love and a Bollywood Superstar dreaming of an Oscar - are all caricatures of this NO PAISA VASOOL film! Heavily inspired by an Italian film, 'After the Fox'. And how is 'After the Fox' plagiarized by Shirish Khunder and made into a Farah Khan film is thus:

TMK is been hired to rob a train that has worth crores of wealth. Its an impossible task and to do so, he enacts as a Hollywood Film Director and with a Super Star (Akshay Khanna) plans to shoot a film at the village wherein the train passes and they plan to stop the train as a part of their film shoot! And the rest, you can easily guess!

A story which has immense possibilities of comedy is reduced to actors trying buffoonery - something often mistaken by filmmakers as guaranteed laughter. Everyone in the film overacts and are desperate for every act! Looks like Farah and Khunder purposely gave such freedom to the actors and told them - do what you want to do! Salman in a Qawwal and Anil Kapoor towards the climax are just a treat to watch!

Now, tell me - Do you actually want to C this C grade film? If there is something that is worth watching, is just the C-eela Ki Jawaani! which deserves to be of a repeat value in the Big Screen!

TMK is one of the most boring and nonsense movies of all time. I really like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om. They emotionally connect with the audience. But this movie is nothing but a piece of junk. Not even worth for a free watch! Overall, there is nothing gr8 about this film, and can be watched at your leisure when it hits the Small Screen pretty soon! And yes, Farah - Shah Rukh KHAN guarantees Hits and Blockbusters to you, but a Tees Maar KHAN't. And with TMK, Farah you have touched a new low in the making of bollywood movies. Cheers!!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

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