Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cliff Janke does his Moves and Shakes it too!

Whenever you watched a Bollywood film having a bald English man playing a baddie in it, the actor that comes first to your mind is Bob Christo. We have seen him in umpteen numbers of films playing a small time baddie for a scene or two. And besides him, there have been some other actors who did some insignificant roles here and there for a scene or two, which one does not even remember.  But wait, until we get to see Cliff Janke making his debut with an impact in Janleva 555, the Bollywood film that is all set for release soon.

An American and a doctor by profession, Cliff Janke, has found his foothold on a creative talent - entertainment. And in his very first film he has got to portray his talents to maximum. He plays Steve, a film-maker in the film. And he gets to sing, dance and fight too. Being a part of three songs and dance, Cliff has done his moves and shakes by doing an English rap and also sung a popular English song from a Hindi film. And he says, one will be surprised to see it on, when the film hits the screens soon.

While most of the English men are made to speak Hindi on purpose, in Janleva 555 – Cliff speaks his language – American English and not a single word of Hindi, thus making his character very surreal. Naturally, Cliff has also dubbed for himself in the film, and that makes it very natural to have his own voice from real to that in reel.

And before you guessed that he would be a one film wonder, let us tell you that Cliff is also a part of a bilingual film - Tum Ho Yaara in Hindi and Pani Thuli in Tamil which has Kalpana Pandit and Ganesh Venkataraman. Being made under the banner of House of Pandit and produced by Kalpana Pandit, Janleva 555 is scripted and directed by Sandeep Malani.

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