Thursday, April 15, 2021

Power Gummies ropes in Shraddha Kapoor as Brand Ambassador

Power Gummies, India’s leading dietary supplement brand, has roped in charismatic and millennial icon Shraddha Kapoor as the brand ambassador and the face for their Hair & Nails Vitamin Gummies. With this association, the brand aims to bring forth its vision amongst millennials while reinforcing its values and philosophy. The campaign is focused on happy hair just every day.

Commenting on the association, Divij Bajaj, CEO & Founder, mentions, “Shraddha is a powerhouse of talent and seamless fit for Power Gummies. Her versatile, vibrant, energetic, lively and sparkling personality knits a perfect horizon and panache for our brand. Altogether, a power-packed blend that enables what we envision for our brand. We are delighted to have Shraddha on board with us as the brand ambassador for our Gorgeous Hair & Nails Vitamin Gummies. She personifies the key prepositions of changing trends of beauty, health & fitness. We are ready to thrill the gen-next customers together with Shraddha.

Through this association, we aim to help a wider range of people to move towards preventive care and nutrition for their health and wellness.”

Power Gummies has been changing the health game with the newly launched nutritional format of chewable & tasty vitamin gummies. Bringing convenience, moments of nostalgia, trust and fun to the customers with health & happiness going together in pursuit of nutrition is the core aim for Power Gummies to come into existence taking away all the health concerns, removing the fear of pills or bad-tasting supplements. The brand has been revolutionising the nutraceutical industry since 2018 creating a galactic storm with their showstopper variant Gorgeous hair & nail vitamin gummies taking away growth, damage and hair fall issues.

Delighted to represent the brand, Shraddha Kapoor elaborates, “As an actor, my constant battle is to maintain my hair health after never ending hairstyling, which is a must for me. Wherein, something as easy as chewing a gummy for my hair health is just an amazing idea, especially when I can just take 2 gummies a day for my daily nutritional intake. I always wanted some easy resort to solve it for me.

Power Gummies are just mind-blowing and totally, hard to resist. Also, it is the only gummy brand in India with proven results and clinical trials. Being fit and healthy should be the most prime factor for customers in today’s time.”

The actor also adds, “I feel my best when I am healthy and that makes me excited to be on board with Power Gummies and look forward to how gummies change it for you all and become a part of everyone's lifestyle just like me”.

The tasty unisex vitamin gummies are vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free, and cruelty-free, which is the key reason for her association with the brand.

Knowing more about the brand, Power Gummies curate’s tasty health products backed by science empowering with complete nutrition, fitting into millennial lifestyles effortlessly without any fear and complexities of existing pill solutions. The brand believes that happiness is the foundation of good health, and it remains a robust inspiration behind consciously formulating high-performing gummies which are effective and delightful. Gummies that enable happiness and health bringing in confidence and making one feel their best self. The brand believes she resonates with the brand spirit in the true sense.  Who better than ever-charming Shraddha Kapoor can do who has an ever-gorgeous, enchanting and bubbly smile.

Envisioning to cater to end customers by introducing them to the gummies as OTC products for it to become a part of their lifestyle, the brand accredits how this is the go-to-plan for the coming years. Digging deeper into fulfilling customer interest assurance, the brand ensures product efficacy with each of their gummy formulation going through a series of clinical trials over 90 days of regular consumption with their research partner firm Mprex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Some interesting scientifically backed facts were found as a 22% increase in hair growth rate, 10% increase in hair density on day 90, 65% decrease in hair fall, 35% decrease in hair loss on day 90, and 10% improvement in nail growth. The products are FSSAI approved, FDA compliant and scientifically backed on biotin-based research gummies making them safe and suited for all. An impeccable amalgamation of Biotin, Zinc, Folic acid, and ten other essential vitamins and minerals that act as a panacea for holistic nutrition needs. Currently, power gummies are available through its official website and across all major e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

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