Wednesday, October 4, 2023

“Normalize the LGBT Community, We Don't Want to be Sensationalized" – Sushant Divgikar on ‘Be A Man, Yaar!

In the latest episode of "Be A Man, Yaar! with Nikhil Taneja," viewers are treated to a heart-warming conversation with actor and performer Sushant Divgikar. In this engaging episode, Sushant openly discusses their journey of coming out as a trans person and navigating their path as an artist in the media industry over the last 17 years.

Sushant emphasizes the importance of including queer characters in the entertainment landscape to normalize their presence. They boldly state, “Trans people don’t have to be the pivotal character. Someone's sister could be transgender, someone's teacher could be a trans man, someone's friend could be trans or gay. Normalize any aspect of the LGBT community. We don't want to be sensationalized.” Sushant also shares their experience of being questioned on a reality show about what they would be wearing, to which they responded with grace, “I will be wearing clothes like you all; we don't wear anything different.”

Reflecting on their loving and accepting coming-out experience, Sushant shares a heart-warming memory of their father, who never labeled them as a trans child. “My father never told me that I am his trans kid, or son or daughter, he said you are my child.” Sushant underlined the importance of a supportive ecosystem in facilitating LGBTQIA+ young individuals in embracing their identities.

In a candid revelation, Sushant also opens up about their struggles with mental health and the battle against depression. They bravely recall, "I had locked myself in a room. I would have died because I was just harming myself continuously." They highlight the role played by their good friend, Diandra Sores - a famed fashion designer and model - who helped them overcome their dark phase. They also underscored the importance of allyship. They mentioned that supporting the LGBTQIA+ community simply requires empathy and understanding and that these small gestures can make a significant difference.

This episode of "Be A Man, Yaar" featuring Sushant Divgikar is a delightful, fun, and wholesome conversation that inspires us to face life's challenges with sass and love. Don't miss this heartwarming episode featuring Sushant Divgikar, exclusively on Yuvaa’s YouTube channel. You can also catch the unfiltered episode on Amazon Music.

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