Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can two different censor boards react to tag lines differently?

The RGV directed much-talked, much-hyped two-part trilingual ‘Rakta Charitra’ has landed into another controversy. This time, for mentioning quotes from the Epic, ‘Mahabharata.’ The film was recently in the news all over media for having gotten a trouble with the censors for its alleged tagline on its posters which have the quote 'Pratheekarame Parama Sopanam - Maha Bharatam' (Revenge is the purest emotion – Mahabharata).

It seems the censor board in Hyderabad objected to this and asked the producers of the film, Cinergy and RGV to remove this supposed taglines with a reference to the Mahabharata as there is no proof to support these statements. Also, it is learnt that few Hindu Organizations are also against this. 

The tag lines are still in the publicity promotion of the movie in Mumbai despite the producer Sheetal Talwar having made claims that they had to remove the lines from the posters. It seems that the demand was made at the regional level and hence the changes don’t reflect here in the Hindi version of the movie. Does it mean that the Mahabharata is different in Hindi and Telegu? But the question is, “Can two different censor boards have two different versions?” It’s a really funny world out there…

Ram Gopal Varma is trying out something new with Rakta Charitra. The film that is told in two parts will be releasing within three weeks of the other and is based on the life of slain Andhra Pradesh politician Paritala Ravi. The first part opens on Oct 22 and the second part is slated for release on Nov 19.

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