Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eon Films next venture is a crossover...

Social networking has attracted an unprecedented number of youngsters and teens of which atleast each have an Orkut profile or are on Facebook or MySpace. And many of the youngsters have registered themselves on all the sites including YouTube and Social networkers shape their identity with these sites, essentially broadcasting their public image around the world. But it's not all fun and games online. It is also about speed dating and networking in real time.

As more and more people are indulging in this form of a "hook up”, little do they realize the hidden dangers associated with them. While trying to make a beeline for blind dates and avoiding the cost factor, many forget how costly it can actually prove as it not only risks their credentials, their emotions, their family life but also their physical and mental state.

Containing every ingredient that sets it apart from conventional films, Log-In - Aa Jeele Zaraa… is an electrifying story of today’s genX caught in a web of situations - a plot that has electrifying disclosures at every turn - is fast paced, and not at all superficial in its treatment with exceptionally skilful, high tension, gripping emotional drama with a profound moral debate at its heart. The film is in Bengali and in Hinglish but the producer of the film Mohan Das feels that it will appeal to all audiences as the subject is very fresh and of todays times. "It is a very sweet, youngish, contemporary film where both the leads have enough scope to prove their histrionics in the field of acting, and is sure to set a trend as a thorough multiplex kinda movie with superb technical and treatment values," revealed Mohan Das.

"It has a social message too," reveals the director Sanjiban Nath. "The story revolves around the instant connectivity among genX in the virtual world at the log of a button. It is also about speed dating, networking and social connectivity that brings virtual characters face-to-face in the real world. The story further delves not only into what happens in today’s virtual world but also especially on what happens when characters in the virtual world meet in the world of real and realize that not all what is revealed in the virtual world can be as real as it can get," he added.

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