Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ficci Frames 2013 unveiled its theme - A Tryst with Destiny-Engaging a Billion Consumers

Ficci Frames, the annual conclave of the media and entertainment industry, will discuss in its 2013 edition ways to “maximise the economic and creative potential” of the industry in the country. The 14th edition of Ficci Frames, to be organised on March 12-14 in Mumbai, has unveiled its theme - A Tryst with Destiny-Engaging a Billion Consumers.

Frames is a three day global convention covering the entire gamut of Media & Entertainment like Films, Broadcast (TV & Radio), Digital Entertainment, Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects, etc. with nearly 2000 Indian and 800 foreign delegates encompassing the entire universe of media and entertainment expected to attend the event.

“While the industry has made spectacular progress in the last 20 years in increasing the intensity of engagement with the Indian consumer through superior content, there is still a gap in our ability to monetise the engagement and use the resources generated to advance both access and content,” said Uday Shankar, chief executive officer of STAR India, who has taken over as the chairman of the M&E committee.

“Frames will offer an opportunity for us to put these developments in perspective, look at the larger picture and engage on such a bold and important theme.”

Karan Johar, co-chairman of the media and entertainment committee, said: “We believe that our new agenda will be the change agent for social and commercial development, connecting a billion people, while shaping and informing their opinions and getting influenced by their collective needs in turn.”

At Frames 2013, the aim is to deliberate on the growth of the industry and find ways to maximise both its creative and economic potential.

The range of topics that will be covered include digitisation, censorship, marketing, exhibition and distribution. Also, at Frames 2013, information ministers of South Asian nations will form an exclusive panel on forging bilateral ties to augment growth among geographically and culturally connected countries.

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