Friday, April 19, 2013

The scenario might change in near future for short film makers

When Life teaches one his Last lesson, who stands for whom? Received today The Last Lesson - A fiction on modern day relationship, commitments and conflicting psychologies. Directed by Sanjib & Sumit Banerjee, this film revolves around the concepts of love, loyalty & lust. Starring Anand Gupta, Dipanyita Ganguly, Nelufar Reza, Garima Agarwal and Sanjib Banerji,

Produced by Anand-Dipanyita Creations under the banner or Unity Creations with story and screenplay by Sumit Banerjee, The Last Lesson is a short film that highlights the issues faced by modern couples in today’s times. A sensitive sensuous film, this is Anand Gupta’s debut and has done a commendable job.

Talking about his debut film, Anand Gupta says, “Well, we were toying with this idea of making a film with Sanjib and Sumit when this plot struck us. I was excited right from the word go and have put in my 100% to give my best shot. Same goes to say of my co-stars Dipanyita and Nelufur without whom I would not have been comfortable doing some real intense scenes. In all, I am happy the way the film has shaped up.”

According to Anand, making a short film is not that easy as one might think it to be. On the contrary, it’s more difficult as many investors and producers refrain from investing in short films since they don’t have a market place for recovery. At the same time, the story has to be gripping enough. “Even we were facing the same problems and thus decided to produce it ourselves. However, things might change in near future as even many big directors like Sudhir Mishra have got into short film making. He recently teamed up with his muse Chitrangda Singh once more after Inkaar to make Kirchiyaan, a 13-minute short film which was released online.”

Going by statistics available, on an average, 2,000-odd short films are made in India annually. “However, some of these films are not shown anywhere. It is very unfortunate. Hence, we have planned a pan India presence by going to all short film festivals and showcase our film. At the same time, we have targeted major international festivals abroad and have sent in our entries there as well,” Anand signs off. 

Whether the scenario will change or not, however no one seems to be complaining. At the time of uploading the news, we got information of how Kuch Alagsa is working on bridging the gap between short film makers and coming together to create a feature film that would have a pan India release as well. If this format works, it will be a way forward to other indie short film makers to recover their investment as well as showcase their project to the audience at large.

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