Thursday, November 14, 2013

Power packed action with Shaolin Masters hits on Movies Now this November

Movies Now, this month is all about the Shaolin way of spell binding action to defeat your enemy!  This blockbuster genre, which is a favorite among viewers, is back to mesmerize with a stellar line up of the best of Shaolin.

Known for its stunts, action and innumerable fist fights, this incredibly popular genre enthralls one and all! Unlimited in possibilities and quick paced, the blockbusters are designed to keep your eyes as active as your mind. Every Monday- Thursday at 9pm, the Shaolin Masters will feature genres heavyweights like Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Angela Mao and many more in a star-studded affair certain to please their fans.Catch the Kung Fu Legends in 16 crazy blockbusters, 4 of which will be showcased on Movies Now, the number one destination for this genre, for the very first time!

Get ready  as the stalwarts of the martial arts not only defend themselves and strike back but capture your eye-balls like never before. This season will not only amplify the action, but will be lethal! Enjoy the daily dose of thrilling action you need with the Shaolin Masters. Don’t miss Karate Kid,  Incredible Kung Fu Mission, Fight the fight, Disciples of 36th Chamber,  Drunken Master 2, Hero, IP man 2, Rumble in the Bronx and many more  only on Movies Now.

Get ready for the deadly dose of action with Shaolin Masters on Movies Now! 

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