Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Television actress Nikita Sharma portrays the challenging role of a bar dancer

Halla Bol, the show that narrates stories of heroic women who stood against injustice done to them, will take up the grave issue of ‘Human Trafficking ‘. This week’s episode revolves around Payal, a small town girl who unknowingly falls into the trap of human trafficking. The effervescent TV actress, Nikita Sharma will be seen playing the protagonist character, Payal.

Payal,a beautiful and talented classical dancer lives at her maternal uncle’s home with her mother and younger sister in Banaras. Inspite of teaching dance for living, she fails to earn enough for survival. A ray of hope comes at her doorstep when one of her distant relative, Gautam takes her to Mumbai promising her roles in the entertainment industry, but little did she know what his true intentions were behind bringing her to the big city. As days passed by, she realised awkwardness with her relative Gautam. One fine evening, she got the biggest shock of her life, when Gautam revealed that he had sold her to a dance bar.  Having no place to escape, she was compelled to go there where she felt discomfort with men wanting to prey on her.

Situations worsened when Payal gets to know that her maternal uncle was also involved in human trafficking and out of greed for money he sold her to a Sheikh. But Payal did not give up; she decided to take action against this whole racket not only to free herself but also the other girls who had fallen prey to this unethical business of human trafficking. The protagonist will be seen taking a stand and fighting for not only herself but also for the rights of other girls.

Will Payal manage to get out of the trap? Will she succeed in getting freedom for other girls too? To find out, tune-in to Halla Bol, this Friday, 16th May, 2014 at 7 pm on bindass

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