Tuesday, September 18, 2018

With a huge appetite for new horizons, this illustrious chap is making it big with renowned chefs

Food was always his hobby, munching was his first love and soon his first love became his work. He is at present, learning and experimenting with not just ‘food’ but the food angles, shots and renowned chefs including Chef Ranveer Brar, Chef Kunal Kapur, Chef Ananya Banerjee, Chef Rakhee Vaswani, Chef Rajshri and the list seems endless. In a tete-a-tete with Devashish Mishra over a cup of coffee at his studio (yea, no food included), he goes on reveal what made him a favourite among the top chefs and food brands.

It’s a joy to be interviewing someone who is from the food industry and have been working with renowned names. Yea, the chefs with whom he is working are the heroes of this industry that have been a favorite with mommies and aunties and even newcomers trying to cook at most of the food channels. They are the Salman Khans and the SRKs and the Aamirs of this industry dressing and undressing the food to get not only a lovely texture, but also make it easy to cook. And here I was interviewing the editing whizz Devashish Mishra at his studio. Instead of going around with our usual questionaaire, I thought of taking the route uncharted and let him start off on his own.

Speaking about himself, Devashish tried to give me a sneak peak review of how he made his way into this industry. “The day I completed my education and left my parents alone back at home was the day I figured how much challenging life is. It’s been around 9 years since the day I did my first internship in this field of media and communication. Little less did a young boy know, from being an intern at Miditech show “Kyunki Jeena Essi ka Naam Hai”, I was about to discover the world of editing.”

“Days, months and years passed and the number of projects and experience in my palate are still increasing. I have worked upon more than hundred projects and counting. In these years, I had the opportunity to work with MTV, Endemol, History TV18, Red Dot Production, BBC, STAR PLUS, CBN Production, Miditech, Mime Television and many more such golden brands.”

“After all these years of hard work and dedication, I finally have the production house of my dreams, a place where my visualization and end result meet. I served the government of India’s BJP elections in 2017, in Uttarakhand for various political party leaders. Then my destiny had something different planned for home.”

From reality to political creative – Devashish has tried it all before making food as his forte. Sipping tea, I simply asked him what made him choose Food as a career. His simple answer was, “Food was always a hobby, munching was my first love and soon my first love became my work. At present, I am learning and experimenting with not just ‘food’ but the food angles, shots and chefs! Food Mantra by Chef Ranveer Brar, The ‘K’ Kitchen by Chef Kunal Kapur, Whirlpool, Joos Food, GO Cheese, Wai Wai Noodles, Vinod Cookware, Jiwa Foods, Fun Foods, ITC Aashirvaad, One Take Media, Videocon D2H, Tata Sky, The Food Konnect, Hungama, Chef Ananya Banerjee, Chef Rakhee Vaswani, Chef Rajshri and a few on my list for this year’s project completion.”

When asked if he finds it a challenge to constantly innovate to make his food and the shows look more delicious, Devashish says, “I don’t have any pressures really, but yea it’s my personal endeavour to make the show look like signature dishes on the menu. This pushes me to try something new all the time.”

Ask the chefs what they have to say and renowned chef Ripu Daman Handa says, “An apt editor, Devashish is incredible, an enthusiastic team member who presents all our work with extreme excellence. I really treasure his work. I wish him all the good fortune for his future - My best wishes is always with him.”
When we probed one of the most celebrated chefs Kunal Kapur, he was quick to add: “Devashish is a hardworking and relentless guy. Working with him I found him dependable and creative with his expertise. I wish him Good Luck for all his endeavours.”

Devashish has benchmarked his style in such a way that these renowned names have something good to talk about him. I simply asked his trademarks that may have led him to this and he says, “These names and people sound so much fascinating, and so are their stories. There is something to learn from each of them. My team, my production crew, my post team or anyone from the location to the shoot, everything has a lesson to give. And, here I am learning the ups and downs of life, challenging myself to inspire others, for dreams come true only when you have the faith in yourself.”

In between I did try to dig into the science of why his work makes these big names feel better and Chef Amit Singh was ready to respond with a positive banter about Devashish and his outstanding work. He said, “I would like to thank Devashish Mishra for all the efforts and for the non-stop production of the videos. The best thing about you is you never give up and always want to try new things in your respective domain.”

But it is Shitiz Srivastava who is highly gungho about Devashish. He had no qualms in admitting that Devashish is one of the most hardworking and intelligent editors he ever had the fortune to work with. He says, “Devashish not only edits the content, but makes it better and the reason behind it is his passion and love towards film making. I was surprised to know how much he knew about film making and loves to shoot and edit his own stuff. A young chap that he is, he is highly enthusiastic and has a great team who believes in great work. He believes in building a relationship with his clients and this one quality I find missing in most technical people I work with. Editing, in my opinion, is not just a technical work - it’s a creative process as well. I would highly recommend to anyone who is willing to work with him to not think twice before giving the project to him because I know he will do his best to bring out the best results.”

Ask Devashish how he would like to sum up in short and he quoted that he did read this somewhere – “Dreams become reality, one choice at a time. So never give up on your dreams. It is such an adventure, a world like no other. It's been a culinary education for me. What's kept me in (this industry) is that you just keep on learning. To me anything involving food – be it from the East to the European or Syrian cuisine to the Turkish influence, it transports me to a different region, a different era without a doubt. And I love this adventure. Same way, I would only say that go with the flow and you will find your own calling.”
Mohan Das
Guest Editor

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