Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A celebration of stunning colors and lights

Considered as the most considerable and auspicious Hindus festival of India, Diwali is the time to light up everywhere – not only the homes but even hearts. Celebrated by one and all and across numerous faiths throughout the Globe with unparalleled pomp and show, this wonderful-festival is the period where all illuminate their homes with hundreds of beautiful lights like earthen diyas and the skies with marvelous burning crackers. We all have our moments. Some become those we treasure. This is also the time to warm up hearts and gladden spirits as well as Diwali provides us an opportunity to celebrate the particular bonding of our lifestyle and strengthen relationships.

In this fast shrinking world, reaching out on Diwali to your loved ones who are away from you is tailor made. And warm Diwali wishes in any language explain the language of soul. So here’s our tinsel town expressing their heart and extending warm wishes to all.

Rishi Bhutani
Quoting Oscar Wilde, “Everything desirable is immoral, illegal or fattening…” For Diwali I sought everything desirable. That sums up my Diwali mood. But I also know, post Diwali I will be back once again on my track. Every year for Diwali I make sure I perform pooja with my family and I don't allow non-vegetarian food in my house. Playing cards and drinking are also not for me. Among the Do’s-I definitely spend time home and with close friends. Don’t want to be preachy, but yes, reach out to those who are less fortunate and spend your happiness and your time with them. And here’s wishing all a very Happy Diwali.

Mumtaz Khan
What Eid is to my Hindu friends, Diwali is same to me. We designers are too busy decorating models, actors and clients bodies, but I also do find time to share my joy, happiness and good fortune with the less fortunate ones. It is no different this year.  The one thing I don't do is noisy pollution-inflicting crackers. I never burn any firecrackers of any kind and I would appeal to all to reduce burning crackers.

Abhilasha Gaira
Diwali is the festival of happiness and we should spread this happiness to everyone. In my childhood days, during every Diwali we used to celebrate it with fire crackers but now we realize, it creates pollution and problems. So this Diwali, I would just make a good rangoli, meet my friends and relatives and organise a Diwali party. I think we should enjoy our festivals to the utmost. Also, we being in an industry where we hardly get time to catch on with each other, this is the best opportunity and season to renew old ties. I also take this opportunity to wish everyone “A Very Happy Diwali and wish you all the best.”

Ajay Mahendru
We decorate the house, prepare traditional mithais, and wear new clothes and of course gorge on sweets! Some traditions refuse to die. For me Diwali is also a time when earthen diyas are lit and you spread the message of love and peace. I love doing that. The one thing that I completely avoid for Diwali is noise pollution. I don't burst crackers for Diwali and definitely discourage family and friends from doing the same. So Friends, go out, chill, do masti but avoid burning crackers. Instead light up someone else’s life and you will feel happy for the same.

Amrita Dutta Tarphe
Yes, even after I shifted to the US of America, Diwali is most sacrosanct for me. The 'must haves' for the festive season are traditional sweets, simple rangoli and decorating the house with lights and diyas. When it comes to my wardrobe, it is ethnic ensembles all the way through; some stoles to dress up simple kurtas, corset tops which accentuate the ensembles, coupled with some nice bangles, earrings, nicely painted toes to keep up with all the dressing and maybe some anklets. Gifting is high on my list for the festive season, but to be honest, my family is back home in India and I’m coming over to meet them soon. So gifting for them can wait till then. And my wish list for the season would be - to receive loads of gifts in form of blessings and good wishes.

Vikas Singh Khokher
Once in a while it’s important to take a break from whatever you are doing and making the most of life. This Diwali spread happiness and joy all around by being happy! A happy soul can enlighten hundreds of other souls. Say no to fire crackers, Mother Nature needs you! Wishing all a very Happy Diwali.

Sandesh Gour
Last year I could not be with my family on Diwali as I was busy shooting for my Marathi Film "Jhing Premachi" in Agra, so this time I have made sure that I spend time with them and celebrating Diwali with my family in Nagpur. We celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps n diyas, mom cooks sweet and delicious food for us and in the evening it’s compulsory to do puja of Maa Laxmi, Ganeshji and Saraswati devi. Having said this, I celebrate it as an eco-friendly Diwali. So no crackers no pollution. On the contrary, I used that money to distribute sweets to the poor and old people and the needy ones. On this occasion of Diwali, I would like to say make others happy and you will find it in abundance in return. As it is a festival of lights, I would say “Light up someone’s life. Add light in their life.” And for my friends, well-wishers and fans, here’s wishing you a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year. Have an awesome and rocking year ahead.

Yes, Diwali is a time when you refurbish your houses, go shopping for new things, and decorate the house with torans, lamps and lights. We all have our moments. Some become those we treasure. Make this Diwali a treasured moment for you and others. Have a Happy Diwali.

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