Tuesday, November 23, 2021

All White bags Advertising Rights for 600+ Smart Bike Dock Station in Chandigarh

In a major development, All White - a one of a kind joint venture between India’s leading marketing agencies, Crayons Advertising Pvt. Ltd. and Cashurdrive Marketing Pvt. Ltd., secured the advertising rights on the parking docks of the recently launched pan city bicycle sharing project, Smart Bike, from the Chandigarh Administration.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kunal Lalani, Partner, All White, said, “We are so glad to be part of this project which not only promotes a healthy lifestyle among the residents but also contributes significantly in reducing air pollution. This project has a huge potential of becoming the main solution for public mobility in future. We would definitely play our part and make this environmentally friendly initiative a huge success.”

Chandigarh is turning into a smart city, and this Smart Bike project has the potential of turning out to be a game changer by becoming the main mode of public mobility. The project would make the lives of people of the city easy by enabling them to rent a bicycle from any part of the city dock and park it at any of the nearest docks. The project has been envisaged to have at least 5000 bicycle and 617 parking docks, making it the largest and densest bicycle sharing project in the country. The

On this successful association, Mr Ronnie Dhupar, who would be heading and managing the project, said, “Not only it is a positive public and environmentally friendly initiative, but a huge addition to the few existing media opportunities available in the city at the moment. It would be a boon to the Advertising Industry and would definitely help in adding a lot of value and coverage to draw on the advertising potential of the city.”

Raghu Khanna, Partner, All White, said, “This will be a new phase of advertising in the beautiful city. This ubiquitous format will cover all the dimensions of the existing media requirements and also add a lot of jazziness to the aesthetics of this vibrant city.”

Here is some additional information about the Smart Bike project: The smart bike plan would be developed in four phases and will be completed over the course of one year. The first phase is completed and is already open to the residents and visitors of the city to take a quick ride from the 155 dock station and park the bicycle back to the nearest dock station post their ride. Another set of 175 cycle docks would be added by January 2022 making its coverage more extensive and robust. The cost of the renting would be Rs 10 per 30 minutes and for the regular member the cost would be even lower making it a pocket friendly and economical option and thus promoting it to be a viable option to travel across the city.

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