Saturday, November 20, 2021

Channel your inner Disney Character with Tressmart this Holiday Season

Winter is upon us and so is the holiday season. While the temperature drops down and the only thing enticing is to stay bundled up in bed and watch holiday movies, the hustle of life doesn’t stop. We have to show up everyday – personally, professionally, socially – and continue the grind. Not to worry, the winter commitments just became a lot more fun thanks to Tressmart, the leading beauty and personal care appliances e-commerce portal. Tressmart has launched two new products in association with MakeUp Eraser, the #1 sustainable makeup remover globally. These are the Disney Princesses  7-Day Set and the Disney Villains 7-Day Set and we can’t keep calm! 

Since the onset of the pandemic, we as a society have become a lot more aware of the consequences of our actions for our planet and the future generations. There is a steady shift towards more sustainable and environmentally-conscious practices across different sectors, and this is where MakeUp Eraser comes in. Disposable, single-use makeup wipes might be convenient but they are causing dire harm to the planet and its beings. The MakeUp Eraser, on the other hand, is reusable, sustainable and free of alcohol, oils, astringents, parabens, fragrances, and sulfates. One MakeUp Eraser gives you usage equivalent to 3,600 disposable wipes. You can machine wash them after each use and each Eraser lasts upto 5 years or 1500 washes. Not only do these eliminate waste, they are also great for sensitive skin and overall gentle cleansing. 

The Disney Princesses 7-Day Set comes with 7 MakeUp Erasers, all in different colors picturing a unique Disney princess each. Similarly, the Disney Villains 7-Day Set consists of 7 different Disney villains. Whether you are a Cinderella fan or relate to Maleficent, there is something for everyone! These 7-Day sets will equip you to gently and seamlessly remove your makeup with just water for 7 days without having to worry about laundry or harmful waste.

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