Thursday, June 20, 2024

Acting is like living life, it should always be natural: Fabrice Carrey

18th MIFF Unveils Stanislavski’s Secrets in Acting Workshop with Fabrice Carrey

The 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) today featured a captivating workshop on acting, focusing on “The Approach of the Stanislavski System in the Acting School.” The workshop was conducted by Fabrice Carrey, the renowned artistic director of the Franco-Belarusian association Demain le Printemps TEATRO.

In a live and interactive session, Carrey delved deep into the life and artistic breakthroughs of the legendary Russian theatre personality Konstantin Stanislavski, exploring the foundations of his unique approach. Carrey emphasized the importance of naturalism in acting, stating, “Actors should always be alive. Acting is like living life.”

Highlighting Stanislavski’s preference for natural characters over traditional acting, Carrey elaborated on the scientific approach Stanislavski adopted in his method. “He always aimed to achieve authenticity and naturalism in his characters,” he opined.

Discussing the universal language of theatre and art, Carrey remarked, “Communication doesn’t only mean text. It’s the intention and emotion. An enthralling play always crosses the barriers of language and culture, connecting with the audience on a deeper level.”

Carrey underscored the necessity for actors to remain natural and empathetic to truly captivate their audience. He stressed that an actor must be prepared for any situation, noting, “A good actor needs to be very attentive to face any sort of difficult or challenging situation.”

To capture the audience’s attention, Carrey advised budding actors to embrace creativity and uniqueness in their performances. “You always need to do something unique, creative, and unusual to draw the attention of the audience,” he suggested.

The session offered valuable insights into the Stanislavski system and emphasized the significance of naturalism, empathy, and readiness in acting. MIFF continues to be a platform for fostering artistic excellence and inspiring the next generation of actors.

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