Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enjoy Life to the fullest - "Har pal yahan ji bhar jio, jo ye sama... Kal Ho Na Ho", says Saikat Das

Films & TV editorial team caught up with actor Saikat Das in Kolkata recently. An Avid photographer and a software professional, Saikat who started off with modeling to walking on the ramp for Lakme, lives life in zest. From modeling to ramp to serial to films, he is forging his way ahead. Not the one to plan his life meticulously, he is far from being shy. Waiting eagerly for his first film “Phire Ashboi” to release and gauge the audience reactions to his style of acting, he is also keen to start shoot for a short film “Breaking the Silence” based on a very bold theme. At the same time, he wants to ride miles ahead with his acting skills by playing amazing characters.

Films & TV World: Did you always aspire to be a model and actor? Can you elaborate a bit on your work profile and your background?
Saikat Das: Not really. Being a Software professional, I never ever thought that I will ever do acting or modelling. I never had a background in acting as I have never acted in school, college even in 'local functions'. But two years back it just suddenly happened. One of my fashion photographer friends Sayantan Sarkar convinced me to do a portfolio. After that I sent those pics to a few agencies and within a week I got calls and did some advertising shoots for them. This led further and advertising offers started pouring in from prestigious companies like Simoco mobile, Aircel, Berger Paints, AMEX, Blackberry, ABP and the list goes on.

Just the way my modelling career took off, my acting career also took off suddenly. I was asked to call a production house by this friend Sayantan again and when I met them, they offered me a very important role in a mega Bengali serial 'Bou Kotha Kao' which became so popular that till date people call me by my character  name 'Tamal'. This role got me another Bengali serial offer for 'Ichhe Dana' as one of the lead, and that too within a month of my starting my acting career. Then gradually all others serials came along like, Sasuri Zindabad, Probahini e shamay, Kon kanoner phool etc. I am so lucky that within a short span of time I got the opportunity to work with great directors and actors. Right now I am doing a lead role in “Khona” in Zee Bangla. There are many more to come.

Films & TV: You have done some good assignments on the ramp too.
Saikat: Oh yes. Again I am lucky in this too. I have no formal education neither for modelling nor for acting still I have managed to do good work. I have done many good shows on the Ramp but most importantly I did Kolkata Couture fashion week. It was great experience working with so many big name designers. I hope to get a chance to work in Lakme fashion Week next year. I just love to walk on the ramp. The instant applause is what sets the adrenaline pushing to do good job.

Films & TV: From a model to an actor, how did the transition take place?
Saikat: It was just a natural progression from modeling to acting. As I had to be coaxed and convinced that I could deliver in the field of modeling, same went in for my acting capabilities. I am really honoured to feel that it was others who saw that spark and potential in me and convinced me that I can surely act or as I said earlier can walk the ramp. As I love to challenge myself, I just took these assignments to test check my own capabilities. The audiences and my directors liked what I delivered and I just stayed on. But yes, I know I am still in the learning process and I keep on upgrading myself to deliver my best performance. As for modeling, I will continue as its also what you can say my first love.

Films & TV: From serials to now films. What’s next on the anvil?
Saikat: I am doing serials but definitely, the big screen is what gives you more thrills. I would lie if I said I am not looking to do more films. As of now, I have just done one film and it gave me enormous satisfaction which I did not get from serials. Its not that challenging roles are now written in serials. Rather, given their format, they are bound and even though they might wish to, they just have to offer what the audiences want. As for me, I am getting offers for films but don’t really want to jump at whatever I get. Hopefully in 2011, I will do couple of good films.  

Films & TV: How was your experience working in “Phire Ashboi”. What’s your character?
Saikat: It was great experience! Not only as it is my first film but also got the opportunity to work with so many renowned actors like Manoj Mitra, Dwijen Bandopadhay, Roma Prasad Banik, Arijit Choudhury etc. who are supposed to be the pillars of Tollywood. I still cant forget the fact that that Roma Prasad Banik (Roma da, as we fondly called him) is no more with us. He gave me valuable inputs and tips when we were in Burdwan on an outdoor shoot for the film. I play a good honest cop in this film. It has very positive shades. Though im not throughout in the film but have a very important role.

Films & TV: Heard you have been signed for a short film on a bold subject for film festivals.
Saikat: Well, yes. It’s a short film entitled “Breaking the Silence” and will be directed by Mohan Das of Eon Films, Mumbai. He is my friend for some years and he narrated me the story one day. I was not convinced that I would be able to do this. But Mohan explained what he was seeking out of me for the character and also how he would like to shoot the scenes. It was only then that I was convinced. And yes, it’s in my psyche that I like to push myself to the limits and try something that’s a real challenge. I am really looking forward to work in this project. We are yet to work on the shooting schedule and dates are yet to be finalized.

Films & TV: Given the fact that Tollywood doesn’t accept new comers and it’s a long struggle. What’s your take on this?
Saikat: It’s not true. Just look at today’s scenario. There are so many new comers (including me) who are working in different serials as lead and characters. Same can be said even of films. But yes sometimes there are some lobbyists who take only their known people. But I think that’s fair enough as they are comfortable working with those actors. One cannot really question their take on this. For me I have never faced this and as I told you, I was lucky enough to have never struggled in that sense. But yes, getting a good project and working in a good film in the real sense, is yet to come. So that struggle continues.

Films & TV: In case you are offered to choose your dream role, what role would you go for? What are your future plans?

Saikat: Ahhhhh, very difficult. There are so many. Every time I see a good movie I think if I could play this kind of a role. But right now the role that comes in my mind first is that of Aamir Khan’s in 'Rang de Basanti'. I have never ever in my wildest dream thought that I will be a part of this glamour industry. Now in two years I have done so many things. Naturally, not aware what awaits me in the next two years. I have never ever planned for my future. I am happy whatever way I am. Enjoying my life, living it fullest... ' Har pal yahan ji bhar jio ... jo ye sama... kal ho na ho' :)


  1. wish all those glittering "kaal" always..

  2. Well said...Wish u all the best for ur future aspects...want to see u as a shining wishes for u...keep it up..

  3. I am lucky to know you and have you as my big brother. GOD bless u bro!

  4. The pleasure is all mine...that you are in my life as a brother and an inspiration..Best wishes and Love..