Sunday, March 13, 2011

Woh 5 Din shown to a select audience in Dubai..

After doing a stint in Mumbai showcasing his short and a bit long films on under the banner of Malani Film Fest, Director Sundeep Malani took this idea a bit ahead - albeit this time to Dubai where he not only screened his short films – Jo Jo Lali, Shayad and Hum Tum aur Loan but also his thriller film Woh 5 Din.....  The film that premiered at Dubai was the icing on the cake as this was the first ever screening of the feature. We caught up the Director Sundeep Malani where he spoke about this film and his future ventures…

Films & TV: Woh 5 Din was premiered at Dubai at Malani Film Fest. How come the lead stars and the producer of the film were missing from a premiere show? Does that mean they don’t support their own ventures?
Sundeep Malani
Sundeep Malani: The Premiere of Woh 5 Din was decided on a last minute. Besides it wasn’t supposed to be on the agenda. And moreover, it was planned to be Malani Film Festival and the organizers were Mangaloreans who are known to me. They organized this event and had sponsored my show. Hence, my films short and feature were showcased in the festival that included Moments, Hum Tum Aur Loan, Jo Jo Laali, Shaayad – being Short Films. Miss California, SMS 6260 and Woh 5 Din – being feature films. I AM a Mangalorean and my community people are all in Dubai. They do such programs of having screened films from Mangaloreans, or Tulu and Konkani stage plays and variety entertainment. It was only from the directors perspective, that Woh 5 Din got premiered in the Fest. The lead actors and the producers would be definitely a part of all the events and show that we follow henceforth. Infact, there is going to be a Film Fest with Woh 5 Din screening in Bangalore shortly and everyone from the film is going to be present at the event

Films & TV: Woh 5 Din - What is it all about? 
Sundeep: Woh 5 Din is a fun filled suspense thriller. Its about four guys who are fed up of their daily hectic routine work and take a break to go for a outing to Nainital with the intention of coming back in 3 days. But their stay extends due to unavoidable circumstances that they fall into trouble and a trap involving a murder. One by one, everyone gets hooked. How is this mystery solved forms the crux of the story. While the first half is treated with fun and masti that is more of today’s film, the second half reminds you of the 80’s suspense drama. It was done on purpose so that one gets the feel of Ramsay ventures. Woh 5 din is a horror flick. It stars newcomers Piush Anand, Akash Hora, Hunny Hora, Anant Joshi and Barkat Khan. The female counterparts being Bhagyasri Rao, Jenica Kalra, Ruby Anand and Neha Yadav.

Films & TV: Is it a kind of DVD movie or will it ever hit the screens? What is the fate of such productions that are digitally shot and has no takers on the release circuit?
Sundeep: Woh 5 Din is a small budget film shot in digital format and is meant for satellite release. Its more of a film for the small screen. It could be released in big theatres too, and we are trying to have a tie up with the UFO movies, who do release such films via satellite in certain theatres all over India. These days entertainment has a high value at your living room. People do watch films at home and enjoy them. Zoom channel has started with screening films on Sunday that is meant to be only home theatre, which haven’t released in big screens. Woh 5 Din also falls in the same category. With distributors like Moserbaer, UTV and Zoom Theatre besides Satellite Rights – the release is perfect and has limited reach too.

Films & TV: At present you are launching Jaanleva 555. How different will this be from your short films? 
Sundeep: Jaanleva 555 is a full fledged feature film that will be released all over theatrically. This is nothing to do with those of my short films and the satellite film. Jaanleva 555 is a thriller and a love story. Its musical too with 8 tracks in the film. For the first time a new music director has composed the songs and are sung by Reality Show Toppers of 3 different channels. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Indian Idol and Voice of India. Even, the Choreographer happens to be from Dance India Dance.

Films & TV: Is it a kind of completely bollywood masala entertainer? On what format are you shooting? 
Sundeep: As told you, yes Jaanleva 555 is a complete bollywood film. Songs, Dance, Romance, Fun, Fights, Thrills and Chills. This film is shot in the latest Canon 5 D format that many of the filmmakers are recently trying. Even Ram Gopal Varma is shooting his next in the same format. The result of this technology is awesome as two Tamil films have been shot and released theatrically with brilliant output. It’s a Hollywood technique that is coming to India now and I am sure very soon everyone is going to use this technique for the production cost is going to be cheaper and better.

Films & TV: Will it be commercially released as it has non actors and new comers.
Sundeep: The film has Kalpana Pandit playing the lead role. She has been in the industry for quite some time. And with a earlier recent production Jo Jo Laali, she has proved by delivering a award winning performance. In this film, she plays a dual role and both the roles are different from each other and performance oriented. Besides her all the others are freshers and newcomers. I believe in working with newcomers and getting the best from them. You cant call them non actors because being newcomers, they are trained well. For that matter even today’s known stars don’t deliver well and are far behind than the new talents. And that is already proved via various reality shows. Yes, with such bunch of newbies, its going to be commercially released.

Films & TV: Any message that you would like to leave for your readers.
Sundeep: Do not judge a film by its medium. It may be short or feature, musical or thriller, known actors or freshers, theatrical or homely watch. Go via the content and the subject. After all, wherever you watch – the verdict has to be – Entertainment value and/or that leaves an impact with the message. And I am happy with the way I have made my films and has reached the audience via festivals and theatrical releases.

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