Friday, May 22, 2015

SmallBigIdea comes on the streets and converses with people for the Chutzpah Awards!

TheSmallBigIdea, which handles the social media mandate for &pictures, took to the streets of Mumbai to converse with people on Chutzpah! It is the world television premiere of the movie ‘Haider’ and &pictures is honouring all those cheeky Indians and audacious Events of the past year at the Chutzpah Awards!

Haider had created a furore in the country with its bold story and sensational dialogues. It also gave us Indians a word which became famous even before we knew what it meant! So, the best thing which could strike the right cord with the audience was the Street Interviews or Vox Pop as it is popularly known.

“The word ‘Chutzpah’ was an important element in the movie promotions when it was launched. We kept that at the core and evolved the ‘Chutzpah Awards’ from it. The nominations are totally crowdsourced and so will be the winners.” said Harikrishnan Pillai, Co-founder, TheSmallBigIdea.

The street interviews not only created an interest amongst them for the movie Haider, in which this particular word has been used, but also made them participate more actively in the nominations of the Chutzpah Awards!

TheSmallBigIdea conceptualized, executed & filmed the activity which has captured the imagination of people on the internet. The 4 minute long film is a stack of funny, mind-tickling conversations with the people we met on streets of Mumbai! It is a sure-shot entertainer and you won’t be able to hold back your laughter.

TheSmallBigIdea is a marketing consultancy started by 2 ex-consumer marketers Harikrishnan Pillai & Manish Solanki. They specialize in integration of traditional marketing initiatives with digital/social media activities, providing a 360 degree solution.

You can watch it here...

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