Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pop Star Arjun Kanungo’s Ek Dafaa Video has the cutest chemistry and we are obsessed!

You are about to become a huge Arjun Kanungo fan after watching this video. Most of the past few months heart throb Arjun has been teasing his fans with the upcoming song the audio of which was released on Jan 13. Within hours the song was trending on social platforms and fans went crazy.

Today, he released the official video for ‘Ek Dafaa’ and we are spell bound. The narrative is about a couples memories and the small moments they experience together that they cherish for a life time. The best part of the video is the suave Arjun Kanungo and how he always manages to impress us. His looks are definitely a thumbs up but this time he also exudes some great acting skills! The video also features the gorgeous Russian model Kseniia who definitely adds the sizzle!

Says Arjun, “ aadhaa adhura mein, tere bina tere siva! This is for my fans, thank you for being you. Hope you like it!  Watch, share and enjoy…”

Adds on Rohan Jha, Head Pop Sony Music India,“ When we were working on the song we knew the look and feel that we wanted to explore for the video. Arjun and Kseniaa look good together and we are confident fans will love it.”

The video is exclusively on Dekkho platform for 5 days post which will be available on Sony Music’s YouTube Channel. The overall classy and stylish look of the video will definitely get his fans to watch on loop. Also, we believe if 2017 will be known for anything it would be for this oh so cute song video, watch now!

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