Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Max, Discovery Plus new show "The Piece Maker" nominated for Best Travel / Adventure Show by the Critics' Choice Awards

Max, formerly HBOMax, Discovery+ and the Magnolia Network, the premier destination for compelling storytelling and inspiring content, new hit show "The Piece Maker," hosted by the talented Eric Dowdle, has been nominated for Best Travel or Adventure Show by the prestigious Critics' Choice Awards.

"The Piece Maker" follows the captivating journey of Eric Dowdle, celebrated folk artist and passionate world traveler, as he embarks on a quest to capture the soul and essence of various cities around the world through his unique art. With his paintbrush in hand, Eric takes viewers on an immersive adventure, unveiling the rich history, people and stories of each location he visits.

The Critics' Choice Awards, renowned for recognizing excellence in television and film, have honored "The Piece Maker" with a nomination in the highly competitive Best Travel or Adventure Show category. This recognition is a testament to the show's outstanding production quality, engaging storytelling, and Eric Dowdle's extraordinary ability to blend the adventure of travel and discovery into a beautiful piece of art.

Since its debut, "The Piece Maker" has received widespread acclaim from both viewers and critics alike. Eric Dowdle's infectious enthusiasm and genuine curiosity have struck a chord with audiences, making the show an instant fan favorite. The nomination from the Critics' Choice Awards further solidifies the show's impact in the travel and adventure genre.

"I am truly honored to be nominated for Best Travel or Adventure Show by the Critics' Choice Awards. This recognition is a testament to the incredible places and people I have had the privilege of meeting along this journey. I decided years ago that I wouldn’t paint a place unless I’d actually been there. Because I know if I can feel what makes it special, then you’ll be able to feel it too. I hope 'The Piece Maker' continues to inspire viewers to explore the world, appreciate different places and people, and to embrace their own creative passions,” said Eric Dowdle, host of "The Piece Maker."

Over the years Eric has traveled to over 500 places around the world to create his iconic paintings that then become his highly sought after collectible jigsaw puzzles. 

Magnolia Network is a leading entertainment destination that celebrates the power of human connection, authentic relationships, and inspiring spaces. Co-founded by Chip and Joanna Gaines. "The Piece Maker" joins a stellar lineup of original programming on the Magnolia Network, which includes a wide range of lifestyle, home and design shows that resonate with viewers seeking meaningful and uplifting content. The first season of “The Piece Maker” is available on the Magnolia Network and Max (formerly HBOMax and Discovery+). The winners of the Critics' Choice Awards will be announced during a star-studded ceremony on June 15th, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA.

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