Sunday, May 14, 2023

The first "Beauty with a Purpose" winner at Miss World, actress Pooja Chopra gets emotional

Pooja Chopra who won the title of Femina Miss India and the first "Beauty with a Purpose" winner at Miss World got emotional and shared a beautiful picture and a heartfelt message for her mother Neera Chopra.

At a time when most Bollywood celebrities are flooding the social media with pictures of their mothers on Mother's Day,Pooja decided to wish her fans and also urged them to not treat a girl child any differently from a boy. The post has some emotional incidents from Pooja’s childhood where she wrote about her single mother’s sacrifices and love and how she will always be her inspiration and hero.

Pooja Chopra went on to say,  "As I scrolled through my phone to find ‘the most perfect’ picture to post on Instagram for Mother’s Day, I came across more than a ton of ‘more-than-perfect’ memories. Nostalgia hits hard when you don’t stop and keep looking, spinning years, even decades. I have very few pictures from my childhood, but I vividly remember the memories of when they were all taken. Camera was a luxury while growing up as was having 3 square meals."

"Childhood pictures took me back to a time when I hated my mother leaving me and going to work every morning. I never understood why she had to go to work every day when all my other friends mum’s were home with them all day long. As a kid I thought maybe she didn’t love me enough, but it was only much later that I realized, she went to work only because she loved us more than she loved anything else in the world! I can only imagine the hardships you went through all by yourself and still showed us your big bright smile. Loved us both unconditionally and sacrificed so much silently. I still wonder how easy you made it seem, being the best mother and a perfect father at the same time," added Pooja.

"To the most resilient woman I know. My Mother. As a single mom you took on the world with courage and grace. You sacrificed, you toiled, you never gave up, you loved us with all that you had and gave us the best you possibly could. You’re my hero maa, my only source of motivation and strength. All I wish to do in this life is to make you proud, so proud that you forget all past pain and sadnesses. I know you expect nothing from me, from us but we wish to give you the world," she went on to add.

"The narrative that has followed me throughout my life has been “Abandoned by my father. Today I would like to change that narrative and proudly proclaim, “Chosen by my mother” Thank you for choosing me mumma❤️ You give me a sense of belonging and purpose. #ProudToBeAGirl  #MothersDayEveryDay. To all those who feel that the birth of a boy is a blessing and that of a girl is a burden, let me tell you it’s the girls like Avani Chaturvedi, Mithali Raj, Mary Kom, Deepa Mallik, Priyanka Chopra and so many others who have made our country proud. Gender should not define a child’s potential or the love they deserve. I wish no woman was ever shown the door or turned away just because she delivered a baby girl,” concluded Pooja Chopra on an emotional note.

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