Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Official LISFF 2013 Film Festival Screening line-up announced

Last Night the official 2013 Lakecity International Short Film Festival line-up was announced from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The selection committee saw 158 films submitted and while additional titles for the Non-Competition category will continue to be announced, this morning we got the full Competition lineup in the Short Fiction, Documentaries and Public Service Films and it looks amazing so far.

“We are delighted to announce the full list of films, which make up our Screening Programme at the 1st Lakecity International Short Film Festival 2013.  These films have been selected from the submission entries received alongside a specially curated list of short films in the Non-Competition category.  All in all we have a nice line up of the most interesting and intelligent films lined up for the jury and the audience,” said Ankit Tandon, Festival Programmer. “While 75 films have been selected in the Short Fiction Category, 9 Documentaries and 6 Public Service Films were additionally and separately selected.”

The list are as follows:
From DOCUMENTARIES Ajana Tir, Believe, eyecan, Goonj - The Empty Call, Notun Graamer Upokotha, Pansi Parar Chup Kotha,  Timbaktu and Women Prayed and Preyed Upon were selected.

From PUBLIC SERVICE FILMS - A Blind Story, Broken Angel, Isme Anna Kya Karenge, The Mind, The Truth Behind and Withdrawl were selected.

SHORT FICTION - NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL had the huge list that included 82, 10+7, 100 Degree Centigrade, 103 point 7, 13 Hours, A Desire to Fly, A Broken Reality, Aakhir - At Last, Aarush - the hunter, Aghavizhi, Alatchiyam, Bauchaar, Before I wake, Bheka, Biyaa, Breaking Views, C 299,792 km/s, Chappal Chor, Chhaayaa, Chitthi, Clock Anti-Clock, Consequences, Control Alt Delete, Curfew, Deep End, Fakebook, February 15th, Fifty Pence, Home, HU, Humsafar, I Don’t Know, Illusions, Inseperables, Inside Me, Jhumki, June, Kaleda Hani, Kanavugal, Kranti, Laughing Buddha, Love at First Sight, Lula, Lunch with my friends wife, Mehmaan, Monsoon Rains, MukhoMukhi, Nadaan Parindey, One Way, OP Stop Smelling Your Socks, Phone Box, Rha, Ria, Roadside Rockstar, Romeospikes, Runner, Scenes From Suburbia, Set you free, Sharing, Shyamli ek Pratha, Smile you're dead, Take Care, The Cold Side of the Pillow, The Dream, The Last Day, The Lost Paradise, The Naked with the Blind, The Truth Behind, The Wound, Titanic Love, Uh La La , Valentine, Vartul, What the Luck and Within were selected.

“First and foremost, we would like to offer a “BIG Thank You to Each & Everyone” who submitted a film. We do understand that many of you are disheartened not to find your film in the list, but believe me, our selection panel had a hard and trying time to really select the best from the rest. Its not that the unchosen ones were not good, but the others were better and best among them. The next time, we are sure, you film is sure to be amongst the chosen ones,” said Mahua Mazumdar, Festival Co-ordinator.

Annwoy Banerjee, Festival curator mentions that “For a full timetable of the screenings, the schedule will be released on the 22nd August. So, remember to check on the website (www.lisff.com) and the facebook page (www.facebook.com/lisff) to start planning the films you want to see.” Screenings will take place at one of the swankiest auditoriums in Bhopal over the 29th to 31st August and the finale and the closing films on the 1st September 2013. The screenings are FREE to all registered delegates. If you haven't done so already, register now.

The 2013 Lakecity International Short Film Festival will take place from August 29-01 September and you can find all of LISFF coverage right here and there is plenty more to come. Stay tuned!

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