Saturday, August 3, 2013

‘Hit Machine’ Rohit Shetty on UTV Star’s Breakfast to Dinner

This week, UTV Stars will see one of the Bollywood’s most talented directors – Rohit Shetty on Breakfast to Dinner, the show that gives you a peek into the day to day lives of your favourite celebrities.

Breakfast to Dinner divulges Rohit’s life off-screen as he divulges tricks on juggling between his hectic work schedule and personal life to his fans. Witness the post productionwork of one of the most awaited Rohit Shetty films, Chennai Express as the director opens up about his future plans on the show.

Rohit’s day is filled with shoots, meetings and promotions and so he shares his stress-busting techniques and favourite past time with the viewers.The camera follows him from his office to the mixing-studio to Filmcity. With one of the biggest release around the corner his day is filled with never ending multi-tasking.While Rohit gears up for his busy days, his mischievous side remains unhidden. He plays a prank on his staff, all of whom arefound sleeping. This fun-loving director’s love for video games is revealed as he plays with the assistant directors to unwind. He also introduces his personal chef who is the secret behind his health and diet.

Rohit reveals how Deepika is a foodie and SRK being exactly opposite. He gives the viewers a walk through his office and plays a game of pool. It seems like Rohit is quite a believer of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and so he rightly balances his life with a mix of hard-work and entertainment. Fun is never over for this enthusiast and even while he bids goodbye to the viewers, he pulls a prank on one of the production guys.

Catch Rohit Shetty’s life beyond the director’s chair only on UTV Stars BREAKFAST TO DINNER on Sunday 4th August, 2013 at 7:00pm

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