Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anmol Productions to shoot Pragaash in Kashmir

Anmol Productions is all set to shoot their new project “Pragaash” in the valley of Kashmir. Popular for narrating stories on human bonding and relationships, Anmol's latest venture Pragaash to be directed by Award winning director Mohan Das will be made in Hindi, English and Kashmiri.

A film production company initially incepted ‘Shree Anmol Productions’ that is surging ahead in the global entertainment industry, Anmol Productions was founded in 2007 by Madhavanand Bhatt, one of the most successful and well known Navi Mumbai based builder and developer. Spearheaded by daughter Twishaa Sandhu who is also an actress, Anmol Productions has been professionally managed and continues to strengthen and streamline all its activities in Film Production, Television, Music and Home Entertainment.

Speaking about the project, Twishaa Sandhu says, “I always wanted to shoot in Kashmir. But given the conditions in Kashmir, it wasn’t feasible earlier to think of a project there as my near and dear ones always asked me to think twice before venturing into a place that was not a “Paradise” any more. Rather all advise her against, given the political tensions, bomb blasts, and insurgency and militancy problems coupled with bloodshed that they keep on reading in newspapers and on news channels. However, the chance story of the Kashmiri all-girl rock band - Pragaash forced to disband in Kashmir by an issuance of fatwa made me decide to go and work on a story there.”
Twishaa Sandhu

“This will be Anmol Productions’ maiden venture in virgin Kashmir. With this film, we are not trying to probe into what was right or not, but rather we will be trying to portray Kashmir as the same valley of romance as shown in films. At the same time, we would be focusing on the light-hearted people the Kashmiri’s are,” added Twishaa.

Based on a story, screenplay by Mohan Das, the film will have a strong emotional narrative in Hindi, English and Kashmiri with real life characters from the valley. Apart from showcasing the beautiful locales of Dal Lake, the Nigeen Lake, Pari Mahal, Shalimar Gardens, Nishat Bagh, Hazrat Bal Mosque, the Jama Masjid and the Kashmir University, the film will also capture the stretch from Srinagar to Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Sonamarg.

Speaking about this film, director Mohan Das says, “This film takes off with the search of a filmmaker who come to Kashmir to do a story on the Pragaash Band. But wherever she goes, she is met and greeted with warmth and love. Neha comes across a different Kashmir not projected in the news. She tries to soak in the beauty of the valley and the hospitality of its folks as much as possible. Such is the strong undercurrent that she is totally mesmerized by its natural beauty.”

“However, in this search I also come across some very good people, some indifferent and some completely bizarre. I don’t want to reveal much, but yes, it will be a soft romantic story with high paced drama, making the watching engrossing to captivate the audiences,” Twishaa said. “Though many films are shot here, yet what has never been shown across is the beautiful minds of the people here. The hearts of people as pure as snow and the warmth that exudes not from the Kangri, but from within their hearts. This project is going to showcase both – the beauty of Kashmir vis-a-vis the beauty of people on the inside, not the outside,” she expressed.
Mohan Das

“Apart from our lead actress Twishaa, the film will also feature real life characters including the guitarist and lead singer of the Kashmir-based band ValleyBoyz, Having an electic mix of the reel and the real, most of the characters filmed are from the valley and are real life characters. While the reel characters are played by Twishaa Sandhu, Sandesh Gour, Hira Mehta, Saurabh Jadhav and others, the male lead is being played by Mohammad Rafi who is playing himself in the film. Similarly, the characters Parul, Manshaa Dar, Wasim, Adil, the Shikara wala Hilal, his accomplice, the Auto Driver are all for real. The real characters are from Kashmir to give it the film the required authenticity,” said Mohan Das.

“The entire film will be a visual treat, using good cinematography for a fantastic cinematic experience of a beautiful romantic story that unfolds visually to enthrall and captivate the audiences. There will be a song incorporated in the film that will capture the theme of the film. The editing will be crisp and fast paced, that will maintain the pace of the film. Moreover, the packaging of the entire film will not only be entertaining visually but also cinematically and a sure shot winner,” concluded Mohan Das.

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