Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kangana Ranaut, the first to fight back on HallaBol in the first episode of the show

As Hall aBol’s first episode premieres with the feisty Kangana Ranaut, she will appear as a youth icon sharing her views on eve teasing as a menace.The first episode narrates areal life inspired story about this largely prevalent issue.

The victim, Isha’s story starts in a crowded bus while travelling to her college. Two eve teasers try to get close to a school going girl, Swati. Isha realizes this and tries to protect her from the guys, who in turn try to teach Isha a lesson by unzipping her dress. This incident shocks Isha and she reacts immediately by slapping them. Although the men pose a real threat to them, the apprehensive ladies are reluctant to lodge a police complaint out of concern to their families. Next day, as Isha gets off the bus, the bullies follow her and try to grab her, but she manages to escape. Immersed in a state of shock, Isha requests her brother to drop her to college but they still try to harass and abduct her. Although Isha’s brother saves her in the nick of time, her family is left extremely worried.

After the dreadful incident, Isha is grounded at home but decides it’s time to take a concrete action against these eve teasers.

To watch how Isha Fights back, whether she manages to teach them a lesson or gets in to further trouble, tune into Halla Bol, this Friday, 28th February, 2014 at 7 pm on bindass

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