Monday, March 3, 2014’s Short Story Writing Workshop 2014 a grand success held a Short Story Writing Workshop on the 1st and 2nd of March, 2014.The workshop which was being conducted at Fort, Mumbai had been designed as an idea-fuelled event. It was a highly interactive and intellectually inspiring program aimed specially at people who wish to take their writing to the next level by improving their creative writing skills in fiction. Many aspects such as Plotting, Characterization, Dialogue, Point of View and a lot more was covered during the two-day workshop.

The first day of the workshop had two sessions; the first session began with reading of a short story by the very talented conductor of the workshop, by Mrs. Renu Balakrisnan. The second session was an exciting discussion on ‘The Elements of good Short Story Writing’. The heartening aspect of this session was the creative spirit that was seen in all the attendees which included group of creative writing students, aspiring writers, journalists. The first day turned out to be action-packed and thought-provoking. In short,’s Literary Workshop provided the much-needed and sought-after chance to interact with a brilliant group of people and to learn about Short Story Writing.

On the second day, the focus was on getting the participants to begin writing different pieces based on the elements that were discussed on Day 1 and comparing and assessing the structures of the same - one of the most essential aspects of the workshop. This was followed by the final assignment given to the participants; to begin writing their short story to create a short story collection, which added to the dimensions covered by as a workshop event. “I’ve never seen such a lovely and vibrant group, and I hope one day they all become successful authors”. Mrs. Balakrishnan said. All in all, the program was replete with spectacular group of participants and Mrs.Balakrishnan bringing alive the atmosphere with interesting discussions. The most excellent part about the workshop is that the participants have been given the chance to get published with

Mrs. Balakrishnan who conducted the workshop writes book reviews for Elan magazine and has conducted writing workshops for teachers in schools and colleges. She has attended a Master in Education course at Oxford Brookes University, UK, and Creative Writing programs at the New School, New York. is a publishing services provider and currently provides editorial, design, self publishing, book marketing and distribution services for English fiction and non-fiction. It provides best in class services in each of the above categories and wishes to help writers improve their craft. This is why they are coming up with Literary Workshops as well.

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