Monday, March 3, 2014

Irfan Khan endorses ENVY 1000, a leading ‘All Perfume, No Gas’ deodorant

ENVY 1000, has appointed Irfan Khan as its brand ambassador, justifying the products real value positioning as Irfan represents real values of real men.

It’s time to extend the ENVY 1000 experience into your daily grooming regime. Developed by Vanesa Care, Envy 1000 is an exciting new men’s deodorant without any gas. With a lively, international scent, this long-lasting deodorant provides all-day or all-night protection, and indeed it will set the trend of Deodorants with No Gas, by giving complete value for money  – says Irfan Khan, the eminent classic actor.

Mr. Saurabh Gupta, Director, said, “With Irfan, we plan to strengthen ENVY 1000 connect with the real men. ENVY 1000, All Deodorant Perfume, No Gas with guaranteed 1000 sprays, is a product that reflects the evolution of the brand in keeping with the changing consumer attitudes. “As a real Man icon, Irfan is a trend-setter and appeals to real men audience. His style, charisma and attitude are reflected in the sentiments of millions of Male Indians who aspire to be Real themselves. He brings with himself a refreshing all the time which we believe will go a long way in reinforcing universal appeal for the brand as the way Irfan quote in his own realistic style justifying the Realistic of the product ENVY 1000, “No Hawabazi Sirf Deo” Gupta added.

Vanesa Care the manufacturer of Envy 1000 is a fully integrated manufacturing company with the balanced mix of marketing and retailing. The company is well equipped with modern infrastructure in manufacturing and retail, and produces a wide range of quality Deodorant Perfume Sprays for men and women.

With dedicated attention to quality and dynamic marketing ENVY 1000 has fast  grown to be the most competitive brand in India.

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