Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Narad Muni ties the knot: Swarg-Lok in shock

This week, Narayan Narayan Chulbule Narad Ki Natkhat Leelayen will bring forth a bag full of laughter and surprises. Narad Muni, the most eligible bachelor of Swarg-Lok who decided not to marry ever will be seen getting hitched in the most unusual manner. Mischievous Narad famous for creating trouble gets into a puddle himself. With a lot of hilarity and comical errors, be a part of Narad Muni’s entertaining journey this Friday, April 17 at 8:00 PM on Big Magic.

The episode unfolds with Vishnu and Narad Muni passing through a forest where lord Vishnu feels thirsty and requests Narad for some water. Near the water well, Narad’s eyes falls on a girl named Maya and he soon forgets about Vishnu and starts following her. Narad visits her home, meets her parents and they tie the knot. In short span of time Narad becomes a family man and father to 3. He disowns veena and kartaal and lives a common man’s life. Seeing this scenario, there is havoc everywhere, where Goddess Lakshmi, Apsara Vatsla and Lord Shiv all are left dazed with Narad’s doings. What trouble did Narad Muni invite by getting married? Has the great Saint denounced his godly stature for real?

Catch the never seen before story of Narad Muni this Friday, April 17 at 8:00 PM on Big Magic.

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