Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The energetic and effervescent Ranveer Singh’s phenomenal covers

There are many facets to Ranveer Singh, as is evident by the diverse cover shoots that the actor has recently been a part of. Not only are each of the shoots varied but they also showcase a different aspect of his personality!

In the past many have pronounced Ranveer to be an energetic and effervescent personality but that is just one of the facets of his persona.Ranveer is a complete surprise package, switching between personas with great ease leaving his fans waiting with bated breath at what’s next!

As has been showcased in his various magazine interviews, he loves doing things differently and refuses to be typecast whether it is his fashion quotient (the lad has single handedly brought hats back into vogue), the roles he takes up, the brands he endorses or the way he endorses them! He relies on his instincts and does what resonates with him no matter the risk. Be it accepting a Bang Bang dare from Hrithik, Doing the Rex or then going completely cerebral at the India Today Conclave and mentoring the young achievers at the Forbes 30 Under 30 event, surprising the gathered crowd with an in-depth well thought out, engrossing yet unusually filmy presentation on the evolution of cinema.

So what’s next on Ranveer’s agenda you might ask? Well that’s something you never know when it comes to Ranveer Singh……the only guarantee you have, is  that it will be super exciting and different!!!!

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