Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Investment banker Sujaya Moghepadhye organizes Nanhee to support kids fighting cancer

Sujaya Moghepadhye, Cofounder, Jaya Foundation (Head Equity Capital Market - Execution at Edelweiss Financial Services Limited and co-founder Jaya Foundation) organised fund raising musical event ‘Nanhee’, in Mumbai on 7 October 2016. to support children suffering from the deadly disease. Jaya Foundation is an institution that provides aid, care and assistance and creates awareness on cancer. Funds raised will be used to facilitate treatment of kids who are suffering from cancer but due to lack of adequate funds are deprived of proper treatment.

The event witnessed live performances by Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts (SNDA) and also had artiste Saurabh Nimbkar playing songs on his guitar. SNDA’s production “DHRUT” is an internationally acclaimed performance, which has recently been presented in New York in August 2016. Saurabh Nimbkar plays the guitar in Mumbai Locals to collect funds for supporting patients in KEM & other NGOs, after having lost his mother to cancer.

Added Sujaya Moghepadhye of Jaya Foundation, “Jaya Foundation is a non-profit making foundation created to support cancer victims and their families! Nanhee means younger one and they are our lives. Seeing young ones in the terrible pain of cancer is difficult for anybody. We come together as a group of people, do an event and raise funds for supporting young cancer victims. Many people came forward and connected to the cause. Singer dancer choreographer Saurabh Nimbkar saw his mother suffering from cancer and he does different kinds of street & stage shows to collect funds for cancer affected.

An investment banker by profession, Sujaya Moghepadhye adopted Gandhian principles of service to nation due to a personal tragedy. “My mom fought the cancer battle till her last breath and she passed away six months after being diagnosed with it. We have seen the pain, agony, helplessness and after effects of chemotherapy. It’s an emotional battle too – pretending in front of the patient that everything is fine and then crying in corners. While going to the hospital with my mother, I saw lot of kids suffering. The disease is painful and resources are scant. I learnt that children have higher chances of survival if cancer is detected early. However, many children from underprivileged sections of society don’t have adequate resources for pre- and post-treatment. So along with friends, I decided to do something and started a movement. Even amongst friends, I realized that everyone has certain tragedies in their family and wanted to join hands. I shared about ‘Nanhee’ with my cook and she contributed half of her month’s salary towards the cause.”

“We acknowledge companies such as Intex Technologies for associating with Jaya Foundation and with the cause of supporting so many Nanhee’s. It is heartening to note that the company’s CSR philosophy is to influence its legacy of technology innovation to positively influence societies and human life, and offer new opportunities to more people,” Sujaya added.

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