Saturday, October 29, 2016

Turkish stars celebrate Diwali in India

Popular Turkish shows - Feriha, Fatmagul and Little Lord - currently being aired on Zindagi have wowed Indian audiences with its fresh faces and beautiful storyline.  The internationally renowned actors of the show are being admired for their acting prowess, charming personalities and their relatable character portrayals. ‘Feriha’, ‘Ali’ and ‘Erdogan’ albeit their on-screen names, have all become famous in Indian households in their respective shows. And now to make this festive season more exciting they i.e. Hazal Kaya (Feriha), Kaan Tasaner (Erdoğan Yaşaran) and Sarp Levendoglu (Ali) were in the city as part of the high level Turkish delegation. They were elated with the overwhelming response from Indian fans & media. The actors were excited to be in the city during the festive season and loved the festive mood. The charming actors sportingly wished all their fans in India a Very Happy Diwali & Happy New Year!

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL), Chief Business Officer, Mr. Sunil Buch said, “Our Turkish shows are a testament of Zindagi’s commitment to bring compelling and differentiated content from across the world. Our first Turkish show Feriha was a runaway success followed by Fatmagul and now the recently launched Little Lord is being appreciated. These shows have resonated well with the audience and have been seen as a breath of fresh air.” 

Audiences have flooded the channel with an overwhelming response of appreciation mentioning that they are hooked to the Turkish shows due to the relatable and talented acting, good looking actors, realistic and scenic locales along with the good storytelling that have struck a chord with viewers in India. These shows have not only got the viewers hooked on to their screens but has also helped Zindagi garner impressive ratings in the premium category.

Few lucky Zindagi viewers were given the opportunity to meet their favourite actors in Mumbai. Acknowledging her fans in India and being appreciative of how well Feriha was received in India, the gorgeous Hazal was excited to meet some of her fans in India. Hazal Kaya plays the title role in Feriha and wished her fans, “I love my Indian fans, Happy Diwali and Happy New Year!”
The charming Kaan Tasane seen as Erdoğan Yaşaran in Fatmagul and the good looking actor, Sarp Levendoglu seen as Mehmet’s father, Ali in Little Lord also wished their fans “Happy Diwali & Happy New Year.”

After the phenomenal success of Feriha, Zindagi presented two more specially handpicked shows from Turkey, Fatmagul and Little Lord.  Fatmagul airing at 9:00 PM is the story of an innocent girl whose fairy-tale life is turned into a nightmare when she gets raped and is forced to marry the accused. Little Lord currently airing at 7:30 PM is a light-hearted Turkish drama, about the endearing tale of a parent-child relationship seen through the lens of a six year old, Mehmet.

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