Saturday, January 23, 2016

Code Red by Shantanu Dhar is a tale of intrigue, treachery, violence and untold horror across 3 continents

Ardhendu Bose, the vampire, is now a hired mercenary working for the CIA. Damon Broadus, the African-American CIA agent, leads a covert war against vampires, using Ardhendu as a front. The MI6 and CIA have joined hands to wipe out vampires in a top secret mission called Code Red. The best scientists of the MI6 have taken over the research of the late Dr Amitava Bose and they discover that vampires give off an invisible glow, which can be seen only by using heat-seeking satellite imaging technology. Through this, they discover that the vampires of the world are congregating in a hitherto unexplored, part of the Amazon rainforest.

Every animal has a natural predator... It's time humans had one too! After the fall of The Company RED in India, Ardhendu the vampire and 6 mercenaries are hired by the CIA and the MI6 to lead the covert war against vampires across Europe and the US. But deep in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest, all the vampires of the world seem to be congregating. The MI6 and the CIA are at a loss to know why. Damon Broadus, the CIA agent sends these 7 mercenaries to find out what is happening in that dense and dangerous jungle. A tale of intrigue, treachery, violence and untold horror unfolds across 3 continents in a mission called Code Red!

Born in 1968 in Kolkata, Shantanu Dhar earned a Bachelor's in English from the University of Pune and a Ms. in Human Resource Development from Pittsburg State University in Kansas, USA. He is currently employed with a major Indian conglomerate.He regularly writes on human behavior at the workplace in business magazines.

Code Red of The Red Trilogy, is a horror-cum-psychological thriller that takes place across the UK, the US and the Amazon rainforest. An international thriller, Code Red is a fast-paced story that raises several thought-provoking questions. The Company Red: The first book in The Red Trilogy, is a dark and sinister unfolding of hunts, blurring lines between vampires and humans, that wreak havoc in the life of Ardhendu Bose, a fatherless, middle-class Bengali boy in search of an extraordinary existence. This novel is fast on way to be filmed as the veteran film maker, Satish Kaushik, plans on making a major motion picture on the same.

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