Friday, January 22, 2016

Xtra power deodorant by Envy 1000

Envy 1000 evolving as a top brand from Vanesa Care, one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Care products has introduced its new Envy 1000 “Torque” and “Energy” for the man who desires a refreshing start to their day. The deodorants are specifically designed with extra power capacity, which will make you feel refresh throughout the day.

Xtra Power is an impactful, warm & masculine fragrance accentuated by energy, masculinity and strength. It promises to give you long freshness with a strong, masculine fragrance. Expect this deodorant to please your senses and keep you feeling charged all day long.

The Envy 1000 Torque epitomizes raw force with a powerful new fragrance to get your pulse racing. The opening notes are fresh grape fruit that brings in a gush of confidence. The middle notes are aromatic, fresh and spicy with a woody base of patchouli, oakmoss and amber. Now with Xtra Powerful Envy 1000 Torque make winning hearts and race a habit.

Envy 1000 Energy is power fragrance for the man who has ‘never say die’ spirit towards life.  Zest of this powerful fragrance comes from its top notes which consist of green apple and grape fruit middle consist of carnation, sage and geranium while base notes are enriched patchouli , fir and cedar. With Envy 1000 Energy by your side be ready to conquer world.

Mr. Saurabh Gupta, Director - Marketing, Vanesa Care, states Indian youth are now fast maturing into quality seekers who are not ready to compromise on either performance or the style and needs value in their every spends. We have developed ultra stylish and xtra powerful Envy 1000 Energy and Torque understanding the same mindset.

Envy 1000 “Energy” and “Torque” are easily available at Rs. 195/- each at all major retail outlets across India.

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