Tuesday, January 19, 2016

From negative to Positive, Saheem Khan turns over a new leaf

Actor Saheem Khan who has been mostly seen in negative roles in his various episodic stints of Crime Patrol and Savdhan India is going for a super image makeover. However this makeover is also laced initially with a negative image as a stalker to finally emerge ‘positive’ for Sony TV’s popular series, Crime Patrol.

In this special episode that will show Saheem in a negative to turn positive role will be aired on 20 and 21st January, and revolves around Saheem’s character who is a stalker. This stalker starts stalking Mansi a beautiful girl whom he sees by the roadside enjoying pani puri with her best friend. Scarred and marred by the incidents, she goes and complaints at the local police station. However, as the stalker continues to stalk her, she goes to stay at an undisclosed location as suggested by the police. But he ends up there too. She’s too scared and worried and rushes to the police station and charges them with being in connivance with the stalker and giving him her details.

The story continues and Mansi realizes that the stalker is a police inspector by the name of Prashant Bhortake. However, Mansi will prove to be a master at the game, and she will tactfully get the inspector suspended from duty, for having stalked her, and for putting a false charge on her. Now she starts playing the game and ends up in Bhortake’s house and challenges him. This will be when the viewers will start wondering what the girl is upto. But with the story progressing, her real criminal attitude will come out. It eventually gets revealed that Bhortake was actually stalking the girl Mansi, as he believes she must have apparently killed her husband. The story will then deal with the way in which Prashant will return with full gusto to catch Mansi red-handed as the killer of her husband.

Produced by Purple Canvas Productions, this special episode that will showcase Saheem as an inspector has been directed by Lalit Marathe, who has in the past directed Ram Gopal Verma’s movie Chapri, starring Isha Koppikar. While Saheem is playing Prashant Bhortake, Jia Mustafa of Pavitra Rishta fame is essaying the role of Mansi. On this wonderful opportunity in a positive role, Saheem says: “Yes, this is a big opportunity for me. I have the experience of being part of 56 episodes of Crime Patrol and around 85 episodes of Savdhan India. I have also done two Bollywood movies as lead, but all the roles on TV have been negative. For the first time, I will be playing a cop for Crime Patrol and I am super excited about it. Even my fans will love me in a police avatar and I think the uniform suits me.”

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