Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Will Roberts wins Best Dramatic Actor in “Signal” at Vegas Film Festival

Will Roberts, lead actor in the Diogo Morgado film, Signal, won Best Dramatic Actor at X World Short Film Festival this last week at the Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas. This is Will Roberts' second Best Actor award for the film Signal. The Will Roberts-NewsBlaze partnership on writing, editing and video production began in 2007 and continues strong today. 

“Will Roberts is a long-time partner to NewsBlaze, a living tour de force whose ingenuity and ability to see the future helps drive projects forward from one success to another,” said Alan Gray, NewsBlaze CEO. “We knew back in 2007 that we were great partners for each other, and we are over the moon to see him excelling in film.” 

Originally Will was slated to receive this Best Actor award last year, however, because of Covid the festival did not happen in person and was moved to in-person in 2021 at the X World Short Film Festival in Las Vegas. 

“It was great to see people back in theaters and the energy in the theater was high that night as awards were given out.” Will Roberts said. 

An actor and a skilled voice talent, providing the high-quality voice-over for online and radio commercials, Will Roberts has been an SAG actor for 37 years. As a professional cowboy, Will is a Guinness World Record Gun Spinner, a whip artist and trick roping expert, with a variety of other talents, including clowning and dancing. Will was an on-air FOX Kids host for 7 years in Northern California and performed on the Las Vegas strip with the renowned Cirque du Soleil in "Viva Elvis." Most recently Will appeared on the Ellen show as the dancing Dad. Will's recent TV and films include "Lucifer," "Amazon," "The West and the Ruthless," Disney's "ABCD2" shot in India, and "Ibot," a feature film in distribution in China.

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