Sunday, February 26, 2012

BIG CBS SPARK launches ‘The Great GIG in the Sky’ - The ultimate music destination

The ultimate music destination, BIG CBS Spark further adding to its music offering, launches a new show with an eclectic twist – titled - The Great Gig in the Sky. The show comes with an unusual concept wherein indie-rock artists or bands come out of their recording studios and create music, out in the open. This one of a kind show which provides a wholesome experience by mingling nature with music is conceptualized by Jumpstart. The show will launch this March.

The Great Gig in The Sky looks at music in its most pure and natural form. The show takes the artist on a 2-day trip into the vast outdoors where, at one with nature, the artists along with the other participants in the group, play their hearts out. This is an only acoustic session and does not include any electronic sound amplification.

The Great Gig in The Sky showcases some of the foremost independent artistes in the country and samples their music in its most raw form. The show dwells into the lives of these independent musicians and showcases their most famous works and gives a glimpse into what they are currently working on. The appeal of the show is to get to know the artists as intimately as the people who accompany them on the camping experience.

The show was launched by renowned names from the music industry such as “Indie-Mainstream crossover” musician and singer Nikhil D’Souza, National Award winning lyricist, playback singer and writer for television, film and theatre Swanand Kirkire, songwriter and music composer Ankur Tewari and singer, songwriter and drummer Sidd Coutto.

This offering comes with BIG CBS Spark’s sharpening of its music positioning, while keeping with its recent campaign called ‘Choose Your Set-Top-Box Wisely’, designed to increase awareness and empower consumers with adequate information to make the right choice while choosing their set top boxes, while parallely enabling operators to build their brand equity. Reliance Broadcast Network has a robust well crafted 7 channel and is ready to maximize from the digital wave.

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