Thursday, June 28, 2012

Designer JJ Valaya unfolds his Royal Roots on ‘I Love Style powered by KARMIK’ only on BIG CBS Love

This week on I Love Style powered by Karmik, India's elite designer, JJ Valaya who is known for his ability to combine clothes and constant experimentation will feature on the show as the fashion mentor. His exquisite creations that juxtapose elements of grandeur & exquisite craftsmanship and Western & Indian silhouettes are a trademark. On I Love Style powered by Karmik, on BIG CBS Love, this week, this stylish trendsetter will also showcase some of his KARMIK creations to the style hungry viewers.

Veteran designer JJ Valaya hails from the royal city of Jodhpur and that is why royal and opulent inspirations can be seen in all his collections. His latest collection which got standing ovation at the Grand Finale of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week was inspired from his recent travel to Turkey and the royal opulence there.

The year 2012 is a special one for JJ Valaya as it marks his completion of 2 decades in the Indian Fashion Industry. Mr. Valaya has had many muses from around the world who swear by his designs. These include everyone from the Monarchs of the Middle East to Bollywood actresses. His latest muse Kangana Ranaut has already appointed him for her Trousseau Couture, whenever she marries, that is.

And besides this couture expedition, he is even more excited to be associated with KARMIK – where his clothes will be worn by women across the country. As he puts in his own words, “With Karmik, a person for whom designer-wear is an aspiration will be able to buy one and a person who is a notch higher will be very comfortable buying several instead of one. So you are going to be really attracting two different segments of the market and putting them on a very similar sort of a platform. You are really looking at a brand propagating Indian designer clothes at a level which is much higher than anything which is done before.”

He will be featured in a special segment KARMIK stylicious for five days Mon-Fri starting 25th June….

The other segments on the show also have jewelry for the bride by Alpana Gujral, daughter of the famous painter Satish Gujral. Her exclusive pieces carry her artistic stamp in each piece. There’s also Rajeev Arora’s Amrapali design. The real jewelry is inspired by the royal gharanas. This is not it, for the fashion conscious---great branded footwear and hand bags and lots more in the episode.

So catch the Couture Maharaja JJ Valaya, this week, Monday to Friday at 10 pm on I Love Style powered by Karmik only on BIG CBS Love.

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