Friday, June 28, 2013

Get ready for riotous laughter and entertainment with BIG RTL Thrill 's new game show ‘Hole in the Wall’

If daily soaps and saas-bahu sagas are not your thing and you have seen every movie that TV has to offer, then BIG RTL Thrill has something just for you. Bringing the entertainment back into television is BIG RTL Thrill, the action entertainment destination for men launching the latest season of exciting game show, ‘Hole in the Wall’! Starting July 1, watch contestants of all shapes and sizes jump, dive and squeeze their way through an oncoming motorized wall to avoid getting tossed in the water.

During each 30 minute episode of Hole in the Wall, the task at hand gets tougher with the wall shapes getting harder and looming faster, as the stakes increases. The show will feature two teams with three contestants each, dressed in quirky colorful costumes with cushioned gears ready to face the wall and take on the opposing team in this watery battle. As the moving wall speeds towards the waiting team players, they are required to align themselves according to the shape in the approaching wall, all in seven seconds or be ready to take the plunge! The game requires quick thinking and clever teamwork to keep dry and score higher points. The show promises to engage the viewers with the hilarious antics of its participants.

Get ready to soak up the fun with ‘Hole in the Wall’ every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm as the channel will be airing all new episodes of the fun game show starting July 1 only on BIG RTL Thrill.

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