Monday, June 10, 2013

Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival launches this October

Love for films. Short Films. Documentary Films. Public Service Announcement. Feature Films. Female Filmmakers…Spotlight on Women’! A short compilation of the new vogue in town the Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (MWIFF) 2013! An Oculus Creations presentation, MWIFF 2013 is where you want to be!

With 7 different categories to choose from, including participation and viewing experience, MWIFF comes to hometown ‘Mumbai’ in the month of October 2013. May it be the love for films or ‘Cinema’ as they say it, both behind the camera as the ‘makers’ or the ‘creators’ as well as in front of the camera as the ‘watchers’ or even the critiquing ‘spectators’, MWIFF has everything in its bag for a great show with a distinctive twist of having maximum women filmmakers on board! Not only celebrating film and art but celebrating the hard work of women!

The four categories for under the ‘Competition Section’ has Short-Film, Documentary Film which has films having at least one female in either Direction, Cinematography, Editor, Screenplay and Story, with a time limit of 45 minutes and 60 minutes respectively. The third category is where they give you a chance to have your own adaptation on our theme “social cause of women”, in which entries are acceptable from both Men as well as Women, providing the time limit to be within 5 minutes and strictly going with the theme only; this category is what they call the ‘HER’ Film! Our fourth category is the Feature Film in which the film has to have the Director as a female and a running time of minimum 70 minutes at the least!

‘Women’ forms a key role in this festival, and so in the Non-Competition Section, they present films, all having Women as the directors of Feature Films, divided in 3 categories, World Cinebusters, where MWIFF will present films of women filmmakers, both full length feature film and full length documentary film, that have either won or been nominated in any major film festivals around the globe. Second category is the World Panorama where films made by women; remarkable both on critique level as well as commercial level have been accepted and left a mark on the silver screen; we invite those films on our ‘Pink’ screen of MWIFF 2013, to have chance to watch them one-more-time.

The last category stands, however a little unique where they give a chance to women-directed films to be ‘premiered’ at MWIFF 2013; films which have not been shown or screened anywhere, films that will be watched for the first-time ever as a grand opening on this platform with a global audience! This section, however, mainly aims at invited films but women filmmakers are welcomed if we have missed out on you!

So, this is what MWIFF will have for their film-loving audience, but if you are keen for the entertainment factor that they offer, get connected with them at where you will be surprised to discover many wild surprises! MWIFF promises a fun, film and frolic packed show of 5 days with a main motive- ‘Spotlight on Women’!

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