Thursday, June 20, 2013

Triple Dose of stunts on Fear Factor : Fear takes the form of handcuffs this week

Danger was always on the menu of Fear Factor, but what you've seen till date was just a glimpse of the danger that these intense stunts involve. This week’s episode on BIG RTL Thrill’s Fear Factor will witness contestants experiencing a high dose of Fear - something that they have never experienced before. As the theme suggests, the contestants will be handcuffed. But the activity that follows is bound to leave the contestants shivering… With a will of steel and a hard attitude, the contestants will keep you on the edge of your seat with adrenaline pumping action with unimaginable stunts.

Fear Factor constantly strives to bring higher levels of daredevil acts beyond the human grasp. Be it Insect ingestion and digestion or grueling tasks like rescuing your partner, contestants’ never say die attitude will be challenged again. This week, the show promises a high voltage of action thrills and excitement as the stunts get three times more challenging and so does the danger level. This week’s rugged tasks will be crazier than ever, as contestants’ patience will be tested as they are handcuffed while dealing with various obstacles and hurdles that promises to make their journey to freedom that much more difficult. If you are claustrophobic and have a problem with putting your head into things, then this week’s stunts is bound to up that nervous energy keeping your eyes glued to your television sets to figure what comes next!

Hold on to dear life as Fear Factor will take the viewers on a roller coaster ride of extreme stunts, galloping emotions and never seen before action. Fear Factor is a triple dose of everything from action to stunts. Will the contestants kick off with a bang? Will they prove their mettle? To find out, tune into Fear Factor, this Friday at 9:00 PM

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