Thursday, July 18, 2013

BIG RTL THRILL pays tribute to Bruce Lee on his 40th Death Anniversary

Martial Arts enthuse us all – but it’s only once in a lifetime that a Martial Arts Master makes a deep impression in the minds of the viewers such that the world celebrates not only his birthday, but also worships him on his Death Anniversary. Such is the power of an artist – and BIG RTL THRILL, India’s premier action entertainment destination, presents viewers with a visual treat while paying tribute to the greatest Martials Arts expert that the world has ever seen...Bruce Lee.

Come July 20th, BIG RTL THRILL will showcase one of the finest documentaries that has ever been created for the Martial Arts expert called ‘I Am Bruce Lee’, an award-winning documentary which showcases the life and times of Bruce Lee. An opportunity like none other, ‘I Am Bruce Lee’ takes viewers on the journey that Bruce Lee endured during his life span of only 32 years. Be it his stint in movies with ground-breaking action flicks like The Big Boss, Fists of Fury, Way of the Dragon and, of course,  Enter The Dragon, or his experience while learning martial arts, the documentary covers it all.

Unknown to many, ‘I Am Bruce Lee’ is not only a documentary but also a biopic with deep involvement from the young martial artist’s family including his wife and other family members. Be it Bruce Lee’s students, ex-colleagues or even present-day fans that might have never seen the young martial arts expert in action. With never-heard-before stories at the helm, ‘I Am Bruce Lee’ presented by BIG RTL THRILL is the perfect tribute to this commendable expert whom the world continues to miss even today.

To catch the action and know Bruce Lee like never before, don’t miss ‘I Am Bruce Lee’ on Saturday, 20th July 2013 at 9PM only on BIG RTL THRILL. 

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