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Shivam: Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka

While Poonam Pandey who is making her Bollywood debut with Amit Saxena’s “Nasha” is creating all the hype required to promote the movie, the male lead of the movie is slowly but steadily adding to the curiosity of the audience by his innocent school going boy choclatey looks. It’s no wonder that this film will draw in the men cos of 
Poonam Pandey, but Shivam, who is playing the main lead is sure to get the attention of the fairer sex as girls are going gaga over the cute looks of the debutant. Soham Siddharth, Editor Films & TV World has a steamy discussion with the debutante lad over a cup of hot steamy coffee amidst Mumbai’s torrential rains in the background.

FTV: How would you rate Jism vis-a-vis Nasha? Could you ask for a better platform than from a director who launched John?
Shivam: To be honest, I think Amit Saxena has done a better job with Nasha. This is his come back project after many years, and he's given it his all. He's taken newcomers like me who are extremely charged and passionate being first timers, so the combined passion has translated on screen. Could not really ask for a better platform, because I really like the kind of cinema Amit wants to make, and his way of directing actors is superb. I've had an incredible experience being a part of Nasha, both professionally and personally. :)
FTV: A decade ago, Jism launched John Abraham. 2013 its Shivam with the same director in different yet bold film. Do we see another John in the making?
Shivam: Haha, that's flattering. Well honestly, I don't think I'm another John in the making, I don't like to think that way. I've always striven to create my own identity, so I'd rather think of it as Shivam in the making. My talents and skills will create a separate niche for me. Also, I'm far younger than John was when Jism was out, so I guess that makes a big difference too. I represent India's next-gen youth. :)

FTV: So Nasha is young guy seduced by an older woman. How different is this film from "Ek Chhotisi Love Story"?
Shivam: As different as it is from a 'Summer of '42', or a 'Malena', or the countless other worldwide films that belong to this genre. It's a coming of age noir film, and this younger-older character relationship is something that has always intrigued film makers across the globe. What counts is how the director decides to tell his story, through his characters and their journeys. And this film is not about seduction as much as you think it is.. these characters are lovable and you will be able to relate to their stories. They will leave an impression on your mind as you leave the cinema hall, one that's hard to forget. :)

FTV: Ah Poonam Pandey!! How did your folks react when they came to know you are being paired opposite her?
Shivam: Honestly, they didn't know who she was. I told them she's a Kingfisher model.. so they googled her. I guess google images showed them what they needed to know, hah! But my mum's really cool, she said it doesn't matter who you are opposite as long as the script, director, and character is strong. Which is indeed the case. So it didn't matter much, still doesn't.

FTV: Were you not worried that your debut movie will create a lot of hype for all the wrong reasons working with Poonam Pandey? How much is it worth, seriously.
Shivam: I believe in order to achieve things no one else can, you have to do things no one else does. I consider this film as an experiment of sorts. I viewed it through a practical lens, and what I felt was that if my performance is strong and I trust my director, Poonam's controversial nature will only bring attention to it. We no longer live in the generation where such things spill over. I just had to think of my work and deliver it to the best of my ability. Let her bring the public's notice to it in whatever way she likes, it only benefits me. :)

FTV: Would you dare do something bold yet beautiful? I mean, if you are offered a role with nudity like that of Neil in Jail or John Abraham in New York?
Shivam: I would do it only if the character & script justify it completely. It's very important for me to be on the same wavelength as the director, because I will be trusting him with using it in an artistic way. I believed in Amit's film, and if I find another filmmaker like that, I am willing to take artistic risks.
FTV: Whats your Nasha - Acting or Dancing?
Shivam: Can't really choose! I love both. The difference is, I've been dancing for a few years now, and acting is new to me. So the newer of the two intrigues me more, hence I'm delving deeper into it now. Dance is something I've explored and mastered for a while now, so I do it whenever I wish to.
The irony is, I was neither dancer nor actor until I was 18. I have a lot of other interests that I can call my 'Nasha'. Like science, philosophy, film, psychology, books, writing, sports etc. :)

FTV: What other projects in the pipeline?
Shivam: I've been approached by filmmakers so far, but I have promised myself that I won't take a hasty decision and sign something yet. I believe I've started an important journey, that is Nasha, and I wish to see it through completely till the end. After that I will be in a better position to decide what my next steps should be. That's the plan, and I'll stick with it.

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