Thursday, June 9, 2016

A New Mystery Awaits Birbal, Behind the Magical ‘Door of Age’ on BIG Magic’s Akbar Birbal

BIG Magic has recreated all possible dimensions of the historic Akbar Birbal relationship on its show ‘Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal’. Akbar, who always finds himself in the midst of an uncannily enigmatic situation, gets more excited when Birbal uses his whacky acumen to get his ‘Baadshah’ out of trouble. Birbal’s impeccable wisdom makes him Akbar’s most favorite Minister in his ‘Darbaar’. Proving it yet again, Birbal is back with his crazy mystery-solving tactics as a new mystery awaits him behind the ‘Door of Age’.  A magical door which throws everyone whoever passes through it, back into their childhood. Catch the adventurous ride back to Akbar and Birbal’s childhood in the Maha Episode this Saturday 7.30 pm on BIG Magic.

As the episode unfolds, Akbar finds a unique door during an excavation and decides to put it in his chamber. In a turn of events all the ‘Darbaris’ are transformed into children while passing through this magical door.  Leaving only Birbal in his original form, the episode further leads to more confusing and funny chain of events. All eyes are on Birbal as he sets out to solve the mystery.

Catch the Maha Episode this Saturday, 7.30 pm only on BIG Magic. Tune in to Har Mushkil ka Hal Akbar Birbal only on BIG Magic.

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