Wednesday, June 29, 2016

​Akshay Oberoi showcases his painting skills in 'The Virgins' ​​

Talented actor Akshay Oberoi who has proved his mettle for acting in movies such as Lal Rang and Pizza, has now explored a different side of his personality in his next - the short film 'The Virgins'.

Taking a tongue-in-cheek view at the (non) issue of virginity, 'The Virgins' has Akshay playing the part of an obsessive lover.

Akshay, who likes to paint sometimes to de-stress from his roles, was more than happy when the obsessive character lent itself naturally to be someone who paints, and even writes poetry.

Akshay says: "When Sandeep and I were discussing the character, costumes, mannerisms, etc., it suddenly struck us that only someone with a strong creative pursuit would be so passionate and obsessive. And since I like to paint, we settled on that. I think the results on screen are fantastic."

In fact, the sequence between Akshay Oberoi and Pia Bajpai are shot at a painter's studio adding to the realistic feel.

Says director Sandeep A. Varma, "Akshay is a very intelligent actor, so I like to discuss and develop the character with him. Even for this short, he was all there. The thought of his being a painter was a brainwave that came suddenly. Even though the whole take of this film is humourous, we wanted a finish and detailing, that would give it long shelf life. After all, this is the first film in India to be made on virginity"

The Virgins is produced by Vinay Mishra and Preety Ali and is directed by Sandeep A. Varma who directed the critically acclaimed 'Manjunath. Cinematography is by Shanu Singh Rajput.

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